Alcohol Spotlight: Clique Vodka

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Alcohol Spotlight: Clique Vodka

Clique Vodka is an imported vodka from the country of Latvia now in the United States. Clique Vodka is imported by Premier Innovations Group, headquartered and operated in Pittsburgh, PA. Clique Vodka was launched into the Pennsylvania market in June 2010 and has since expanded into 17 states.

Clique Vodka is intricately crafted in the beautiful Baltic Region of North Eastern Europe by fine vodka Artisans in the country of Latvia. Clique combines Russian production standards of distillation and the highest level of Russian equipment. The natural spring water of the vast Latvian forestry sets Clique apart with incredible body texture and smoothness. Clique combines the amazing Russian quality and tradition with natural artisan water of Latvia and the finest premium wheat grains grown in Europe. The end result is a product that cannot be matched in quality and smoothness anywhere in the world.

About Premier Innovations Group
Premier Innovations Group is a importer that develops label brands and penetrates markets with in- house fusion of viral event-driven entertainment, art and design. Premier has a global network conducive to beverage product distribution, development and logistics with full importing and exporting services. Premier provides these services to other companies that wish to develop brands that complement its portfolio.




Company: Premier Innovations Group
Brand: Clique Vodka
Slogan: The New Black
Origin: USA
Category: Alcohol
Packaging: 750ml
Alcohol Volume: 40%
Price: $15.99 USD
Where to buy: Buy Online