The Mediterranean Diet – The Next Big Trend

April 30, 2012 No Comments » Add Consumer Insight
The Mediterranean Diet – The Next Big Trend

It seems that as an industry we’re always on the back-foot being blamed for making people fat and shortening their lives, but here’s our chance to get on the front-foot and run with a really good way-of-eating which ticks all the health boxes and is delicious and convenient.

So why The Mediterranean Diet and why now … because our researchers tell us that The Mediterranean Diet is a perfect point where scientific understanding meets consumer needs.

And when it makes headlines like Mediterranean Diet can add 15 years to life” we know it’s something worth looking into.

Consumers already know a healthy diet means eating more salad, fruit, veg, beans, fish and white meat.

They also think they should eating less red meat, dairy and carbs … but they don’t yet realise that these life-style trends are the essence of The Mediterranean Diet.

And they also don’t know that really robust euro-science is proving that eating and drinking the Mediterranean way reduces cancer, stroke, diabetes and heart problems.

Not only that but a Mediterranean Diet is easy to follow, tastes wonderful and has a lower impact on the planet so it’s bang on trend.

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