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Drink Spotlight: Stevia Select Honest H2o Water Enhancers



We all know the largest percentage of our body is made up of water right? Then it comes as no surprise that doctors recommend drinking 8-10 glasses a day. Let’s be honest (after all we are Honest H2O) how many of us reach that quota? Most of us probably fall very short, for good reason. Plain water is just that……PLAIN!

Our family owned business, created a healthy alternative to hum-drum boring water. Honest H2O, made from real extracts of fruits & plants, is the solution for people of all ages. We believe drinking water should be adventurous & exciting, not a daily chore.



So what makes us different?

Let’s begin with our 3 simple ingredients: Natural Flavors, Pure Stevia, & Organic Citric Acid. That’s it! Stop settling for water flavors laden with artificial colors, sweeteners, and preservatives. Get back to “nature in a glass” created from real ingredients with a taste that exceeds your wildest dreams!





 Propylene Glycol  Non-GMO certified ingredients
 Refined Sugar  Stevia grown/harvested in S. America and manufactured in the USA
 Artificial Sweeteners  Natural Flavors created from real fruits & plants
 Artificial colors/dyes  “Floaters”. Yes, we did say floaters. You may find tiny particles of real fruit in your glass. OH MY! This simply means that our natural flavors are not highly processed and refined. That’s a good thing!
 Artificial preservatives  Lots of love goes into EVERY bottle.  From our family to yours.



Did You Know:

  1. Our glass bottles have passed a 4 ft. drop test, on a hard tile surface, without breaking? (Yes, they are that durable!)
  2. Our Eco-Friendly Glass is the ONLY truly safe container. Don’t be fooled, even BPA free plastic emits toxic chemicals into the product its holding.
  3. In the last 2 years, we have only had 3 complaints of leaking bottles (bet those plastic water flavoring companies can’t say that!)
  4. Propylene Glycol is a synthetic substance used in car antifreeze, but also found in name brand water enhancers, to prevent “cloudy” looking water. Honest H2O may appear ‘cloudy’ because we DO NOT add this, but honestly, who really cares.
  5. Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily promotes: weight loss, strengthens immune system, flushes out toxins, improves energy, speeds up metabolism, boosts your mood, and increases the elasticity in skin for a more youthful appearance. WOW!



Meet The Stars



Award winning tart cherries team together with smooth vanilla for an explosion in flavor that will knock your socks off (unless you’re not wearing any).






Handfuls of fresh picked berries, straight from the field, merge perfectly with a hint of the tropics. This classic blend of strawberries and mangos will leave you wondering if you should put on your straw hat or grab your grass skirt. Why not both?





Do you find yourself humming a relaxing tune…….”Like drinking Pina Colada’s”? Chances are you’re sipping on Coconut Pineapple and forgetting about all your worries! This tantalizing blend of sun-ripened pineapples and fresh coconut are almost as good as a trip to the Bahamas. We did say almost.






Bursting with lots of pucker power, our Luscious Lemonade will have you begging for another squeeze. Every bottle is packed with juicy lemon taste that adds pizzazz to everything it encounters. Get ready to Zippity Do Da all the day!





Watch out for this bold raspberry that’s on a mission to invade your water glass, tea cup, and yogurt bowl! Aggressive red raspberry zip squeezed into every bottle. *DISCLAIMER: None of the rage found in our berries has entered the product. No worries!






This isn’t your ordinary orange folks. This orange has passion! Add some romance to every beverage with tangy oranges, sweet passion fruit, and a light kiss from a mango.



About the company

Stevia Select was birthed in 2013, during the height of economic crisis and personal despair. Our family was already in need of a financial miracle and then, to make things worse, my husband lost his job. It was at this low point that we decided to do something we were passionate about and start our own business selling something we loved: stevia. I know it was hard for our families to watch us pour everything (as well as borrow more) into our new business. However, we had made up our mind to market the best tasting stevia products, in a highly competitive category.

Stevia Select began by selling 4 products on Amazon, stevia powder, liquid stevia, dark chocolate and chocolate raspberry. It was a slow start but the emails began to pour in from customers who told us we had a better tasting product than anything they had tried before.

