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Drink Spotlight: HFACTOR Launches the First Hydrogen Rich Water to the U.S. Marketplace



New York, NY -­‐ July 8, 2015 -­‐ HFACTOR today unveils a new and innovative category of water in the beverage world by introducing a revolutionary take on hydration to the U.S. market. Built on the foundation of lifestyle, Fitness, and health, HFACTOR water is naturally infused with an optimal level of molecular hydrogen. Hydrogen rich water, which has been a growing industry in Asia for several years, acts as a powerful antioxidant with the potential for therapeutic benefits and enhanced cellular protection.

Produced through a specialized, patent-­‐pending manufacturing method, HFACTOR naturally infuses pure hydrogen into water. Until now, previous hydrogen products in the global market were manufactured utilizing magnesium and chemical processes. Products were hitting shelves contained in packaging that scientifically could not maintain the integrity of their hydrogen-­‐ enriched claims. Because hydrogen is an incredibly light and is a small molecule that can easily escape through conventional bottle materials such as plastic or glass, HFACTOR has developed a special aluminum vessel to act as an effective barrier, with a minimal carbon footprint to keep the highest levels of hydrogen inside the vessel until it is opened to be consumed.

HFACTOR sets out to start a movement and a lifestyle for the next generation of water consumers. There are many potential ways that hydrogen rich water may enhance your health and wellness. It has been documented through general advances on scientific studies that molecular hydrogen may have the potential to improve athletic performance and recovery, increase energy levels, relieve fatigue, hangovers, allergies, jet lag, skin irritation, inflammation and circulation, among many other researched benefits. Molecular hydrogen, small and soluble, has the potential to quickly circulate into many locations of the body, including the hard to reach powerhouses of the body’s cells.

Gail Levy, Founder of HFACTOR, has spent many years focused on research and worldwide travel in order to understand the benefits and important components behind hydrogen rich water. “This is a whole new generation of water, and is the Rirst water that offers a natural alternative to your daily regimen. HFACTOR hydrogen rich water is the most functional beverage to come to the health and wellness market in over ten years. It’s time to be good to yourself.”


At $3.00 each, HFACTOR vessels are available in a 6 pack and enable super hydration and natural energy for living. HFACTOR launched this month and is available for purchase at www.hfactorwater.com



HFACTOR is a movement and lifestyle for the next generation water consumers. HFACTOR is water, naturally infused with an optimal level of hydrogen for super hydration and recovery acting as powerful antioxidant with the potential for therapeutic benefits and an enhanced healthy lifestyle. HFACTOR is the first hydrogen rich water to market in the USA.



btm 1



btm 2




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Company Spotlight: Hemp2o Herbal Vitamin Water



Hemp2o is an organic, herbal, vitamin beverage that does not contain the THC found in Marijuana, but hemp-seed extract. This natural oil is filled with essential nutrients that regulate mental health while also nourishing the body.  Hemp2o is deliciously hydrating, bottled in the USA, and USDA certified organic.


What are the health benefits of Hemp2o?
Like flax or chia seed, hemp seed oil is very popular as a fortified food. The hemp seed oil used in Hemp2o is bursting with Omega-3’s. These essential fatty acids provide heart health and anti-inflammatory benefits.  Hemp2o is also fortified with B Vitamins and Vitamin C.  It contains 100% of the RDA of B3, B6 and B12.


Any other benefits?
Some people are calling hemp a 'miracle cure'.  We won’t go that far.. but its benefits have been linked to cardiovascular health.  If you subscribe to the idea that vegetables like asparagus, spinach, and beans are healthy- then you will agree that Hemp2o is too.  That’s because the hemp oil used in our beverage is packed with minerals like phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, sulfur, and calcium.  Nutritionally, it also contains a balance of poly-unsaturated fats.



Company: Hemp2o
Brand: Hemp2o
Origin: USA
Category: vitamin water
Packaging: 16 fl oz (500 ml)
Claims: organic, herbal, deliciously hydrating
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $ 36.00 (12 Pack)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: hemp2o.com







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halchata feat

Drink Spotlight: TigerNut Horchata+ Green



Honors the original recipe from Valencia, Spain, crafted with TigerNuts since the 13th century.

