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Industry News: Jim Beam® Unveils Groundbreaking “Drinkable Wearable,” Jim Beam® Apple Watch




A new way to enjoy a refreshing shot of Jim Beam® Apple, from the innovators behind the World's No. 1 bourbon

DEERFIELD, Ill., Sept. 7, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Technology fans all over the world woke up this morning anticipating some truly revolutionary technology news, and Jim Beam®, the world's No. 1 Bourbon, provided it by sharing its latest innovation: the Jim Beam® Apple Watch.

A preview of the first generation Jim Beam Apple Watch, the world's most innovative "drinkable wearable" can be viewed on YouTube, and is available for pre-order on www.JimBeamAppleWatch.com. It's a slick, stylish accessory that conveniently packs a 1.5 oz. shot glass right on your wrist, allowing you to connect with friends over refreshing shots rather than refreshed newsfeeds.

Each Jim Beam Apple Watch is aged in a rackhouse at the Jim Beam® American Stillhouse in Clermont, Ky., alongside barrels of bourbon. The watch's streamlined interface opens and closes manually on demand. And, while it doesn't tell time, it does save time, eliminating the need for a last-minute shot glass search.

"Critics may ask, 'What good is a watch that can't tell time?' " said Fred Noe, Jim Beam's 7th Generation Master Distiller. "We actually think we've created a watch that helps you make time. Who doesn't want to make time for friends, family and a refreshing Jim Beam Apple shot or cocktail?"

Released in 2015, Jim Beam Apple has quickly become one of the most successful line extensions in the seven generation history of Jim Beam, delivering refreshingly crisp cocktails in record numbers to bourbon drinkers, bartenders and now, Jim Beam Apple Watch users.

For a limited time only, the Jim Beam Apple Watch will be available for pre-order at: www.JimBeamAppleWatch.com while supplies last. Priced the same as the suggested retail price of a delicious 750mL bottle of refreshing Jim Beam Apple, the Jim Beam Apple Watch costs just $17.99.

Jim Beam Apple marries the taste of crisp, green apples and Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, resulting in a perfect balance of apple and delicious bourbon, with a light, juicy twist. Jim Beam Apple is sold at the suggested retail price of $17.99 for 750mL, and in bars and retail locations nationwide. Price varies by market and product size, which includes 50mL, 100mL, 375mL, 750mL, 1L and 1.75L.

For more information on the Jim Beam Apple Watch, check out the video and visit www.JimBeamAppleWatch.com. To learn more about Jim Beam Apple, visit the Jim Beam website, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pages.

About Beam Suntory Inc.

As the world's third largest premium spirits company, Beam Suntory is Crafting the Spirits Brands that Stir the World. Consumers from all corners of the globe call for the company's brands, including the iconic Jim Beam and Maker's Mark bourbon brands and Suntory whisky Kakubin, as well as world renowned premium brands including Knob Creek bourbon, Yamazaki, Hakushu and Hibiki Japanese whiskies, Teacher's, Laphroaig, and Bowmore Scotch whiskies, Canadian Club whisky, Courvoisier cognac, Sauza tequila, Pinnacle vodka, and Midori liqueur.

Beam Suntory was created in 2014 by combining the world leader in bourbon and the pioneer in Japanese whisky to form a new company with a deep heritage, passion for quality, innovative spirit and commitment to Growing for Good. Headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, Beam Suntory is a subsidiary of Suntory Holdings Limited of Japan. For more information on Beam Suntory, its brands, and its commitment to social responsibility, please visit www.beamsuntory.com and www.drinksmart.com.

Jim Beam® Apple, Apple Liqueur infused with Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 35% Alc./Vol.

©2016 James B. Beam Distilling Co., Clermont, KY. All trademarks are property of their respective owners.



Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuLEEO-Yiic&feature=youtu.be







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Tech Spotlight: The Dyson Pure Cool™ Link purifier



Keep yourself cool this summer.

Purification all year round.