Since those humble beginnings, Stevia Select has blossomed to become a trusted brand in the stevia industry. We currently sell 11 products on Amazon and offer those same quality products on our website. In addition, our website now offers international shopping to our customers around the globe. For U.S. customers, we will soon be expanding to well-known retail stores to make it easy to buy in your home town.



Company: Stevia Select
Brand: Honest H2o Water Enhancers
Origin: US
Category: Water
Packaging: 2 oz.
Claims: Safe for pregnant moms, dieters, diabetes patients, kids and athletes.
Variants: View product range here
Price: $8.25 each
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online
Website: https://www.steviaselect.com/






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Drink Spotlight: Oral I.V Hydration Mix




Think of us as Water’s Wingman. A kicker. An activator. A catalyst. With its unique all-natural formula of crystalloid electrolytes and trace minerals created to improve the actual hydration process, Oral I.V. is the hydration aid you didn’t know you were missing.

Let us explain. While most hydration formulas target dehydration and the replacement of lost electrolytes, Oral I.V. is designed to increase the uptake and utilization of water by rapidly activating your body’s potential to hydrate on a cellular level. That means we prep your hydration processes before you even begin that race, workout or night-on-the-town – something we call pre-hydration. And because we don’t believe in putting junk in our bodies, our completely natural, organic, gmo-free formula skips the sugar, synthetics and chemicals. In fact, all you need to do is add water.

Sometimes, less really is more.



Sourced From Nature. Ready For Action.

ORAL I.V. is not a sports drink or an energy drink. It is a unique all-natural hydration product designed to work alongside existing hydration methods and improve their efficiency. Because we are all about aligning ourselves with nature, our minerals are sourced from natural raw materials to avoid contamination with other elements, and insure that our electrolytes form. Unlike many sports drinks and rehydration products, Oral IV does not contain any artificial ingredients, sugar, caffeine or stimulants. 100% natural. 100% awesome.



As a hydration aid, ORAL I.V. can be used for any application where physical exertion or the possibility of dehydration exists. This ranges from sports and fitness to on-the-job use in the military, law enforcement and first responder communities. ORAL I.V. is based on a proprietary, all-natural formula of crystalloid electrolytes and trace minerals. There are no sugars, stimulants or artificial ingredients of any kind. ORAL I.V. is designed to optimize the body's hydration process and supplement existing hydration strategies.



ORAL I.V. is intended to assist an individual's existing hydration strategy. To experience the intended benefits, we recommend taking ORAL I.V. with water prior to, during and after activities of physical exertion that can contribute to dehydration, such as fitness, exercise or sports. Depending on your level of activity and personal fitness, it is recommended to take one vial of ORAL I.V. with water for every 2 to 4 hours of strenuous activity.



About the company

No one knows how important hydration is than serious athletes. The ones who train day in and day out in order to reach the top of the mountain demand more from their bodies. Athletes push themselves to peak levels of fitness so that when the time comes they have a shot at being more than a footnote in history, but instead are an entire page in the books. Oral IV is here to help the best of the best write their story.



Company:  Oral I.V
Brand:  Hydration Mix
Origin: US
Category:  Supplement
Packaging:  25 pack and 50 pack
Claims:  An all-natural formula of crystalloid electrolytes.
Variants: View Range Here
Price:  4-pack $10.00, 25-pack $60.00, 50-pack $115.00
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online
Website:  http://www.oraliv.com/



ORAL I.V. 4-pack



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Company Spotlight: Hylux vitamin-enhanced water



Hylux is a vitamin-enhanced water for people who are looking for casual hydration during the day or to replenish vitamins, minerals and electrolytes after a workout. It provides a healthy alternative to traditional sports drinks, which often contain loads of sugar, calories and other unwanted ingredients. Hydrolite combines the functional benefits of a sports drink with the light healthiness of water. It comes in 3 great tasting flavors, has 3 different electrolytes, B-complex vitamins, more potassium than a banana, 10 calories and only 4 grams of sugar. Also, it is naturally flavored, naturally sweetened, naturally colored and has no preservatives.



