Alcohol Spotlight: Consequent Vodka

October 1, 2014
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Alcohol Spotlight: Consequent Vodka


Beyond comparison, in taste and in freshness.

Made out of wheat – 7 times distilled and 3 times filtrated. By adding the purest spring water, Consequent gets it pure taste, with 40% alcoholic strength.


The New Taste of Vodka
The flashy contrast between the rich dark black label and the crystal clear bottle makes every single bottle an element of the idea - Consequent. A bottle with pure outlines and the claim to live up to its unique content, with special focus on production and the recipe, to create a young, dynamic and modern taste.

The newly developed recipe, refined and finally perfected is the key reason for the outstanding quality of Consequent vodka. 7 times distilled and 3 filtrations are the reason for its distinctive character. Pure on ice or mixed in an artful drink, its texture makes Consequent the perfect companion for an unforgettable night.







Company: Consequent Vodka
Brand: Consquent Vodka
Origin: Germany
Category: Liquor
Packaging: 700ml, 1000ml
Alcohol Percent: 40%
Price: 500 ml bottle - 14,00 €, 700 ml bottle - 18,00 €. 1000 ml bottle - 24,00 €
Where to Buy: Buy Online







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