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Tech Spotlight: Wake Up To The Smell of Bacon


Wake Up And Smell The Bacon is a dongle and corresponding app for smartphones that will soon be available by Oscar Mayer. It’s an alarm that wakes you with the smell of bacon. Just plug the little device into your phone, sync it with the app, set your alarm, go to sleep, wake up to the smell of bacon, but no bacon. Seems cruel and grounds to go right back to bed. What a horrible way to start the day. Now, internet, take note: this is the first time bacon has been added to something that did NOT improve the quality of said something. And hopefully the last. Bacon, don’t you do us wrong again!




Tech Spotlight: Tickle App



Tickle is a new app that will help you get out of awkward situations. Using your phone’s accelerometer, Tickle will generate a phantom phone call when you touch your phone in an awkward manner.


Tickle needs no UI. It’s always on — always ready to help you escape an awkward encounter. It’s the simplest app you’ll ever install.


Tickle can accurately sense awkward motions or gestures of your device. After a brief calibration, Tickle is ready to call you when prompted.


Over time, Tickle learns to predict when and around who, awkward situations are most likely to arise. It adjusts to fit your needs.


Premature Social Ejection

Tickle is a new app for iOS that uses your phone’s accelerometer to detect subtle motions, and subsequently helps you graciously escape awkward moments by calling your phone.

Tickle was born at an awkward dinner — you know the one, where someone decided to invite 24 people and it came time to pay the bill. Rather than take another trip to the bathroom, we invented an app that lets you realistically escape any and all awkward situations you encounter.

Tickle has no functional UI and is either ON or OFF. Once you download it, the app will always been “listening” for an awkward gesture or motion from you. Once you do this, Tickle will call your phone (using a name of your choosing) which gives you the perfect excuse to repair elsewhere. Faking the conversation is up to you.


Tech Spotlight: Facebook Looking to Launch Its Own Drones

Amazon isn’t the only tech giant interested in drones.

A report in TechCrunch says Facebook is eyeing a purchase of Titan Aerospace, maker of solar-powered, near-orbital aircraft that drives itself.

The social networking giant would use the drones to possibly deliver Internet to parts of the world that currently don’t have access, according to the report, which pegs the purchase at $60 million. Reps from Titan and Facebook could not be reached for comment. The goal is in keeping with Internet.org, an initiative that hopes to bring Internet access to the two-thirds of the world that are now without it.

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Tech Spotlight: Fin Wearable Ring Helps Control Your Digital Interactions


Wear the World

Fin is a real life buddy for every individual to do their digital interactions as natural as possible. Fin is a trendy gadget you can wear on the thumb and make your whole palm as a digital touch interface.Fin is one of the Top 15 startups in the world at TechCrunch Hardware Battlefield 2014.







Tech Spotlight: Humin Contact App


Finally. A smart phone for your device.

Humin was designed to disappear into the systems you already know. You can easily call, text or send a Facebook message all in one place.


Never forget a name.

Search all of your contacts in the way you’ve come to know them. We’ve replaced the old alphabetical list with an engine that lets you search with terms like “met last week” or “lives in Austin”.


Meeting someone should be magical.

Each new meeting is rich with potential. Future co-founder? Spouse? Client?

We’ll help you remember all the context around the moment. And if we’re able to match their number to a real-life identity, we’ll “huminize” them for you, letting you see any close friends you might have in common.


We play your cards right.

Your relationships are dynamic, so Humin moves as you move. We’ll let you know who you’re meeting with next, help you connect with friends when you travel, and let you know when someone you know is visiting your city.







Tech Spotlight: Epson Moverio Augmented Reality Smart Glasses

It may be best known for printers, but Epson has also been working to break into the wearable technology market recently. To that end, it just unveiled the second-generation Epson Moverio BT-200 augmented reality smart glasses at CES in Vegas. These Android-powered smart glasses feature a transparent display, head motion tracking, and a built-in camera.