Company: Hylux
Brand: Hylux
Slogan: Healthy Hydration
Origin: USA
Category: Water
Claims: Low calorie. Naturally flavored. Naturally sweetened and colored.
Variants: View Range Here
Website: drinkhylux.com







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Company Spotlight: Trioral Dehydration Salts



Safe / Quality

NO artificial sweeteners, colors, flavors or preservatives. Gluten Free. Unlike other products, TRIORAL™ Oral Rehydration Salts does NOT contain sucralose, aspartame, preservatives.



TRIORAL™ formula is based on the newly recommended World Health Organization (WHO) low osmolarity oral rehydration formula. For safe and complete hydration.



Pre-formulated individually sealed powder packets. Just mix with water and drink. When you need it!



No longer pay the high prices for a ready-made electrolyte solution. Now you can carry pre-formulated, pre-measured TRIORAL Oral Rehydration Salts packets.





Company:  Trioral
Oral Dehydration Salts
Coming soon
Helps hydrate your body fast
View Range Here
Coming soon
Where to Buy:
US, Buy Online






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Company Spotlight: Olive Water


Inspired by the Mediterranean Diet

Meet the refreshing drink with the rejuvenating power of a ¼ liter of extra virgin olive oil


“[Olive oil is] An age-old food with space-age qualities that medical science is just beginning to understand.”
-Tom Mueller, author of extra virginity




The Sustainable Drink
Did you know the olive is 15-20% oil and more than 50% water? That means only a small portion of each olive is pressed into actual olive oil. Its water, pits and skin are discarded as waste. In the Mediterranean, where most of the world’s olive oil is produced, this amounts to 11 million tons a year.

Using a solvent-free mechanical process, we treat this “waste” to remove any pits, skin and pulp, leaving behind a phytonutrient rich water complete with olive oil’s most revitalizing parts.




The Secret Within
Homer referred to it as “liquid gold”. Hippocrates christened it “the great healer”. For thousands of years, the virtues of olive oil have been praised by poets, philosophers and writers. Today, doctors and nutritionists embrace it for its extensive health and cosmetic applications, with clinical studies pointing to its rich phytonutrient, antioxidant and vitamin E content as the primary source of its benefits.

Olive oil is most widely recognized for its contributions to a healthy heart, skin and immune system. Yet the typical American diet consists of only a fraction of the olive oil consumed in the Mediterranean.

With 120 calories and 14 grams of fat in a tablespoon, it may not come as a surprise.

It’s why we set out to create a Mediterranean inspired beverage with only 20 calories. Each refreshing bottle of Olive Water® delivers the amount of phytonutrients found in a 1/4 liter of extra virgin olive oil, 100% vitamin C and 20% vitamin E, for a deeply nourishing blend of antioxidants that renew you from the inside out.


The Brand Story
EVEE founder Yani Andrianos was born and raised in Southern California, but spent many of his childhood summers in Greece, where he developed a passion for delicious and healthy Mediterranean cuisine and a love for olive oil.

In Greece, community and exercise complement a dietary pattern centered on whole grains, legumes, seasonal fruits and vegetables, wild fish and above all, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. The world has come to know it as the Mediterranean diet, but to Greeks and other Europeans, it’s a lifestyle rooted in centuries of culture and tradition.

Inspired by the fundamental role of olive oil in the Mediterranean diet, and the many ways it can help improve people’s health, Yani set out to create a wholesome product that combined the best of two worlds – the nutritional power of olive oil with the convenience and enjoyment of a refreshing beverage. Three years later, Olive Water® was born – a rejuvenating, fruit flavored drink that captures the heart and soul of the Mediterranean diet, in a way never before imagined





Company:  Olive Water
Brand:  Olive Water
Slogan: A Rejuvenating Superdrink
Origin: USA
Category:  Water
Packaging: 16fl oz
Claims: 10 Calories per Serving, 20% Vitamin E, 100% Vitamin C, Gluten Free, Non GMO, Vegan, No Preservatives
Variants: Ginger & Lime, Apricot & Coconut,
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: olivewater.com







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Drink Spotlight: Verday Chlorophyll Water







Company: Verday
Brand:  Chlorophyll Water
Origin: US
Category:  Water
Packaging:  16 oz.
Claims:  Contains antioxidants and cleansing benefits.
Variants: View product range here
Price:  12-pack $39.00
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online
Website: http://www.drinkverday.com/




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Company Spotlight: Generosity Water



We believe that people matter and everything we do is an expression of that fundamental value.