Dyson purifiers remove 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. In auto mode, your purifier will automatically monitor indoor air quality, and adjust airflow accordingly. So once the air in your room is clean, it stays clean.


And a purifying fan when you need it.

If it’s hot, you might need personal cooling and purified air throughout the room. But there's no need for two machines - your purifier’s more powerful settings will generate smooth, long-range airflow to cool you.





Automatically monitors, reacts and purifies.

You can easily monitor your indoor air quality and see live air quality metrics – straight from your Dyson Link app.

- Monitors indoor and outdoor air quality.
- Reacts automatically or with remote control.
- Reports your usage and air quality history.



Set it and forget it

Dyson purifiers remove 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns. In auto mode, your purifier will automatically monitor indoor air quality and adjust airflow accordingly. So once the air in your room is clean, it stays clean.



Introducing automatic night-time mode. Even for the lightest sleepers.

At the push of a button, your purifier will continue to monitor and respond to air quality while you’re asleep – but only using the quietest settings.



Sweeps the whole room.

Using an independent motor for smooth oscillation, Dyson purifiers project and circulate purified air across the room.



Sits on a letter-sized piece of paper.

The Dyson purifier's footprint is so small that it can sit comfortably on a letter-sized piece of paper. So you can position it anywhere in the room.



Find a Dyson Air Multiplier™ machine that suits your environment






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Company Spotlight: Airtable – Organize Anything



Airtable is a modern database created for everyone

Airtable was founded on the belief that software shouldn't dictate how you work -- you should dictate how it works. Our mission is to democratize software creation by enabling anyone to build the software tools that meet their needs. Creators and creatives around the world use Airtable to do everything from cattle tracking to filmmaking, and they have great things to say.

Our team brings experience from building and scaling products touching millions of people at Google, Facebook, Salesforce, Microsoft, Dropbox and other leading technology companies. We take pride in our product, and strive hard to provide the best possible experience for you, even if it requires creating new technologies and design paradigms along the way.

Airtable is an independent, private company headquartered in San Francisco. The company has raised over $10 million in funding from notable investors including: CRV, Caffeinated Capital, Freestyle Capital, Data Collective, Founder Collective, CrunchFund, Box Group, Kevin Mahaffey, Brennan O'Donnell, Joshua Reeves, Othman Laraki, Michael Birch, Villi Iltchev, Ben Ling, Eric Wu, Aaron Harris and Ashton Kutcher.




As simple as a spreadsheet

Airtable looks like a fast and flexible spreadsheet, but it's actually a relational database that can store almost anything.




Save time by working together
Airtable's built for collaboration and lets you share your data, chat with teammates, and see changes as they happen.




Manage your data from anywhere
Airtable syncs across all your devices to keep your data up-to-date wherever you go. Our mobile apps make it easy to add and remove data, attach files, and collaborate with your team.







btm 1


Seamless mobile and web access
In addition to its grid-based desktop web interface, Airtable offers a mobile app that neatly formats your table rows as easily tappable cards. It's much more than just a pretty view: you can add and remove rows and columns, attach files, share tables, and nearly anything else you can do on your desktop. All changes are instantly synced to all your devices.






Simple content integrations
Attach files directly to the rows in your table with integrations to over 12 services, including Dropbox, Box, Evernote, and Google Drive. With visual inline previews of your images and documents, your tables become an elegant visual container for your content.




Effortless collaboration
Easily share your tables and see changes as they happen. View a living history of who made what change, and when. Chat and mention teammates in the context of your tables - it's all built right in.




btm 2




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Tech Spotlight: The Hurom HO



The Hurom HO Juicer works as smooth as it looks. You’ll love its smooth lines and soft corners and simple operation, but you’ll love its silky juice even more. The twin-winged auger runs at only 43 RPM, so you get a higher yield and even more nutrition. Plus, the auto-pulp feature means your juice is perfect every time, just the way you want it.

