Artisanal Cider from México: Sidra Sierra Norte

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Artisanal Cider from México: Sidra Sierra Norte

Over the past few years the Cider trend has gained a lot of momentum globally.  One region where this trend has been almost nonexistent is in Latin America.  Traditionally beer has been the drink of choice followed closely by wine in countries like Argentina and Chile.  The beer market is usually dominated by a few major players in each country will relatively little innovation.  Craft breweries while gaining some acceptance are few and far between. Cider is by no means unheard of in Latin America but it is a beverage usually drank during the winter holiday season.  Normally sold in bottles  similar in design to wine or champagne this type of cider is marketed more as a group drink rather than individual consumption.

Sidra Sierra Norte is doing their part to change all of this in México. Located in the northern mountainous area of the state of Puebla from where the compay gets its name this delicious beverage found its origins.  Their cider is preapred from three varieties of apples from local apple producers.  Only the best apples are chosen from after the fall harvest to be converted into the final product which is made up of 85% Rayada Apples, 9% King David and the rest Solarina.

Sidra Sierra is marketing itself as a fresh, hip alternative to beer to be drank on its own or with ice.  Cider is a global trend that shows no sign of slowing down and we expect Sidra Sierra to take off as the trend grows in México.  The design of the product is clean with a green logo that goes well with the apples it´s made with.  With a larger distribution network reaching more consumers their brand will get more exposure and growth will be much quicker.  At the moment Sidra Sierra Norte is sold almost exclusively in and around México City and two locations in Guadalajara.  You can view their full list of where to buy here.

Company: Sidra Sierra Norte

Brand: Sierra Norte

Category: Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol Percentage: 4%

Spotted in: Mexico City

Website: SidraSierraNorte