The original Epson Moverio BT-100 glasses have been on sale for around a year and, at $700 per pair, it wouldn’t be too unkind to say they haven’t made a major splash. Epson is aiming to change that with a raft of improvements in the second generation Moverio BT-200 glasses, which will land at exactly the same price point of $700.

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Tech Spotlight: New Cryptocurrency ‘Coinye West’



DROPPING JANUARY 11, 2014. 11 PM EST. No screwed up fake “fair” launches, shyster devs, muted channels, and f**ked up wallets. We will be releasing password protected, encrypted archives containing the binaries and source for the wallet and daemon BEFORE LAUNCH, with the passwords to be released at the specified time. We will work with multiple pools to orchestrate a PROPER and FAIR release.

Internet Relay chat is in irc.freenode.net #coinyewest



Technical Details:

Algorithm: Scrypt
Max Coins: 133,333,333,333
Block time: 90 Seconds
Difficulty Re-Target Time: 12 hours
Block Rewards: 666,666 COYE
Every 100k blocks, the payout halves

“I don’t know whats better, gettin laid or gettin paid”



Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy Coinye coins? Can I buy them before launch? Can I invest with you?

We aren’t selling COINYEs pre-launch, and we can’t trade Coinyes for USD or Euro money. Hopefully in the future, another community member will provide a service like this.
Right now, your best bet is probably to use a service like CoinBase.com to pre-purchase Bitcoin. They let you buy bitcoin with a credit card or bank account.
Then, when Coinye launches on January 11th at 11 PM, you can trade your bitcoins for Coinyes on one of the popular cryptocurrency exchanges. The exchanges we’re currently talking to are cryptsy.com, coinedup.com, and bter.com.
We’ll be releasing tutorials soon that explain how to buy bitcoin, transfer it to your software wallet, and send it back out.



How do I get started mining?

If you’re brand new the mining, the basic steps will be to choose a pool (we will list these soon) and sign up there. We’ll release clear tutorials on how to do this.
Then you’ll use our miner program (coinyeminer or gold digger, we arent sure which yet), and enter your username from the pool. We’re going to make this SUPER easy – no endless techie configuration stuff. We’ll detect what graphics card or computer chip you have and run the program that’s best for you, automagically.
Then your COINYEs will go to the pool you chose. The pool will figure out how much percent you contributed to, and split up the 666,666 according to that percent. Then they will automatically send them to your software wallet.

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Tech Spotlight: Fridge Magnet tells the freshness of your food


It happens often, you buy a head of lettuce it then gets pushed to the back of your refrigerator only to be forgotten and then goes spoiled entering culinary heaven as an inconsumable. Of course this goes beyond lettuce but all edibles, with the concept design by Liao Haibo, Hu Yaxing, Chen Zhipeng and Tang Yigang their invention can help the end to wondering the specs of your food.




The QR Fridge Magnet, recent winner of the 2013 Red Dot Award, is a tiny device transparent tool, which displays text with imagery about your food. A scan of a QR code on fruits or vegetables displays information such as production date and location that can then be affixed to your appliances. Going forward the freshness details are updated for quick overview keeping you aware at all times when items are past expiration.


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Tech Spotlight: Dreamfarm Tapi Tap Squeeze Drink Fountain

Hygienically drink or
rinse your mouth straight
from your tap, without
worrying about dirty
hands or cups.

Water-safe rubber will
never affect or change
the taste of your water.

Tapi fits onto
almost any tap
with a straight spout.

Create a fun and
convenient drink fountain
from your tap by simply
squeezing your Tapi.

Top rack dishwasher safe. Water-safe rubber.

– $5.95 USD


Streaming our lives in real-time with Perceptar



Perceptar allows you to see through the phone of friends and followers alike, anyone that is filming live on the network in ‘public’ mode. It gives you the ability to share a moment or explore the world and live events via #hashtags. It allows you to jump from live video stream to another video stream or the chance to explore the world from a first person perspective on your mobile. Want to know what’s going on in Tokyo right now? Well hashtag it and jump on a live stream from someone filming right now. What if you’re running late to the Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake concert, don’t worry, just hashtag it and see if someone is filming the concert in real-time so you don’t miss a moment.

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