Anti-Baldness Kits for Men & Women

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Anti-Baldness Kits for Men & Women

Men will often try anything to prevent baldness and promote hair growth, but do these products and shampoos really work? Cre-c Max! (the name comes from the word crecimiento meaning growth) claims they can solve your balding problems with natural shampoo.

The central component of the shampoo, ginseng, is known for having hair growth stimulant properties though little to no official research backs up these claims. The same is true for the other natural ingredients used in the shampoo: ortiguilla, nettle, espinsilla and aloe vera. The package announces that the shampoo also stops hair loss, and revitalizes and nourishes hair follicles.

There is additional a separate anti-baldness shampoo for women, called Fem. This shampoo is said to have the additional qualities of making hair shiny, silky and strong while also hydrating, nourishing and increasing the body of hair.

Claims are clearly enough for the company to believe they will make good sales with the product, with the men's shampoo carrying the hefty price tag of $315 for two 410 milliliter bottles of Cre-c Max!. The women's shampoo package is cheaper, at $279 for the two 410-milliter bottles of Fem shampoo plus a 50-milliter bottle of Cre-c Max!. Where I spotted it in Walmart, the products were also theft protected.

Company: Suave y Fácil.

Brand: Cre-c.

Presentation: Two 410 ml bottles for men; two 410 ml bottles and one 50 ml bottle for women.

Price: $315.00 and $279.00.

Purchased at: Walmart.

Claims: Stops hair loss and stimulates hair growth.