The HO Slow Juicer is a revolutionary juice extractor that uses Hurom's patented Slow Squeezing Technology (SST) to gently, quietly, and quickly squeeze a vast variety of ingredients into delicious, vibrant fruit and green juices and vegan nut milks. SST retains heat-sensitive phytonutrients and delicate enzymes essential to health that can be otherwise compromised by the eviscerating effect of loud high speed blades in traditional juicers and blenders. Hurom’s blade-less screw-like auger uses gravity to pull in ingredients into its grooves and our powerful energy efficient AC induction motor spins it at only 43 rotations per minute resulting in a mortar and pestle action that works by masticating and cold-pressing raw foods. This process minimizes oxidation, aeration, and separation on the cellular level and results in gorgeous, smooth, delicious, richer-color juice full of water soluble fiber that delivers 4x the absorption rate and up to 60% more nutrients than eating fruits & vegetables.

The HO includes a drying rack for easy cleanup and breakdown. The Hurom HO comes in White is available for $439 at www.hurom.com






btm 2







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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Mist: World’s Smartest Sprinkler System



No More Schedules. Mist Measures Soil Moisture and Waters On-Demand.

Mist is the world's smartest sprinkler system. Install the Mist Sprinkler Controller and one or more Mist Sensors around your yard. Mist tracks soil moisture, sun intensity and temperature data in realtime and automatically optimizes irrigation for each part of your yard while using up to 50% less water.



pic 2


Mist offers the world's-first "drought mode" setting that can be used when available water supplies are scarce. When selected, Mist applies the minimum amount needed to keep your drought-vulnerable plants alive. This is only possible thanks to Mist's advanced realtime sensors.






Mist uses wireless moisture sensors to measure real-time water needs across the yard and then waters autonomously and on-demand keeping your lawn and garden healthy with no effort at all. This means you never have to bother with tweaking your sprinkler timer settings again.



pic 4



Mist sensors track soil moisture, temperature and sun intensity data from any point of your property both in realtime and in aggregate. Mist combines this knowledge about your yard with weather information and watering history and uses these insights to water the perfect amount every time.



pic 5



The Mist app provides you with full control over all the functions of your sprinkler system, including manually turning on/off watering zones, setting restricted days and hours to avoid watering, and setting advanced watering customizations.



pic 6



Visit www.getmist.com

Visit Their Crowdfunding Page
Find This Campaign On








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Tech Spotlight: HAZ Digital Breaks Into IoT Device Market with World’s First Automatic Smart Umbrella



The HAZ Umbrella is the world’s first automatic open/close smart umbrella with internet-connected features, including location sensing for loss prevention and weather reminders.

Taipei, Taiwan, July 9, 2015: HAZ Digital, a technology startup dedicated to the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) devices, has announced the launch of the HAZ Umbrella, the world’s first automatic umbrella with smart features. The HAZ Umbrella will be launched via a crowdfunding campaign on July 14, 2015, with an expected ship date of October 2015.

The HAZ Umbrella frees users from cumbersome traditional umbrellas by way a built-in high precision motor, microchip controller, and high capacity li-ion battery, which allows it to open, extend, and close with the push a single button. Ready for use or storage in under two seconds, the umbrella is fully automated and convenient for users who are carrying multiple objects.

To complement the convenient automatic open/close feature, the HAZ Umbrella is also embedded with intelligent anti-loss capabilities. By integrating Bluetooth Low Energy technology, the embedded Bluetooth chipset is able to connect to the user’s existing iPhone or Android device. If the umbrella moves out of the signal range and disconnects with the smart phone, the phone will notify the user that the umbrella has been left behind, along with its last known location.

The HAZ Umbrella app also acts as an intelligent weather reminder for when the user forgets or does not have the time to check the weather forecast. By positioning the user’s location, the app will push a notification to the smartphone app when the umbrella should be carried, such as during rain or high UV.

