Tech Spotlight: HAZ Digital Breaks Into IoT Device Market with World’s First Automatic Smart Umbrella

July 11, 2015
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Tech Spotlight: HAZ Digital Breaks Into IoT Device Market with World’s First Automatic Smart Umbrella



The HAZ Umbrella is the world’s first automatic open/close smart umbrella with internet-connected features, including location sensing for loss prevention and weather reminders.

Taipei, Taiwan, July 9, 2015: HAZ Digital, a technology startup dedicated to the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, has announced the launch of the HAZ Umbrella, the world’s first automatic umbrella with smart features. The HAZ Umbrella will be launched via a crowdfunding campaign on July 14, 2015, with an expected ship date of October 2015.

The HAZ Umbrella frees users from cumbersome traditional umbrellas by way a built-in high precision motor, microchip controller, and high capacity li-ion battery, which allows it to open, extend, and close with the push a single button. Ready for use or storage in under two seconds, the umbrella is fully automated and convenient for users who are carrying multiple objects.

To complement the convenient automatic open/close feature, the HAZ Umbrella is also embedded with intelligent anti-loss capabilities. By integrating Bluetooth Low Energy technology, the embedded Bluetooth chipset is able to connect to the user’s existing iPhone or Android device. If the umbrella moves out of the signal range and disconnects with the smart phone, the phone will notify the user that the umbrella has been left behind, along with its last known location.

The HAZ Umbrella app also acts as an intelligent weather reminder for when the user forgets or does not have the time to check the weather forecast. By positioning the user’s location, the app will push a notification to the smartphone app when the umbrella should be carried, such as during rain or high UV.

“The technology in the umbrella industry has not seen any major advances in decades,” said Harry Hu, Co-founder & Product Director of HAZ Digital Inc. ”The HAZ Umbrella is our first product in realizing our mission to use great technology to build products to improve lifestyles in an Internet-connected era. Not only does the umbrella offer tremendous benefits in convenience and usability, but we think that it is also a fantastic fashion statement for those with an eye for great design and robust quality.”

The crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for the HAZ Umbrella will launch on July 14, 2015. The estimated retail price of the umbrella will be $109 USD to be available in October 2015; the first 300 backers will receive the HAZ Umbrella for a pledge of only $69. For more details, please visit the Indiegogo campaign page at (After the campaign launched on July 14, please visit





About HAZ Digital Inc.
Founded in 2014, HAZ Digital is a technology startup that develops cutting-edge IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Our areas of expertise include hardware and software development in Bluetooth Low Energy, PnP, wireless networking, cloud service/storage platforms, app development, and more. We work with our partners to develop innovative, internet-connected products so that they can concentrate on their core competencies. HAZ Digital’s mission is to use great technology and expertise to build Internet-connected products for a superior, innovative user experience. For more information, please visit



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