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Tech Spotlight: Thync – Shift your state of mind. Conquer life



Thync was born out of a fascination with how neuroscience can impact daily life by experts in the fields of neurobiology, neuroscience and consumer electronics. We create wearable technology that uses neurosignaling to shift your state of mind. Our technology induces on-demand shifts such as energy, calm or focus.


pic 1_



How it Works


pic 2




Thync Vibes are the result of years of development by Thync neuroscientists and extensive test sessions with thousands of people.

Thync technology employs energy levels within the normal range of brain activity and we work within FDA guidelines to maintain regulatory compliance. Over 1,000 peer-reviewed published studies across more than 20,000 sessions further support the safety of our approach.


Visit www.thync.com




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Tech Spotlight: ShadyFace



The worlds first ultimate portable flat folding, light weight, carry-on friendly, electronic viewing sunshade and wireless Bluetooth speaker!

ShadyFace is the only sunshade created with a “provisional patent swivel ” allowing you to control the amount of shade you desire with your controlled “lock – in “positioning and unique swivel action device, providing the optimum shade as needed whether at high noon or into the late afternoon creating protection throughout the sun’s full rotation.




ShadyFace secures your lotion’s, electronic media , key’s and what ever you wish to store in its handy secured canvas pockets and self carrying canvas back pack.


pic 1


With ShadyFace you can now relax under your private shade while reading your electronic devices since there’s no reason to not bring the office outdoors !

ShadyFace sunshades are designed with convenience in mind…..

Exceptional for boats , yachts, or for your next cruise ship excursion since shade is not an option unless your indoors. The light weight canvas and easy folding disposition protect’s the head, face, chest and upper body from the intense sun exposure.

Gone are the days of using a towel to protect your head and chest just to keep you cool while seeking protection from the sun’s damaging rays….

Say ” Hello” to ShadyFace….

Your best friend for the outdoors….. Your best friend for life !


pic 2


pic 3



Visit shadyface.com

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Tech Spotlight: Lark – Tap into your happier, healthier self!



Chat with your AI Health Buddy


pic 1



No extra gadgets.
Lark analyzes your data from the health sensors you always have with you—on your phone.

iOS 8 exclusive and HealthKit-powered.
Link to Apple’s Health app to create meaning out of your activity, sleep, and nutrition data.

As natural as texting.
A simple chat with Lark shows you insights about your own health data.

Share more to get more.
Lark gets smarter and more personal the more you use it.

Lark works on low-power sensors, so you don’t need to worry about draining your battery.

You’re the expert.
Designed by world-renowned Lark Health Committee to make you the expert on you.

Automatic Time Zone Handling
Lark recognizes when you’re traveling and even coaches you to lessen the effects of jet lag.




About Lark

Founded in 2010, Lark Technologies is a mobile health company that makes delightful and insightful products that help people get healthier and happier. At the heart of every product are scientifically-backed behavior change insights from the Lark Health Committee, comprised of experts from institutions including Harvard, Stanford, and the NBA. Lark’s software platform and wearable products have won multiple awards and accolades, including Macworld’s favorite Apple HealthKit app, Fast Company’s 10 Most Innovative CE Companies in the World, and Edison’s Top Digital Health Innovation of 2013.



Visit lark.com

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Download Lark on the App Store





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Tech Spotlight: Daily Pulse Remote Team Tracking


Daily Pulse is a simple way for remote teams to keep track of the team’s progress, accomplishments, and anonymous feedback.

Each day, every team member will receive a daily email digest of what the team accomplished that day. Team members could also leave anonymous feedbacks to their boss without worrying about getting fired. For example writers like yourself can share their daily accomplishment on finished articles!



• Adjustable email schedule
• Custom email questions
• Respond from mobile by pressing “reply”
• Discussions on responses
• Anonymous feedback from your team


pic 1



We also have a feature that allows team members to submit anonymous
feedback to their managers so that they can express their feelings without
having to worry about job security.

Daily Pulse makes work more engaging by allowing users to earn badges
for submitting daily accomplishments and being engaged with the team.
This makes things more fun!

Daily Pulse offers a free 7 day trial where you can invite as many team
members as you would like. Then it’s $5/month per team member after
the 7 day trial ends.


Try Daily Pulse Now!

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Tech Spotlight: Worlds First Hemp Plane



HempEarth Group Ltd is proud to be bringing to the world the “World’s First Hemp Plane” made completly from 85% Hemp and to run on Hemp Bio-Fuel. This particlalry amazing and fantastic project is very important for Hemp as it is bringing even more of a greater awareness to the public about the importance of Hemp to the world and Humanity. The money raised through this avenue will allow this project to go very smoothly and will allow all of our trained technicians the flexibility to create the best craft and future crafts out of Hemp. We ask you for your assistance with this amazing historic project and we love the fact that we can bring this exciting journey and adventure to not only big Green, Eco, Sustainable and Innovative business but to the public as well. So you in the Sky!!



pic 1_


They Taught the World to Fly And In A Special Way Will Actually Be Helping In Launch The World’s First Hemp Plane! Will You Be There?
Wind, sand, and a dream of flight brought Wilbur and Orville Wright to Kitty Hawk, North Carolina where, after four years of experimentation, they achieved the first successful airplane flights in 1903. With courage and perseverance, these self-taught engineers relied on teamwork and application of the scientific process. What they achieved changed our world forever.


