Beer Spotlight: Beachwood Brewing to Release Invasive Species 4 Packs

March 20, 2017 No Comments » Add Consumer Insight
Beer Spotlight: Beachwood Brewing to Release Invasive Species 4 Packs


Beachwood's release of this beer is meant to draw attention to the distinction between craft beer and big beer.

LONG BEACH, Calif., March 20, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- It matters who makes your beer. Beachwood Brewing adheres to rigorous quality standards and cares about quality over profit shares. Craft beer has experienced tremendous growth in recent years and with that, big beer companies have been snatching up smaller breweries as a way to remain relevant in the changing landscape of the craft beer world. Big beer corporations have hijacked what it means to be craft, diluting and minimizing the meaning of craft beer. In fact, these big beer corporations create an uneven playing field for small independently owned breweries, by increasing their hold on raw materials, controlling distribution channels and lobbying behind the scenes.

Here's what Gabe Gordon, Co-Owner of Beachwood Brewing, had to say:


"Everyone is making good beer. It would be crazy of me to expect everyone to boycott fake craft (breweries owned by multinational beverage corporations). We want people to realize there are good if not better options out there and you should try them. Not only, might you find your next favorite beer but you can feel good about supporting independent small businesses."

With this in mind, Beachwood Brewing has decided to release Invasive Species. Invasive Species, a not so subtle, but definitely tongue-in-cheek reference, to a series of beers brewed by their "neighbors" down the road who recently were acquired by a big beer corporation.

The Beachwood Brewing Invasive Species features an IPA, Habanero flavored IPA, Grapefruit flavored IPA and a Mango flavored IPA. Similar styles made by their "neighbors".

Invasive Species 4 packs will be available March, 21.

Beachwood's release of this beer is meant to be less about those who are owned by big beer corporations and more of a means to draw attention to the distinction between craft beer and big beer.

Beachwood Brewing wants to start a conversation about why it matters who makes your beer.

About Beachwood Brewing

Beachwood Brewing was established in 2011 when Beachwood BBQ co-founders Gabriel Gordon and Lena Perelman partnered with brewmaster Julian Shrago to open a full service brewpub in Long Beach, CA. Beachwood Brewing is an independent, multiple award winning brewer known for locally-made, distinctive West Coast-Style IPAs, superior quality stouts, and the skillfulness to brew many variations and varieties of finely crafted beers.

With expansions in 2015 and 2016, the Beachwood family now includes Beachwood Blendery, designed to explore beers inspired by the intimate and often whimsical world of Belgian lambics in a custom built barrel-aging and blending facility, plus a full-scale production brewery and tap room in Huntington Beach, CA to meet the growing demands for a diverse lineup of core beers, seasonal favorites and limited releases.

Beachwood is steadfastly independent and committed to the highest standards of quality in the art of creating great beer.