Alcohol Spotlight: Nuvino Malbec Wine in a Pouch

April 11, 2014
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Alcohol Spotlight: Nuvino Malbec Wine in a Pouch



Maipú, Mendoza 2013 – 14.5% ABV

Nestled in the eastern foothills of the majestic Andes mountains, Mendoza’s Maipú wine region features some of the highest vineyards in the world (750 meters above sea level). Our Malbec thrives in these unparalleled conditions, which yield a deep violet wine that explodes with plum, black currant and vanilla notes. You can’t go wrong pairing this bold, fruity wine with your favorite steak, barbecue ribs or spicy-sweet dishes.

Sunsets, starry nights, and secret spots are enhanced with this savory wine.


- Single Serve – 1 glass portion (187ml)
- Convenient – Light, portable, unbreakable
- Easy to Open – No corkscrew! Easy to pour
- Resealable – Sip or pour and re-close
- Great wine – from four celebrated wine regions
- Preserv Pak – Eco-friendly + preserves wines


Let’s just say this is what we call our secret weapon.

Not that we’re going into battle or anything but when you’re packing, it’s always good to know that you’re covered.

PreservPak is the technology that enables our wine to handle any adventure you throw at it. More importantly, it locks in and preserves all the nuances of our four distinct wines for up to 18 months while imparting no flavor profile of its own. All that’s left is great wine for discriminating drinkers who are thirsty for adventure.

Comparing a wine bottle next to a Nuvino pouch is like a 80s cell phone next to your smart phone – it gets the job done but you can’t fit it in your pocket. We like what technology has done with our phones. You’ll love what technology has done with our wine.



About the Company
Have wine. Will travel.

Typically, those two thoughts haven’t paired very well together. Bulky, breakable wine bottles aren’t exactly the best travel buddies. Wine is like the friend you’d invite over for dinner but never leave the house with because they’re too fragile in new environments.

It’s time for a new friend.

Nuvino is as agile, adventurous, and as adaptable as you are. In fact, not only can Nuvino go wherever your curious heart will take you, it will make new environments even more memorable as you savor both the journey and the destination.





Company: Journey Bar
Brand: Nuvino
Slogan: Have wine. Will travel.
Origin: USA
Category:  Wine
Packaging: 187ml
Claims: Eco Friendly Pack, Convenient
Alcohol Volume: 14.5%
Varieties: Malbec, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Red Blend
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy:  Coming Soon





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