We cold-press naturally-sweet, nutrient-dense TigerNuts in our biodynamically filtered water.


What's so + about TigerNut Horchata+?

To get to +, we marry our TigerNuts with a second superfood. For TigerNut Horchata + Green, we use Broccoli Leaf, the most powerful leafy super green we could find!

A key nutrient found in Broccoli Leaf, Glucoraphanin, is a super-potent detox agent.



Ingredients: Filtered Water, TigerNuts*, Broccoli Leaves*, Spinach*, Kale*, Lemons*, Parsley*, Ginger*, Himalayan Pink Salt    *Organic





About the company

Our True Roots is the Brooklyn-based maker of healthful beverages and snacks. We believe that the food and drinks we consume have a direct impact on our health. Our foundation is grounded in pure ingredients which have been organically sourced and non-gmo verified. We look for simplicity, mixing of pure ingredients, no additives and no compromises.

Our latest innovation, is TIGERNUT HORCHATA

which is NOT a nut, but actually a root vegetable, like a potato or carrot. Typically, in modern production, Horchata is being made with grains like rice or nuts such as almonds.. But, with our recipe, we wanted to take it back….Instead of following conventional recipes that using nuts or grains, sweetened with cane sugar, we produce TigerNut Horchata using only the highest quality organic NON-gmo tigernuts
ounce for ounce, TigerNuts are the single highest source of a particular type of of fiber called resistant starch. Resistant Starch is the king of “prebiotics”...also, high of calcium, potassium, iron, & vitamin E.



Company: TigerNut
Brand:  Horchata+ Green
Slogan:  TigerNut
Origin:  US
Category:  Water
Packaging: 355ml
Claims: Organic, non-gmo, gluten free
Variants:  View product range here
Price:  $54.00 6-pack, $99.00 12-pack
Where to Buy:  US, Buy Online
Website: http://organicgemini.com/




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perfect clear feat

Drink Spotlight: Perfectly Clear Sparkling Range


Keep your favourite Perfectly Clear at home. All the best flavours in a convenient share size bottle.

The Perfectly Clear 1.5 Litre range comes in both STILL and SPARKLING variants and a wide range of flavours so there is a perfect choice for everyone.

Demand for flavoured water is growing fast and we believe that Perfectly Clear offers the best quality and value product available AND in the right combination of bottle sizes.
All Perfectly Clear 1.5L bottles are made with natural flavours and ZERO SUGAR so that you know those you share your Perfectly Clear with are managing their sugar intake as well.



About the company

Perfectly Clear flavoured water was the brand that created a new sector of drinks refreshment in the UK 20 years ago. As one of the very first of its kind, Perfectly Clear set the standard for flavoured water, and still provides an industry benchmark to this day.

Perfectly Clear is bottled at source from pure spring water and is cleverly blended with natural fruit flavours. These flavours are chosen carefully so you can taste and smell the fruit experience; no guessing, no mystery… Just great flavour refreshment.

All Perfectly Clear products are sugar free. With growing concern about sugar levels in drinks, Perfectly Clear and zero sugar is the perfect combination for modern living



Company: Perfectly Clear
Brand:  Sparkling Range
Slogan:  Perfectly Clear
Origin:  US
Category:  Water
Packaging: Coming soon
Claims: Still and sparkling variants, natural flavors, zero sugar
Variants:  View product range here
Price:  Coming soon
Where to Buy:  US
Website: http://perfectlyclear.com/



perfect clear


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Company Spotlight: Ugly Drinks



Ugly isn’t dressed up to look pretty, it’s UNSWEET and has nothing to hide. Refreshingly, it’s just spring water infused with natural flavours. No sugars, no sweeteners, no preservatives and no artificial flavours.

It's time for CHANGE. We are all tired of products hiding behind pretty packaging and making false promises. We’re not here to sell you the impossible dream; we just want you to embrace the incredible, awesome and sometimes ugly parts of LIFE.

