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Packaging Spotlight: Calbee Harvest Snaps – Rebranding

With an opportunity to reposition and repackage their existing two-SKU line, Calbee North America sought to grow the brand by leveraging their small, but loyal salty-snack / salad topper customer base. Though intentions are to remain in the produce department of traditional grocery and the snack aisle of club and natural food retailers, the new brand position was the driver behind the expanded six-SKU line of multi-occasion snacks that deliver tasty, delicious, good-for-you fun from nature.

This brand positioning, the new umbrella brand name, Harvest Snaps, and the addition of a complementary Lentil Snaps product line was basis for the packages' new, dramatic look and feel. Front panel graphics underscore the brand's obsession with wholesome, natural ingredients while back panel content shares its fun, quirky product story.

Designed by:


  • Full line with product shippers
  • Before
  • After
  • Closeup of back label
  • Closeup of front label
  • Product grouping

  • Closeup of front label

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Packaging Spotlight: Eroski Snacks

"Eroski needed a new packaging design for four types of its snacks: sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, fried corn and mixed nuts. The Supperstudio Team was tasked with finding a way to directly show the essence of the brand and infuse the product with a different personality. The goal was to make them clearly identifiable and recognizable, as well as making it easy for consumers to find them on the shelves."


"The Project 

We focused on the color and the front, main, viewable section to create the distinction. The chromatic, visual identity helped us to build a line of communication that makes it possible to recognize the product easily and quickly. The product was transformed into an informative element. The design of the packaging included a “window”, through which you can see the package’s content so you can see what you’re buying. Each type of snack was identified with a different animal on the packaging. An elephant was chosen for the sunflower seeds, a chicken for the mixed nuts, a pig for the fried corn and a bird for the pumpkin seeds. The inclusion of this element added to the products’ chromatic identity, making it even easier for the consumers to recognize them. The solution This snack-packaging redesign is a modern and attractive solution for a fun product. Consumers can perceive the core value of the brand and easily recognize the product on the shelf. All in all, four innovate designs for refreshing and modernizing the Eroski snacks’ image."

Designed By: Supperstudio

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images via TDL

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Package Spotlight: Bacon Jam

Designed by Together Design | Country: United Kingdom

“Together Design has created new packaging, point of sale and web design for quirky artisan condiment Bacon Jam.  Concocted by independent bistro Eat17 in Walthamstow Bacon Jam started out as a local phenomenon but newly launched with branding by Together Design, has now secured shelf space at Tesco. 

Together Design worked with the artisan producer to develop distinctive labels and messages that stand out on shelf and celebrate its meaty and modern credentials. 

“Katja Thielen, Creative Director at Together Design says “Bacon Jam is an unusual product and that sense of creativity was the starting point for the branding. Relishes don’t usually contain meat, so we needed to convey that strongly on pack. The other task was to develop a quirky tone of voice to bring out its artisan character”.

Full Article @ LP

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White House Beer Recipe Kits Now Available

Outside of a certain birth certificate, no White House release has been more clamored for than the Commander in Chief’s beer recipe. AMERICA! With the recent reveal, it’s time to get your Presidential buzz on. Northern Brewer helps you get going with these kits for the White House Honey Porter and the White House Honey Ale. While you won’t get some of the exact ingredients like Michelle’s honey, this kits will get you pretty close to the real thing. Even if your day doesn’t consist of running the country and hoping your VP doesn’t drop the F-Bomb on camera, you can still knock back a few pints just like the Pres.

via CoolMaterial

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Thise Mejeri-potw (1)

Dairy Package Spotlight: Thise Mejeri

This concept project was a BA school assignment. A corporate identity assignment to redesign Thise Mejeri, which is a danish dairy.

The target group for this particular milk brand are the consumers who value quality, niche products, uniqueness and design. Therefor this high-end packaging is aimed at the more secluded department stores and high-end retailers.
The CI was inspired by old milk glass bottles and round shapes which inspiration is reflected in the logo and packaging.

