Brits surrender to London’s ramen invasion

February 16, 2013
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Brits surrender to London’s ramen invasion

Four ramen joints have opened in London in the last year -- the city has finally discovered the art of high-quality noodles

In London, foodies can find anything they want. Almost.

Of the few gastronomic genres still eluding the city of immigrants, travelers and other nomadic cooks, the Asian noodle soup is the most glaring.

Vietnamese pho may abound on Kingsland Road, and there’s that one place in Chinatown where the Singapore laksa used to be good.

But considering the city’s general affinity to all things Japanese -- from sushi to teppanyaki -- the lack of ramen has been the most surprising.

That’s changing.

Four ramen joints have opened up in less than a year, covering the gamut from the strictly traditional Shoryu to the hipster-packed diner Bone Daddies.

Each serves a mean bowl of rich broth bursting with noodles, marinated grilled pork and a gooey six-minute egg on top -- and Londoners are slurping the stuff down.

There’s no-frills Tonkotsu, serving its eponymous pork-bone stock alongside one soy-based and one miso-based version.

All-rounder Ittenbari has opened with a menu of hearty Japanese classics.

Shoryu has variants scrolling down the menu.

Bone Daddies tries a different take, where head chef and founder Ross Shonhan of ex-Zuma and Nobu fame has deliberately avoided a mock Japan feel, with a diner-style space, rock ’n’ roll name and European staff to make his ramen as London-friendly as possible.

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