We produce the highest quality alkaline water with a perfect pH balance of 10.0 which provides optimal hydration
and helps neutralize your body.



For every bottle purchased, we give clean water to two people for one month. When you drink Generosity Water, you
are also giving clean water to others in need.


For every bottle of water purchased, we give clean water
to two people for one month.


Scan the QR Code on your bottle to see the exact community you helped with your purchase.
Ready to be generous?



Visit their website








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Drink Spotlight: Reliant Recovery Water Redefines Hydration With Functional H20



Reliant Recovery Water, a Washington-based beverage brand offers an upgrade for your daily dose of H2O. More than just quenching thirst, Reliant Recovery Water delivers refreshing taste and functionality beyond traditional hydration. Through the use of a unique and patented process, Reliant Recovery Water takes purified water, adds electrolytes, and then modifies the water by increasing and stabilizing oxygen levels in the water, resulting in a functional beverage with benefits above and beyond regular water. Years of scientific research has shown that Reliant Recovery Water will reduce physical stress and accelerate muscle recovery1.

Reliant Recovery Water maintains all natural ingredients to keep you hydrated and refreshed. The water contains no sugar, no calories, no artificial coloring, no added ingredients other than electrolytes and natural flavors, and provides a distinctly crisp and fresh taste for hydration that your body will feel. Reliant Recovery Water is available in three refreshing flavors including Original, Cucumber Mint, and Peach.

Reliant Recovery Water is available in 500ml bottles at a suggested retail price of $2.99. Reliant Recovery Water is currently available at Whole Foods and other select retailers throughout Washington, Oregon, and California, with plans to expand eastward in the coming months. To learn more about Reliant Recovery Water, its availability and to see published research, please visit recoverywater.com.

About Reliant Recovery Water

Reliant Hydration, Inc. is based in Tacoma, Washington, with every bottle of Reliant Recovery Water processed on site. The company is led by the Russell Family, with an advisory board from the Pacific Northwest’s top consumer brands. In 2009, as a result of extensive research by top researchers, physicians and physiologists from across the globe, Reliant Hydration, Inc. was founded to better understand water modification and how it interacts with the human body.

1Researchers from the University of Florida and Seattle Performance Medicine validated Reliant Recovery Water’s benefits, concluding that the drink improves functional recovery after exercise. For more information on Reliant Recovery Water please visit recoverywater.com and follow Recovery Water on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.








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Energy Spotlight: Guru Energy Water




Organic Sparkling Energy Water
ZERO calorie and ZERO sugar


Serving per container 1
Serving Size 12 fl oz (355 mL)

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value *
Calories 0
Total Fat 0 g 0 %
Sodium 0 mg 0 %
Total Carb 0 g 0 %
     Sugars 0 g
Protein 0 g


energy water 1




Organic Sparkling Energy Water
ZERO Calorie and ZERO Sugar


Serving per container 1
Serving Size 12 fl oz (355 mL)

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value *
Calories 0
Total Fat 0 g 0 %
Sodium 0 mg 0 %
Total Carb 0 g 0 %
     Sugars 0 g
Protein 0 g

Not a significant source of calories from fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron. *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calories diet.

Ingredients: sparkling water, organic erythritol (natural sweetener), organic lime flavor, organic infused green tea extract, organic lemon juice concentrate, citric acid, organic stevia extract.


energy water 1a




Organic Sparkling Energy Water
ZERO calorie and ZERO sugar


Serving per container 1
Serving Size 12 fl oz (355 mL)

Amount Per Serving % Daily Value *
Calories 0
Total Fat 0 g 0 %
Sodium 0 mg 0 %
Total Carb 0 g 0 %
     Sugars 0 g
Protein 0 g

Not a significant source of calories from fat, saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, dietary fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and iron. *Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calories diet.

