Advertising Spotlight: Budweiser debuts video of Brooklyn blind taste test

March 19, 2015
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Advertising Spotlight: Budweiser debuts video of Brooklyn blind taste test



Last month during NYC Restaurant Week, a production crew invited young adults 21-and-older a sneak peek at a new bar in Brooklyn, weeks before its official opening. On tap was a smooth, crisp golden lager, aged over beechwood, that has boasted the same recipe for 139 years – and only after guests sampled the beer did they find out they were drinking Budweiser. Yes, the King of Beers.

Their surprise was all caught on hidden cameras in a video titled “This Bud’s for Brooklyn,” unveiled today on YouTube



Upon tasting the beer, people described it as “light, crisp,” and “great on a 100-degree day.” And when they were told it was Budweiser, reactions ranged from an astonished, “Really?” and “Is that what that is?” and even “That’s awesome.”

Earlier this year, the brand aired a new television spot during Super Bowl XLIX titled, “Brewed the Hard Way,” which celebrated Budweiser as a macro beer enjoyed by many.

“We need to continue to make bold and proud statements affirming Budweiser’s quality and role in beer culture, said Brian Perkins, vice president, Budweiser. “‘This Bud’s for Brooklyn’ is an expansion of that stake in the ground. We’re proud to be America’s No. 1 full-flavored lager and believe the proof of our quality is in the taste. The social experiment in our new video showcases how Budweiser’s clean, fresh taste and crisp finish is meant to be enjoyed by all people – without any label-biases clouding taste buds.”

To see more videos from Budweiser, visit, and check out the brand on Facebook at












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