Ugly isn’t dressed up to look sweet, pretty and innocent. We’ve created an entirely UNSWEET naturally infused water range that tastes great and has nothing to hide. Refreshingly, it’s just spring water with a splash of delicious flavour. If you don’t love us, that’s fine, but hopefully you LOVE what we are trying to do.



Cucumber & Mint



Cooler than a polar bear’s paws and fresher than The Prince of Bel-Air, enjoy Cucumber & Mint ice cold for the ultimate refreshment.

Spring Water, Natural Cucumber and Mint Extract.



Lemon & Ginger



Romeo and Juliet, Bonnie and Clyde…Mac and Cheese…some things are just made to go together. If you want a little kick then Lemon & Ginger is the one for you.

Spring Water, Natural Lemon Flavour, Natural Ginger Flavour.






Mysterious. An enigma. A lone wolf. You will love the fruity taste, but blackberry doesn’t care what you think. Blackberry does its own thing.

Ingredients: Spring Water, Natural Blackberry Flavour.



Raspberry & Lime4_family-raspberry-lime.2141a2e1


Raspberry is smart, refined and sophisticated. Lime brings the party. Watch out, together they’re dynamite.

Ingredients: Spring Water, Natural Raspberry Aroma, Natural Lime Flavour, Natural Flavours.



Company: Ugly Brands Ltd
Brand: Ugly Drinks
Slogan: beautifully different
Origin: UK
Category: Water
Claims: No sugars, no sweeteners, no preservatives and no artificial flavours.
Variants: Cucumber & Mint, Lemon & Ginger, Blackberry, Raspberry & Lime
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: uglydrinks.com









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agana water feat

Drink Spotlight: Agana Rain Water


Captured from the clouds, provided by nature… Agana Rainwater is purely responsible!

Whatever water touches it becomes. Our water never touches the ground—where it absorbs all that yummy oil, herbicide, pesticide, mercury, radiation, pharmaceutical, animal waste and industrial waste flavor.

Taste how water was meant to taste! We collect our water in a rural setting, avoiding urban air pollution, and we have no trees or organic matter between the clouds and our sanitary collection surface.



  • All Natural Rainwater
Biodegradable Bottle and Cap
  • Green Product & Processes
Environmentally Responsible
  • 100% Recyclable
  • Biodegrades 1- 15 years in a Landfill or Commercial Compost
  • No Additives, Minerals, or Pollutants
Chlorine Free
Ozone and UV Disinfection
Purest Water on the Market
Private Labeling Available



Taste how water was meant to taste! We collect our water in a rural setting, avoiding urban air pollution, and we have no trees or organic matter between the clouds and our sanitary collection surface.

Would you rather drink water from the ground or before it touches the ground? A common misconception we have all been told is that water becomes cleaner when filtered through rushing streams and soil. Water does get filtered, somewhat, through the ground, but it also picks up every bit of chemical, metal and organic pollution it touches as well.



About the company

Agana Rainwater was born from its founders’ desire to provide drinking water of the highest purity while conserving our natural resources. The company recognized that potable rainwater was the key to delivering a natural water product, and recyclable bottles could reduce the impact on our environment—unburdening landfills of billions of plastic bottles that take a thousand years to decompose.

Collecting rainwater is not a new practice, but is one that has not been commercialized at a regional or national level. We are using the simplicity of this technique because it makes sense… it’s the first opportunity of collection before water has had a chance to absorb ground contaminates or any unwanted additives. Our purification process is state-of-the-art, introducing no chemicals into our collection, storage or transportation cycles. Fossil fuels are not used prior to bottling.

We want to provide our product to national retailers to promote healthy hydration and our ecological values. We will continue to educate our consumers on the biodegradability of the bottle, preservation of our oceans, lakes and rivers, importance of recycling, and overall health benefits offered by the purity of our product. We plan to expand into other areas of the states and also internationally.