Ingredients: sparkling water, organic erythritol (natural sweetener), organic pomegranate flavor, organic infused green tea extract, organic pomegranate juice concentrate, citric acid, organic stevia extract.


energy water 1b



About the company

Ever since the early days, GURU has always been driven by this idea of crafting the best natural energy drink out there. Founded in Montreal during the summer of 1999 by four college friends, the company marketed the world's first all-natural energy drink.

More than 15 years later, this vision is not only fulfilled but is also thriving and expanding worldwide. GURU has become the #1 Organic Energy Drink in Canada and the US in the Health Channel thanks to a strong network of distribution partnerships and a passionate sales team.

With research & development at the forefront of our expansion, GURU now tackles a new market and adventure with the recent introduction of our Energy Waters. This new line of product arrives just in time to satisfy a growing demand for organic sugar and calorie-free energy beverages.

In short, GURU has and will always believe that energy should not come at the expense of health. That is what has brought our company a steady and organic growth.



Company: Guru Energy
Brand: Energy Water
Origin: US
Category: Energy
Packaging: 355ml cans
Claims: Organic, zero calories and zero sugar.
Variants: View product range here
Price: 24-pack $62.99
Where to Buy: US, Buy OnlineStore Locator
Website: https://www.guruenergy.com/en/


energy water 1



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sapp feat1

Company Spotlight: Sapp Organic Birch Tree Water





“The heart of essentialism isn’t about asking how little we can live with, but determining what we simply cannot live without”.

Margaret Everton

Säpp the U.S.'s first birch water, is the leading all organic (vegan, gluten-free, non-gmo, paleo) all-natural beverage that contains one key ingredient - birch sap. Harvested direct from the birch tree, it is never diluted with water, contains no added sugars and has only ten calories per 10 ounce bottle.


Birch water has a great source of health benefits which include:
Rich in manganese (five times the amount of a cup of kale), which helps prevent stress, supports daily metabolism and blood pressure
- Low sugar (up to 80% less sugar than coconut water)
- Nutritional benefits for your skin and immune system
- Detox source
- Prevents stomach aches
- Aids blood pressure


Säpp drinks come in three varieties: Original, along with Nettle and Rosehip
infusions. Let Säpp accompany your meal or help you replenish after that killer workout!




Birch Water
Birch water is a sap from birch trees. Birch trees are one of life’s natural filters: they spend the entire year absorbing rich and diverse minerals from the soil they grow upon. During a short period in the springtime, when nature begins to blossom, natural sap awakens the birch tree from its winter sleep; sap flows up the trunk and is naturally filtered through the process. The tress are then tapped to yield a naturally electrolyte rich, filtered water infused with nutrients and ready to drink.

This is how Säpp is born: authentic, organic birch water with a taste that is lightly sweet and delicate in nature. Our drinks come in three varieties: Original, along with Nettle and Rosehip infusions. Our infused versions not only taste great, but also throw in an extra whack of nutritional benefits to give you that ooh la la feel-good factor.




About the Company

Welcome to Säpp. Here at Säpp we endeavour to connect you with nature's finest products that can be part of your everyday lifestyle. We certainly don’t envisage our everyday lives without our friends, without our ideas and aspirations, and certainly without passion and determination.

But we also realize that in a modern world, where information is infinite and questions often outnumber answers, we need a source of natural energy and inspiration. Which is why we would like to introduce you to Säpp - organic birch tree water.

Growing up in Eastern Europe, birch tree water was one of our most authentic and traditional indulgences. The taste was so pure and refreshing that we always asked for more.

Now, at home in urban cities, it provides us with a tangible connection to nature — a product that is free of all the artificial claims that most “health engineered” drinks aspire to.

We are first and foremost dedicated to quality, providing a premium experience that fits the demands of your active lifestyle.

We are inspired by simplicity.

We are Säpp





Company: Säpp
Brand:  Säpp
Slogan:  Inspired by Simplicity
Origin: US
Category: Water
Packaging:  10.2oz
Claims:  Free of artificial claims, natural source of energy
Variants: View product range here
Price:  $2.99
Where to Buy: US, Store Locator, Buy Online
Website:  http://www.sapplife.co


sapp 1a




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