“The technology in the umbrella industry has not seen any major advances in decades,” said Harry Hu, Co-founder & Product Director of HAZ Digital Inc. ”The HAZ Umbrella is our first product in realizing our mission to use great technology to build products to improve lifestyles in an Internet-connected era. Not only does the umbrella offer tremendous benefits in convenience and usability, but we think that it is also a fantastic fashion statement for those with an eye for great design and robust quality.”

The crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for the HAZ Umbrella will launch on July 14, 2015. The estimated retail price of the umbrella will be $109 USD to be available in October 2015; the first 300 backers will receive the HAZ Umbrella for a pledge of only $69. For more details, please visit the Indiegogo campaign page at http://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/79503075. (After the campaign launched on July 14, please visit http://igg.me/at/HAZUmbrella)





About HAZ Digital Inc.
Founded in 2014, HAZ Digital is a technology startup that develops cutting-edge IoT (Internet of Things) devices. Our areas of expertise include hardware and software development in Bluetooth Low Energy, PnP, wireless networking, cloud service/storage platforms, app development, and more. We work with our partners to develop innovative, internet-connected products so that they can concentrate on their core competencies. HAZ Digital’s mission is to use great technology and expertise to build Internet-connected products for a superior, innovative user experience. For more information, please visit www.hazumbrella.com.



btm 1


btm 2




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Tech Spotlight: Organic Mattress




Sleep: How Much Is “Enough?”

Lack of sleep is becoming a public health epidemic, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which also noted that insufficient sleep is potentially linked to a wide range of health problems. Indeed, today’s modern lifestyle has robbed people of their much needed good night’s sleep. According to a 2013 Gallup poll, 40 percent of adults get six hours of sleep or less per night. Meanwhile, the 2014 Sleep in America Poll found that 58 percent of teens get only 7 hours of sleep or less.


Making small adjustments to your lifestyle and daily routine can help solve your struggle with getting enough sleep. But how much sleep should you really get? Is there a “Holy Grail” of sleep that you should strive for?


National Sleep Foundation Releases Updated Sleep Guidelines

In February, 2015, the National Sleep Foundation released a new set of guidelines on how much sleep people should ideally get. A panel of experts, led by Harvard professor, Charles Czeisler, reviewed over 300 studies that were published between 2004 and 2014 to determine how much sleep people need in order to maintain optimal health. Their findings were summarized by age group, ranging from newborns (zero to three months) to seniors (65 years and older). You can check out the complete list here.


The findings reveal that teenagers and young adults need around eight hours of sleep on the average. Sadly, modern habits, such as watching television, playing video games, and surfing the Internet using their computers or smartphones, have severely impacted their sleep and bedtime pattern – causing their health to completely deteriorate.


How Does Modern Technology Affect Your Sleep?

The proliferation of electronics is a significant factor that affects how teens in particular find it difficult to fall asleep at night. Being exposed to excessive amounts of light from these gadgets prevents the release of the “sleep hormone” melatonin, which in turn hinders your brain from winding down for sleep.


Even the electromagnetic radiation from these gadgets can adversely affect your sleep. The 2014 Sleep in America Poll found that 53 percent of respondents who turned off their gadget at night rate their sleep as excellent, compared to just 27 percent of respondents who leave their devices on at night.


And here’s what’s even more disturbing: teens who use electronic gadgets found it difficult to fall asleep at night – even when their use of these devices was restricted to daytime hours!



Get Your Much Needed Sleep with These Simple Strategies

Getting enough restful sleep that’s in line with the recommendations set by the National Sleep Foundation can be tough, especially if you’ve become used to being sleep deprived. However, these basic lifestyle changes can help turn this around:


  • Establish a sleep routine. Program your body to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day – even on weekends. Doing this will help your body get into a sleep rhythm, so you can fall asleep at night and wake up easier in the morning.