Read More @ Their Facebook Page

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featured 2

Tech Spotlight: Dash Wireless Headphones



pic 1_listentrackcommunicate_2

pic 2_bragi_the_dash_Wireless

pic 3_standaloneandphone

pic 4_bragi_the_dash_Securefit


At the Tip of Your Finger

The Dash has a touch sensitive surface that lets you control either what your smartphone or what the embedded music player does. You can control The Dash with sliding motions and taps. It is easy to do, even while running or biking.


pic 5_carryingcase_inclusive


Electronics should be discrete enablers of delightful and magical experiences. Our aim is for you to achieve a better understanding of your skills, abilities and health while doing the things you love.


pic 6


Music is a part of everyone’s life. It brings joy, excitement and motivation. However it is not always a pleasure listening to music with headphones. Cables tangle and pull at the headphones and ultimately break. In addition, accessing online content from a smartphone is awesome but needing to carry a smartphone all the time can be a real pain.

The Dash consists of a pair of discrete and completely wireless stereo earphones.They will playback music through a Bluetooth connection or use the embedded 4GB/1000 song music player. Everything about the design is focused on delivering freedom of movement, incredible sound and comfort. The Dash is awesome for sports and great for everything else.


pic 7_bragi_the_dash_Cycling

pic 8_bragi_the_dash_Swimming


The Bragi App

You just unpacked your Dash and can’t wait to kick off? With the free and fun Bragi App you can set up your Dash in a few moments. Set your workout goals, manage your Minimum and Maximum Thresholds and sync data with your headphones via bluetooth connection.


Works nicely with 3rd Party Apps

The Dash offers exact Heart Rate Data that can be used by most Fitness Apps on the App Store. The Dash offers the most accurate body data of all currently available fitness trackers. The abilities of The Dash will expand vastly in the future. Due to its open System, App developers can create incredible applications to use with the dash.


pic 9_theleash_fall


The Dash’s ability to tell us how long we have exercised for, or how fast we are moving, while delivering heart rate readings and oxygen saturation level, puts this device as one of the most innovative pieces of audio technology.
(Helle Frederiksen, Olympic Triathlete)


pic 10


The Dash works in sympathy with the wearer. Movements like pace, steps, cadence and distance are tracked. Heart rate, oxygen saturation and energy spent are measured, all the while real time acoustic feedback is provided. It even works without an attached smartphone.


Hear Everything

Even though The Dash provides impressive noise isolation, the wearer can choose to channel ambient sound into the headphone with the transparent audio feature. A swipe on the touch surface of The Dash will enable or disable ambient sound to pass through.

Awesome if you want to hear what is going on around you. And great for your safety too. We call it Audio Transparency.


Hear Nothing

While active noise cancellation is only good at reducing continuous reoccurring sound, noise isolation reduces all sounds. Active noise cancellation is good at reducing noise from the air-con and airplanes. Noise Isolation reduces noise from screaming kids, dogs barking, wife/husband yelling, airplanes, speeding cars, drunken sailors, neighbors playing basketball. Just about everything. Best thing is, that great noise isolation has increased battery time versus active noise cancellation.


The Dash fits perfectly into modern urban environments. It is a discrete device that delivers clear sound and lets us communicate with comfort without blocking out what is going on around us.


pic 11


Safety and the ability to communicate with others are important. In addition to being earphones, the Dash will double as a Bluetooth Headset delivering clear voice quality through the embedded ear bone microphone. The ear bone microphone is not sensitive to background noise, since it picks up mechanical vibration generated by your voice from the ear bone.

Even though The Dash provides impressive noise isolation, the wearer can choose to channel ambient sound into the headphone with the transparent audio feature. A swipe on the capacitive touch surface of The Dash will enable or disable ambient sound to pass through.


Pre-order The Dash Here

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Crowdfunding Spotlight: Somabar: Robotic Bartender for your Home



Somabar is a Wi-Fi connected craft cocktail appliance created specifically for the home kitchen.


pic 1


pic 2

pic 3


pic 4

pic 5


pic 6


Visit www.somabarkickstarter.com

Visit Their Crowdfunding Page



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Tech Spotlight: Tile, the Bluetooth tracking gadget



Tile is a helpful, easy way to find anything.
From the stuff you lose all the time.
To the things you couldn’t live without.
Whatever it is. Tile helps you find it quickly.


Maximum thought. Minimal design.