Full Article @ POTW

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Monteith’s Crushed Apple/Pear

Launched before the cider trend properly exploded onto the New Zealand market, the success of DB’s Crushed Apple Cider soon led to a Pear variant, and the need for a new 12-pack range.

The company had a strong offering in place: a premium cider, 100 per cent sourced from New Zealand raw materials instead of the concentrate used by competitors. What it needed was packaging that would vocalize the product’s unique selling point.

A highly visual approach is used to tell the story of the cider’s origins. Drawing consistent elements from the master-brand, the Crushed Apple and Pear Ciders fit into the wider Monteith’s design system but are unique enough to stand apart. To create evocative imagery, the imagery on the packs references the freshness of the ingredients and the artisan approach to the product.

Taking inspiration from roadside fruit stalls, the typography has a hand-painted and textured look and feel, giving the design an authentic flavour and sense of character. Luscious sun-ripened fruit, and a vibrant colour palette indicate the freshness and vitality of summer, reflecting a category-leading product that’s made from the wholesome goodness of real New Zealand fruit.

Full Article @ TDL


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Newly Discovered Mushroom Can Eat Plastic

It’s called pestalotiopsis microspora, and it’s a fungi discovered by a group of Yale researchers on an expedition in Ecuador. Could this mean we’re on track to finally begin the lessening of the Earth’s plastic excess?

According to a Yale study and recap from ABC/Yahoo News, our planet is on a plastic production frenzy. Plastic can be recycled, but for the most part, it just turns into another product, never being eradicated from the planet. We’ve reportedly produced 245 million tons of plastic in 2006, compared to a relatively measly 1.5 million tons in 1950.

Full Article @ FB

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Package Spotlight: Vinaigrette Mixing Glasses by Oxo

In spring and summer the consumption of salads goes up considerably in the majority of homes and with that so does the preparation of viniagrette dressings.  Although there are many dressings that can be made to enrich the flavor of salad it is especially easy to whip up a delicious vinaigrette.  The mixing glass by Oxo is very practical and allows for easy dressing preparation.

Full Article @ G&C

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Packaging Spotlight: ShaveSafe

“ShaveSafe is a new patented concept where the problems of razor bumps, irritation and ingrown hairs are treated during shaving. You thereby avoid spending time and money on after care products.

ShaveSafe is an antibacterial shaving foam, used while shaving, waxing or in between treatments for permanent hair removal. The foam is invented and produced in Denmark.”

Full Article @ LP

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Cre-C Max!

Anti-Baldness Kits for Men & Women

Men will often try anything to prevent baldness and promote hair growth, but do these products and shampoos really work? Cre-c Max! (the name comes from the word crecimiento meaning growth) claims they can solve your balding problems with natural shampoo.

The central component of the shampoo, ginseng, is known for having hair growth stimulant properties though little to no official research backs up these claims. The same is true for the other natural ingredients used in the shampoo: ortiguilla, nettle, espinsilla and aloe vera. The package announces that the shampoo also stops hair loss, and revitalizes and nourishes hair follicles.

There is additional a separate anti-baldness shampoo for women, called Fem. This shampoo is said to have the additional qualities of making hair shiny, silky and strong while also hydrating, nourishing and increasing the body of hair.

Claims are clearly enough for the company to believe they will make good sales with the product, with the men's shampoo carrying the hefty price tag of $315 for two 410 milliliter bottles of Cre-c Max!. The women's shampoo package is cheaper, at $279 for the two 410-milliter bottles of Fem shampoo plus a 50-milliter bottle of Cre-c Max!. Where I spotted it in Walmart, the products were also theft protected.

Company: Suave y Fácil.

Brand: Cre-c.

Presentation: Two 410 ml bottles for men; two 410 ml bottles and one 50 ml bottle for women.

Price: $315.00 and $279.00.

Purchased at: Walmart.

Claims: Stops hair loss and stimulates hair growth.

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