Beer Spotlight: Unibroue La Resolution

November 27, 2015
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Beer Spotlight: Unibroue La Resolution



La Résolution is a dark ale with spicy character inspired by a recipe our brewmaster Jerry Vietz created for his friends.  At 10% alcohol, its spicy caramel aroma evolves on the palate into pleasant and complex notes of toffee with reminiscence of a tasty gingerbread.  The perfect balance between spicy, caramel and roasted malt flavours is complemented by a nice roundness and persistent finish.




Spicy Thai style dishes, an excellent complement for cheese fondue to adjust the liquid's consistency and also as a pairing, perfect with gingerbread or carrot cake.



Origin Chambly, Québec
Brewed since 2014
ABV 10%
Fermentation High
Style Spiced ale
Color Dusky Black
SRM 32.5
Clarity Low
Head Persistent and thick
Bubbles Thin
Effervescence Medium
Nose Gingerbread and spicy caramel aroma
Flavor Spicy, toffee caramel and roasted malt
IBU 21.5
Suggested serving temperature 10 - 12°C / 50 - 54°F
Suggested glass Chalice or a big tulip




About the company

From the very beginning, Unibroue has carved out a special niche in the beer world with top quality products and a brand rooted deep in Quebec culture. It made history by becoming the first North American beer maker to use a brewing method inspired by the two-centuries-old tradition developed by Trappist monks in Europe—particularly in Belgium. Over the years, Unibroue has remained faithful to its origins even as it has grown to become an icon of the brewing world. Unibroue products take you on a journey filled with legends and fabulous tales.



Company: Unibroue
Brand:  La Resolution
Slogan:  Unibroue
Origin: Canada
Category: Beer
Packaging:  Coming soon
Claims:  21.5 IBU, 10% AVC, gingerbread and spicy caramel aroma.
Variants: View product range here
Price:  Coming soon
Where to Buy:  Store Locator



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