Alcohol Spotlight: Asheville Distilling Blonde Whiskey

January 17, 2014
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Alcohol Spotlight: Asheville Distilling Blonde Whiskey



Blonde starts with rare heirloom Turkey Red Wheat and White Corn, grown on Peaceful Valley Farm in the lowland hills of Western North Carolina. That same strain of corn has been grown continuously at Peaceful Valley since the mid 1800’s, tended by generations of the McEntire Family. And in the 1800’s our wheat first arrived, brought by Mennonites eager to start new lives in a new land, but unwilling to let go of the memory and the taste of home. Modern hybrids have bigger yields and are more resistant to weather and pests, but the older grains have a flavor and softness the newer versions can’t match.


Blonde marries the best grains of the old world to the latest in distilling technology. Twelve carefully monitored distillations and the deepest heart cuts in the industry; Blonde Whiskey is in a class of its own. We’ve even improved our aging barrels. The honeycomb-laced staves of our barrels offer enhanced flavoring, creating a velvety, vanilla, caramel Blonde.




The secret is literally found in the heart of our spirit. Impurities and by-products are found in the first part of a run, which add harshness and bite to many whiskeys. Removing these ‘heads’ eliminates the burn, making our whiskey smooth and welcoming. Nuances of flavor are carefully preserved. At each step of the process, Blonde Whiskey is lovingly nurtured, ensuring our spirits are in a class of their


About the Company
True mountain moonshine is made from corn, and we hunted throughout the WNC mountains for the perfect strain – and found it just a few miles from Asheville. The corn had become virtually extinct everywhere except on the McEntire Farm…believed to be lost from Eastern Tennessee since 1840. Crooked Creek Corn™ is an heirloom open-pollinated white corn that has been grown on the McEntire farm for over one hundred twenty years. Analyzed by researchers at the University of Tennessee, this “lost corn” is an unadulterated, non-genetically modified original American corn, making our moonshine a true American spirit. Each batch of Troy & Sons moonshine is made using Crooked Creek Corn™ and locally milled Southern white corn. Read More




Company: Asheville Distilling
Brand: Asheville Distilling
Slogan: A Kinder Spirit
Origin: USA
Category: Liquor
Packaging: 750ml bottle
Alcohol Volume: 40%
Price: $42.99 USD
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator




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