Bacon and baconalia: has it gone too far?

July 15, 2012
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Bacon and baconalia: has it gone too far?

Fuelled by the internet, the global obsession with bacon grows ever rasher. Is there a cure?

s anyone else feeling queasy about the bacon-in-everything thing? I'll tell you what pushed me over the cured pork edge: the recently opened "meat bar" at Shaka Zulu in London, which serves a range of carnivorous cocktails including Bloody Bacons. These alcoholic fry-ups in a glass feature bacon vodka and crispy smoked bacon. And a skewer of soft cheese on the side.It's just the latest in a run of worrying bacon news. The US is braced for its first bacon reality TV show. And Burger King recently launched a bacon sundae – vanilla ice cream slathered in fudge sauce and topped with lardons. Oliver Thring might enjoy the latter as an amusing pudding course to a hot dog stuffed crust pizza but for my money bacon mania is spinning out of control.

The internet reeks of pig and pig products and all manner of ludicrous porcine tat is available online. Veggies and yoginis might want to avert their eyes here but bacon-flavoured products just a click away include underpants, lube, cologne, air freshener, lip gloss, beer, brownies, jam, sweets, vodka, cupcakes, chocolate, toothpaste, breath mints, dental floss, soap, diet coke, coffee and even bacon-themed holidays. Inevitably, there is also Camp Bacon - an annual convention dubbed the "Davos of bacon" for hardcore bacon junkies.

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