Company: Agana Rainwater
Brand:  Agana Rainwater
Slogan:  Agana Rainwater
Origin:  US
Category:  Water
Packaging:  500ml and 1L bottles
Claims:  All natural rainwater, environmentally responsible, no additives
Variants:  View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy:  US, Store Locator
Website: http://aganawater.com/



agana water1



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Company Spotlight: LifeFuels Nutrition and Hydration Management



We are LifeFuels™: a health technology company devoted to bringing responsive intelligence to nutrition and hydration management.

We are working to achieve true human optimization. To make people better from the inside out. We track, measure, and optimize input, so you can enjoy the things you love more than ever.


What is the Lifefuels?

The Lifefuels fuels you. It seamlessly dispenses the things you need to live a better, healthier life while you're on the go. The LifeFuels is health you can hold in your hand.

We are not just another water bottle - we are so much more than that. The entire Personal Fueling System intelligently dispenses, learns, and tracks the vitamins, minerals, supplements and flavors you consume. We are a community dedicated to living and promoting happier, healthier and longer lives.


How does the Lifefuels measure my input?

The Personal Fueling System intelligently dispenses, optimizes, learns, and tracks the vitamins, minerals, supplements and flavors you consume. The LifeFuels App provides a user experience that includes automatic tracking and logging for hydration and nutrition management. Lifefuels and the LifeFuels app learn from you and your surroundings. The more you use the entire Personal Fueling System, the smarter it becomes.


What kind of vitamins, minerals, supplements, and flavors are offered?

We have partnered with dozens of industry leaders to offer you a wide range of FuelPods to suit your fitness and nutrition goals as well as your lifestyle needs.



Company: Lifefuels
Brand: Lifefuels
Slogan: Fuel Your Next Adventure
Origin: USA
Category: Company
Packaging: The Lifefuels holds 16 ounces of water, it also holds five FuelPods.
Claims: dedicated to living and promoting happier, healthier and longer lives
Variants: View Here
Price: $99
Where to Buy: Pre-Order Now
Website: lifefuels.co




btm 1








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postiive feat

Company Spotlight: Positive Beverage




Think Positive!

When you feel better, you live better.


Positive H20

Naturally flavored with at least 100% of all added vitamins and the perfect combination of Calcium, Vitamin D and Potassium, Positive H20 tastes great, contains zero calories and is sugar, sodium and gluten free.

  • Antioxidant Vitamins C, B2 and B12
  • Vitamin D and Calcium
  • Potassium Electrolytes
  • 100% Natural Flavors






Positive Charge

Providing natural energy from green tea and guarana berry extract, at least 100% of all added vitamins and Potassium electrolytes, Positive Charge combines the beneficial attributes of an energy drink and sport beverage in one, With simple ingredients and 100% natural flavors, Positive Charge contains zero calories and is sugar, sodium and gluten free.






About the company

It’s been said you can't live a positive life with a negative mind. We believe it’s more than just the mind – it’s the body too. Life gets hard, life gets crazy – taking care of ourselves should be simple. When we feel better, we live better. It’s Positively Simple.

Unable to find a healthy beverage with ingredients we understood, Positive Beverage was founded in 2010 with a specific goal - to solve that problem! Positive Beverage gives you the benefits of essential vitamins, antioxidants and electrolytes to help keep you feeling positive. A beverage with zero calories, zero sodium, and 100% natural flavor, it tastes great and it's good for you. It’s Simply Beneficial.

At Positive Beverage we strive to make a difference. Every Positive Beverage you drink can make a difference in how you feel and every bottle sold will help us make a difference by supporting the community and charities near to our hearts. Think Positive.




Company: Positive Beverage
Brand:  Positive H20 and Positive Charge
Slogan:  Think Positive
Origin:  US
Category:  Water, Iced Tea
Packaging:  488ml
Claims:  100% natural flavors, potassium electrolytes
Variants:  View product range here
Price: Positive H20 $24.99 12-pack, Positive Charge $26.99 12-pack
Where to Buy:  US, Buy Online
Website: http://www.positivebeverage.com/







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zuccari coco water feat

Supplement Spotlight: Zuccari Super Coconut Water


Super Coconut Water® is a dietary supplement from the Product Line Functional Food without sugar that offers the pleasure of a just opened green coconut water. Thanks to the magnesium of 3 green coconuts* it’s ideal to contribute to the salt and water balance and to reduce of fatigue.


