Advertising Spotlight: World’s First-ever Cannabis Commercial

August 2, 2016
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Advertising Spotlight: World’s First-ever Cannabis Commercial



It’s not legal for us to send you Legal. But we can send you the world’s first-ever cannabis commercial, brought to you by our all-natural cannabis-infused sparkling tonic Legal. The 90-second video, directed by and featuring the original music of indie filmmaker James Westby helps explain the four flavors, all produced specifically to create consistent effects every time.



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Rainier Cherry

2_legal-rainier-cherryBehold, the gods of chilling have smiled upon you! Kick off your shoes, maybe even your pants, and float toward the heavens with this elixir of fresh cherry juice and pure cannabis extract. Pairs well with music festivals, house parties, and riding through the clouds on the back of a mythological beast.

The Good Stuff Inside
Fresh Washington cherries & locally grown cannabis extract.

A clear-headed, focused high.



Lemon Ginger

3_legal-lemon-gingerCouch, meet butt. This delicious fusion of tangy lemon and spicy ginger is so ridiculously relaxing that you may find yourself becoming one with your furniture. Whether you’re melting into a beach blanket or parked on the sofa, prepare for many glorious hours of doing absolutely nothing.

The Good Stuff Inside
Fresh lemon and ginger juices & locally grown cannabis extract.

A powerful body buzz and a smooth, freeing head high.




4_legal-pomegranateWord to your mother! Mother Nature, that is. This infusion of fresh juices and cannabis extract is an awesome companion for soaking in natural beauty, whether you hike Mt. Rainier or hang out in your own backyard. Toss it in a backpack, grab a map and a friend, and spend some time with Mama.

The Good Stuff Inside
Real pomegranate juice & locally grown cannabis extract.

An uplifting, euphoric head high and a gentle body buzz.



Cranberry CBD

5_legal-cranberry-cbd-heroIf THC is the psychedelic artist who blows glass in a yurt, CBD is his brainy twin brother with an advanced degree the science of feelin' good. Both found in marijuana, these two potent cannabinoids work together in our Peace Tonic to give you the euphoric buzz of THC combined with the clear-headed relaxation of CBD. It’s the best of both bros.

The Good Stuff Inside
Long Beach Peninsula cranberries

A gloriously powerful body high with a clear, anxiety-free head trip.
& local cannabis extract.





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