From initial concept drawings to the final product, Tile has featured a wonderfully simple design. Small, lightweight, and attractive, Tile fits in with the design of your favorite things.




How does Tile work?

Tile™ is a small device that you can attach to items that you may misplace and using the Tile iOS or Android application, find.

Tile locations are updated using the Bluetooth Low Energy connection between the Tile and the Tile application. The Tile App “discovers” the Tile using the Bluetooth signal and then uses the services of the iOS or Android device to update the location information for that Tile. The Tile needs to be within the Bluetooth range of approximately 100 feet of the iOS or Android device to be discovered.

This is where the Community Find feature comes in to play. If any Tile community member running the Tile App comes in range of a Tile, their App will send an anonymous update of that Tile’s location to our system, helping the owner to locate that item even if they are not nearby.

As the Tile Community of users running the app grows, the more effective our network will be in finding your lost item.


1. tile-tracker-rotator


2. find-stuff-tile_zps0eea2d68


3. Guardian-bracelet-on-wrist



About the company:

At Tile, we believe that technology, design, and ingenuity can solve problems that most of us take for granted. Life’s little inconveniences add up: the average person misplaces upwards of 3,000 items a year, and then spends another 60 hours a year searching for them. All told, our misplaced stuff adds up to billions of dollars annually.

We believe that simple solutions, applied in a new way, can have powerful results. We believe in creating products that can make a happier, more efficient world. And we think they can look good while they’re doing it. Read More



Company: Tile, Inc.
Brand: Tile™
Category: Tracking Device
Size: 37mm x 37mm x 5.3 mm
Price: $25
Where to Buy:  Buy Online
Website: www.thetileapp.com

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Tech Spotlight: Hotelied – The Luxury Hotel Booking Site


What is Hotelied?

Hotelied is a hotel booking site that offers a different approach to pricing and booking lifestyle and luxury hotels. Hotelied recognizes the fact that not all travelers present the same value to hotels, and provides hotels with a platform to specifically target and customize their offerings to their most desirable traveler segments, while allowing travelers to access unpublished discounts at some of the world’s best hotels. This innovative approach benefits both the traveler and the hotel.


How do I use the website for reservations?

Unlike other hotel booking sites, Hotelied asks its users to create a travel profile, which involves linking your social media accounts and travel loyalty programs. We then use the information you provide us – such as your travel status with airlines and hotels, what industry you work in, and your social media following – to match you with the most relevant hotel discounts available.



About Hotelied

Co-Founders Zeev Sharon and Nick Colletti introduce Hotelied, a “dating site” for hotel stays that matches travelers with a curated selection of hotels and discounted rates. As an alternative to the overwhelming travel booking landscape, Hotelied offers exclusive rates tailored to each member’s profile. Inspired by a deep-rooted passion for travel and hospitality, Zeev and Nick created Hotelied to fill a gap in the travel industry and impart personalization into the booking experience.

Hotelied gives its members the opportunity to be rewarded for being themselves. With tailored offers, exclusive discounts, strategic partnerships, and emphasis on luxury lifestyle, Hotelied offers a personalized and curated booking experience. With a carefully selected network of hotels for its members to choose from, Hotelied’s database at launch includes hotels in New York, Los Angeles, Miami and Palm Springs, with a national and international rollout taking place over the next year. Read More








Visit hotelied.com

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Tech Spotlight: Myo Armband



What’s included?


pic 1


1 Black or White Myo Armband

1 Standard Micro-USB Cable

1 Bluetooth Adapter for Mac and Windows PC Connection

10 Myo Sizing Clips

Access to applications through Myo Market



Sizing, Weight, and Dimensions


pic 2

Arm size: Expandable between 7.5 – 13 inches (19 – 34 cm) forearm circumference

Weight: 93 grams

Thickness: 0.45 inches



Compatible devices



Windows 7 (with included USB Bluetooth adapter)
Windows 8 (with included USB Bluetooth adapter)



OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) and above (with included USB Bluetooth adapter)



7.0 and higher for the following devices

iPad 3rd and 4th generation
iPad Air
iPad Air 2
iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus
iPod Touch 5th generation
iPad Mini 1st and 2nd generation
iPad Mini 3



Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and up (device must have Bluetooth radio that supports Bluetooth 4.0)






Bluetooth Smart

pic 4



Power and Battery

• Micro-USB charging
• Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery
• One full day use out of single charge



About the company:

Led by mechatronics engineers Stephen Lake, Matthew Bailey, and Aaron Grant, we’re a world-class team of engineers, researchers and designers building the future of human-computer interaction.

We’re closing the gap between humans and technology by solving a fundamental question: How do we connect the real and the digital worlds as we move towards wearable and ubiquitous computing? Read More



Company: Thalmic Labs Inc.
Brand: Myo
Origin: USA
Category: Tech Armband
Variants: Black or White
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: thalmic.com








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