For those who:

  • suffers from cramps
  • does sport and need a continual energy input
  • is fatigued from every day commitments (at work and at leisure)
  • suffers embarrassment due to heat and perspiration
  • suffers from frequent or temporary dehydration (you need constant hydration)


INGREDIENTS: (2 stick-pack/100g/%RDA): Magnesium gluconate 6,5g / 65g, magnesium gluconate from 375mg / 3750mg / 100% RDA • Potassium chloride 1,95g / 19,5g, Potassium chloride 1000mg / 10g / 50% RDA • Creatine 500mg / 5g • Coconut (Cocos nucifera L .) natural water of the fruit es 450mg / 4.5g • Anti-caking agent: silicon dioxide • Coconut (Cocos nucifera L.) milk naturally dehydrated fruit 99mg / 990mg • Acidity regulator: Citric acid • Sweetener: Sucralose • Flavors • Thickener: Xanthan gum.
The plant extracts are supported on maltodextrin free of gluten, allergens and GMOs.


zuccario coco water nutr2



About the company

ZUCCARI, was born in Trento in 1993 out of the willingness of Stefano Sala, a long-standing dietary supplement and natural product enthusiast, with his wife Katja Ravagni and his father Giorgio Sala.
Since the birth of  ZUCCARI the market has been populated by highly expert players and ZUCCARI must distinguish itself with innovative and sophisticated products to stand out in such a competitive sector. The company results as a winner thanks to its holistic approach, research, formative quality and dynamic marketing aimed at consumer needs.
Thanks to the breaking of the paradigms of the market, ZUCCARI has accumulated experience year after year until it has become one of the principle leaders in the high quality natural cosmetics sector at a European level.


Company: Zuccari
Brand:  Super Coconut Water
Slogan:  Linea Functional Food
Origin:  Italy
Category:  Water
Packaging:  30pk sachets
Claims:  No sugar, contains magnesium 3 of green coconuts
Variants:  View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy:  Italy, Store Locator
Website: http://www.zuccari.com/en/


zuccari coco water



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Company Spotlight: Caribbean Rainforest Drinks



Caribbean Rainforest provides a range of all-natural chia-seed beverages that will boost your energy, curb your cravings and fuel your day!



All Natural
Low in Sugar
Gluten-Free & Vegan
Shelf-Stable – No Refrigeration Needed
Shipping from Caribbean Sea
Shipping from Pacific Ocean
FDA-Approved Facility
HACCP Certified Facility
Private Label Available





Chia Fruit Drinks

  • 1200mg Omega 3
  • 1g Protein
  • High in Vitamin C
  • Good Source of Dietary Fiber
  • Real Fruit Pulp
  • Potassium

Green Tea & Chia


  • 1200mg Omega 3
  • 1g Protein
  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • Dietary Fiber
  • Calcium
  • Potassium


  Chia Waters



  • 1200mg Omega 3
  • 1g Protein
  • High in Vitamin C
  • Good Source of Dietary Fiber
  • Real Fruit Pulp
  • Potassium



About the Company
Rehydrate Naturally! Our all-natural chia seed beverages will boost your energy, curve your cravings and fuel your day! The Ancient Aztecs used chia for strength and sustained energy -- and now chia is fastly becoming the world's greatest Superfood! Chia contains Omega-3 fatty acids, protein, fiber, antioxidants, calcium, potassium and many other vitamins and minerals -- and our Chia Beverages are the easiest and best-tasting way to get these nutrients!





Company: Creambeans.S.A
Brand: Caribbean Rainforest
Slogan: As Natural as Rainforest
Origin: South America
Category: Health drinks
Claims: all-natural. Gluten free
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Bulk Order Online
Website: caribbeanrainforest.com





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