Candy Spotlight: Fun and Innovative NERDS® Candy Debuts First-of-its-Kind Treat: ‘Nerds Gummy Clusters’

July 23, 2020
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Candy Spotlight: Fun and Innovative NERDS® Candy Debuts First-of-its-Kind Treat: ‘Nerds Gummy Clusters’


New dual-texture candy delights with bundles of crunchy, tangy, mini NERDS surrounding deliciously sweet gummy centers

CHICAGO, July 22, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Crunchy, gummy, yummy – it's all coming together to provide a truly craveable experience in every bite of NERDS' novel candy innovation: NERDS Gummy Clusters. Candy lovers are gearing up for this breakthrough, one-of-a-kind poppable treat, with mini Rainbow NERDS surrounding and accentuating a fruity gummy center. NERDS Gummy Clusters delivers multiple texture and flavor profiles, taking hungry fans on a taste-filled journey as they chew.

Just as every nerd is unique, NERDS Candy embodies a variety of shapes, colors, and textures. By combining crunchy and gummy in every bite, NERDS Gummy Clusters encourage fans to celebrate how we are all better together. These first-of-its-kind Gummy Clusters are perfectly imperfect by design, championing the spontaneity and creativity NERDS fans embrace.

"NERDS has driven significant growth in the past year, and with research showing that consumers are seeking fun and multi-textured candy, our team came together to deliver the fun of our NERDS Candy in an innovative and poppable way," said Katie Duffy, Vice President of Marketing at Ferrara Candy Company. "Our team of 'nerdy' developers, engineers, researchers and marketers set out to create these bite-sized bundles that combine a fruity gummy with a punch of crunch for a delightful combination in every NERDS Gummy Clusters bite."

Proving NERDS are Better Together
NERDS, one of Ferrara's fastest growing brands, is committed to celebrating NERDS and bringing people together – and it's working. With 59 percent growth in the past year, the brand stories feature six different colors of NERDS characters who each represent a different type of NERDS personality, including Curiosity, Creativity, Spontaneity, Deep Thinking, Logic and Humor. Combined, the six personalities are that much better – much like the combination of crunchy, gummy and yummy in each NERDS Gummy Cluster bite.

NERDS Gummy Clusters Availability
Available in the NERDS Rainbow flavor, NERDS Gummy Clusters will start hitting shelves in August and will be widely available in five sizes in October: 3 oz share pouch; SRP $1.29-$2.09 / 3 oz value peg; SRP $1.00 / 3 oz theater box; SRP $0.99-$1.49 / 5 oz medium peg; SRP $1.89-$2.49 / 8 oz DOY; SRP $2.49-$3.99.

To find a retailer near you, and to learn more about the NERDS product portfolio, visit and follow @NerdsCandy on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

About NERDS:
NERDS is the playful and fun-to-eat candy with a variety of delicious, crunchy, chewy and gummy options: Original NERDS including the iconic dual-flavored box, NERDS Ropes, Big Chewy NERDS… and now NERDS Gummy Clusters. The original iconic box couples two complementary flavors with dual chambers, allowing candy lovers to pour out perfectly imperfect pieces of pure delight. NERDS Ropes give fans a chewy, fruity string packed with crunchy, sweet NERDS, and Big Chewy NERDS and Sour Big Chewy NERDS have a crunch that surrounds a chewy center. The new NERDS Gummy Clusters have tangy, crunchy, mini NERDS clustered around a sweet gummy center for a poppable tasty bite.

About Ferrara
Ferrara, a company related to The Ferrero Group, is an emerging powerhouse in the North American confections and sweet snacking categories. A passionate team of nearly 6,000 employees works together to share delight in every bite through leading brands that have shaped the industry for more than 100 years. Our diverse portfolio of nearly 35 brands includes SweeTARTS®, Trolli®, Brach's®, Black Forest® and NERDS®, along with iconic favorites like Lemonhead®, Red Hots® and Now and Later®. Ferrara also manages the Keebler® and Famous Amos® businesses for The Ferrero Group. Headquartered in Chicago, Ferrara has an operational network of 20 locations in North America that includes manufacturing, distribution and R&D facilities. Learn more at




New NERDS Gummy Clusters.

New NERDS Gummy Clusters.




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