Alchohol Spotlight: VO|CO Ready to Drink Vodka & Coconut Water Cocktail

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Alchohol Spotlight: VO|CO Ready to Drink Vodka & Coconut Water Cocktail




Simply Delicious!

VO|CO is the World’s first “Ready to Drink” Vodka & Coconut Water Cocktail!

We have blended a premium triple distilled Vodka with Pure Coconut Water, to create the perfect cocktail in a bottle.

There are no artificial sweeteners or artificial colors added to our amazing drink.

The constant search for better drink options is now over with VO|CO.

VO|CO is a superior beverage choice for the discerning individual.

Enjoy coconut water in this refreshing, elegantly simple cocktail.

Best served ICE COLD.

Drink? Naturally!








Alessandra Ambrosio Revealed as VO|CO Spokesmodel







About the Company
On a “hazy” Sunday morning in 2011 we found ourselves drinking a lot of coconut water after a night of drinking vodka.

We thought, how great would it be to drink coconut water while we were actually drinking the alcohol the night before? We did some testing at home and found that we couldn’t quite get the taste right.

While staring at the bottle of Vodka and Coconut water, side by side, the name VO|CO struck us immediately.

We thought our idea had legs so we sought out the best mixologists and beverage formulators in the country to help us.

We searched the globe to find the best coconut water and we discovered what we believe to be the finest Indonesian coconut water source.

We sampled many vodkas from all over the world until we selected one that we felt would pair perfectly with our coconut water.

We spent countless hours researching, testing and sampling until the formulation was finally perfect for VO|CO!

We assembled the best beverage professionals that have successfully launched VO|CO!

We hope you love our drink as much as we do and we look forward to becoming the premier “Ready to Drink” cocktail worldwide.






Company: VOCO  LLC
Brand: VO|CO
Origin: USA
Category: Vodka
Packaging: 355ml
Alcohol Volume: 5.5%
Claims: Triple Distilled Vodka
Price: $3.99
Where to Buy: Buy OnlineStore Locator




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