Alcohol Spotlight: Ice Surge Flavored Liqueur

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Alcohol Spotlight: Ice Surge Flavored Liqueur


Stay cool when the bar gets hot — Enjoy refreshing fruit flavor that finishes with a freezing blast!



Berry Blizzard
Berry Blizzard Ice SurgeTM Liqueur combines delicious raspberry with tangy black berry and acai flavors, serving up a cool minty blast that leaves you with a fresh sweet berry finish.





Tropical Freeze

Tropical Freeze Ice SurgeTM Liqueur blends the sweet flavors of pineapple and mango, giving you an arctic cool sensation followed by the juicy tastes of exotic fruit.




Company: Beam Global
Brand: Ice Surge
Category:  Flavored Alcohol
Origin: USA
Alcohol Volume: 35%
Packaging: 750 Bottle
Varieties: Berry Blast, Tropical Freeze
Where to Buy: Store Locator