  • Do not watch TV or use your computer or smartphone at night, at least an hour before bedtime. These gadgets emit blue light that tricks your brain into thinking it’s still daytime.
  • Sleep in total darkness. Your body’s internal clock and your melatonin production can be disrupted by even the smallest amount of light – such as that from your alarm clock. Cover your window with drapes or blackout shades to keep outside light from coming in, or better yet, use a sleep mask.
  • Keep your bedroom temperature below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The optimal room temperature for good sleep is between 60 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Do not eat before-bed snacks, especially those loaded with grains and sugars. These can raise your blood sugar and delay sleep. Once your blood sugar drops too low, you may wake up and find it difficult to fall back to sleep.


About the Author:

Elaine Ferrer writes for Mercola.com. She is researching the best measures to get a good night’s sleep, as well as effective habits to establish a good sleep routine. She is also writing an article about the advantages of using an organic mattress and whether or not it can impact people’s quality of sleep.


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Tech Spotlight: VARIDESK Pro Plus 30™



The Pro Plus 30 is sized to accommodate those with single monitor setups or those with limited space. The two-tiered design with separate keyboard/mouse deck gives you plenty of room for basics and accessories with the added convenience of never having to move any components when raising or lowering your VARIDESK.

Like all VARIDESK models, the Pro Plus 30 features our patented, spring-assisted lift mechanism that allows you to raise and lower it almost effortlessly in just seconds. It can hold up to 35 lbs. (15.8 kg) with ease and stays sturdy and stable even at its fully extended height.

• 30" wide for smaller, single monitor setups
• Two-tier design: upper display surface, lower keyboard/mouse deck
• Holds up to 35 lbs
• Sits on top of existing desk
• Sturdy and stable even when fully extended



Technical Specifications


pic 1_spec-sheet-pro-plus-30-stand-up-desk





Slogan: Work Elevated
Origin: USA
Category: Office Supplies
Packaging: Footprint 30" x 30" (76.2 cm x 76.2 cm)
Claims: affordable and easy to use
Variants: VARIDESK Dual Monitor, VARIDESK Single Monitor
Price: $325
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: www.varidesk.com












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Tech Spotlight: Thync – Shift your state of mind. Conquer life



Thync was born out of a fascination with how neuroscience can impact daily life by experts in the fields of neurobiology, neuroscience and consumer electronics. We create wearable technology that uses neurosignaling to shift your state of mind. Our technology induces on-demand shifts such as energy, calm or focus.


pic 1_



How it Works


pic 2




Thync Vibes are the result of years of development by Thync neuroscientists and extensive test sessions with thousands of people.

Thync technology employs energy levels within the normal range of brain activity and we work within FDA guidelines to maintain regulatory compliance. Over 1,000 peer-reviewed published studies across more than 20,000 sessions further support the safety of our approach.


Visit www.thync.com




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Tech Spotlight: ShadyFace



The worlds first ultimate portable flat folding, light weight, carry-on friendly, electronic viewing sunshade and wireless Bluetooth speaker!

ShadyFace is the only sunshade created with a “provisional patent swivel ” allowing you to control the amount of shade you desire with your controlled “lock – in “positioning and unique swivel action device, providing the optimum shade as needed whether at high noon or into the late afternoon creating protection throughout the sun’s full rotation.




ShadyFace secures your lotion’s, electronic media , key’s and what ever you wish to store in its handy secured canvas pockets and self carrying canvas back pack.


pic 1


With ShadyFace you can now relax under your private shade while reading your electronic devices since there’s no reason to not bring the office outdoors !

ShadyFace sunshades are designed with convenience in mind…..

Exceptional for boats , yachts, or for your next cruise ship excursion since shade is not an option unless your indoors. The light weight canvas and easy folding disposition protect’s the head, face, chest and upper body from the intense sun exposure.

Gone are the days of using a towel to protect your head and chest just to keep you cool while seeking protection from the sun’s damaging rays….

Say ” Hello” to ShadyFace….

Your best friend for the outdoors….. Your best friend for life !


pic 2


pic 3



Visit shadyface.com

Follow ShadyFace on Twitter

Follow ShadyFace on Facebook

Follow ShadyFace on Google Plus

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