10 of the weirdest things you can eat in Latin America

July 1, 2012
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10 of the weirdest things you can eat in Latin America
1. Bull penis soup, Bolivia

Called Caldo de Cardan, this soup contains bull penis and testicles, which, by the way, looks exactly like a bull penis and testicles. I got to taste this at the home of a local, and although I knew “caldo” meant soup, I wasn’t aware of what the “de Cardan” would be. However, it became obvious that I would be eating genitals as soon as the bowl was placed in front of me.

While the broth is flavorful, with herbs and spices, the actual “meat” is a bit too chewy for my taste. For many, the meal is like an inexpensive all-purpose medication, helping to aid fatigue, anemia, and hangovers. And like most foods that make you gag at the thought, bull penis soup is considered an aphrodisiac.

Feeling: Healthy
Rating: 7/10


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