Branding Spotlight: New Look, Same Tillamook

March 5, 2019
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Branding Spotlight: New Look, Same Tillamook



Throughout the past 110 years, Tillamook has grown and evolved. Our logo and look have changed over time, but one thing that never changes is our commitment to quality and flavor. Just in time for our 110th anniversary, we are excited to unveil our new brand logo and bold new packaging design, which is a nod to our heritage, and also ensures we remain relevant and ready for future growth.

We were inspired by one of our logos from the 1950s, creating a unique, hand-drawn wordmark that is more ownable, and distinct, yet with a nostalgic wink to our past. Our long-standing history as a dairy cooperative owned by real farmers is what makes Tillamook one-of-a-kind, and we wanted to make sure that our legacy was represented in our new logo and packaging design as well. That’s why our iconic Morning Star ship, built by the pioneers of Tillamook to transport their dairy goods to market, is still included on every package. The new Morning Star icon appears in the form of a weather vane that combines our coastal origins with our farming roots. We are proud of our humble beginnings, and these subtle nods are a way to pay tribute to where we have come from while still representing who we are at our core: farmers, Oregonians, and lovers of all things dairy.




Knowing how delicious and high-quality our products are, we want to make sure that they stand out to long-time and new Tillamook customers alike. Our new packaging is designed to be different from the many other dairy brands because we’re different. We decided to keep it simple with eye-catching colors and mouth-watering images that show how delicious our dairy products are. Tillamook is a bold brand that takes a stance for the things we believe in, such as Real Food, simple ingredients, and quality products. Now, that passion is reflected in our packaging.

But for all of our loyal Tillamook fans who have supported us throughout the years, have no fear! Our look has changed, but we’re still the same inside, where it really counts. This packaging and logo refresh does not affect the flavor or quality of our products, and all your favorite Tillamook products will be unchanged and as delicious as ever.

We hope that our new look serves as a reminder of who Tillamook is and what we value. Thank you for your support over the past century and for being part of what makes Tillamook great.


About Tillamook

For 110 years, we’ve stood behind the honest values of our farmer-owners. It’s from them we’ve learned passion can’t be faked, hard work can’t be outsmarted, and real food is worth fighting for.

Every day we aim to connect farmers and food lovers through better-made dairy products. This means doing the right thing by our farmer-owners, our employees, our communities, and our consumers. Always.

From the factory floor to our HQ office, the barns to The Creamery, everyone here at Tillamook knows that to make the best dairy products, you need a certain kind of passion. A passion that’s been burning since 1909, passed down through the generations, and so powerful it propels us forward. Read More






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