A healthy snack by Terra Fertil

April 12, 2012
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A healthy snack by Terra Fertil


In Mexico, exotic assortments such as the one above have been growing in popularity as shown by their increasing supermarket shelf space and (sometimes) corner store availability. Trends toward healthy living have popularized all kinds of healthy foods and products such as this, by Mexican enterprise 'TerraFertil', should find the market ripe.


The product shown above is part of the 'Nature's Heart' range. It is pretty much an ultimate combination of fruit containing both golden and normal raisins, dried cranberries, sunberries and cherries. Other products in the range include; dried apple, cranberry and the rainbow mix which is basically a mix of everything.


The heath benefits of mixes such as these are incredible, energy and a strong dose of antioxidants are just a start. The variety of  ingredients in each combination is also very appealing and makes for an interesting snack to eat.


The product packaging is excellent. It was awarded the prize for 'most innovative packaging' by the Asociación Mexicana de Envases y Embalajes (more or less, ‘The Mexican Association of packing and containers’). It's easy to see how they came to this conclusion, the package design is visually appealing and in terms of functionality has a great straightforward system for opening and closing the package (which can sometimes get annoying on similar type packaging).


Presentation: 75g packs.
Price: ≈ $20 MXN.
Purchased at: 7/11.
Claims: Naturally Healthy, Premium Quality.


For more information, see their website .

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