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Snack Spotlight: Que Pasa Red Corn Tortilla Chips


Stone-ground whole grain corn with a sprinkle sea salt. Why so sweet? These crimson tortilla chips get their color and signature flavor from sugar beet juice.



Stone ground corn*, canola*, and/or sunflower* oil, red beet powder* (red beet juice concentrate*, maltodextrin*), sea salt, trace of lime.







About the company:

Sometimes it’s really nice to go back to the basics. That’s how we felt when we began as a street front deli in 1983 and we still feel that way today. Inspired by Mexican tradition we wanted to stone-grind corn to make our own flavorful masa, hand-cut tortilla chips, keep chemicals out of the kitchen, share stories, and take care of our community by feeding people well. With artisanal flare we’ve been crafting foods to make you and your taste buds dance. Arriba!

When it comes to quality, no kernel is left unturned. From our carefully sourced whole-grain corn to our skillfully smoked jalapenos, at Que Pasa only the best ingredients make the cut. Keeping it real as nature intended, our foods are organic and non-gmo. And just to make sure no one’s left out of the fiesta, we’ve got plenty of gluten free and vegan options to choose from. Read More



Company: Que Pasa Foods
Brand: Que Pasa
Origin: Mexico
Category: Chips
Packaging: 21 oz bags
Claims: Organic. Gluten Fee
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Find a Store
Website: us.quepasafoods.com




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Alcohol Spotlight: 3R® TEQUILA Blanco



3R Tequila is a 100% de Agave Organic Tequila, of remarkable smoothness, purity and strength, a spirit of passion, boldness and freedom.
3R contacted Redthumb, a small independent branding agency, with an incredible opportunity – create a ‘kick-ass’ design for a brand with an incredible true family story. The client wanted to redefine the Tequila category, and break new ground by creating something bold, outstanding and passionate. Initially launching in Sweden, 3R is also looking to expand to North America, the rest of Europe and Asia.

The new 3R Tequila Blanco and Añejo were created entirely in-house, including a new hand-crafted bottle inspired by traditional Tequila flasks. The design wraps the incredible brand story right around the bottle, with an illustration directly printed entirely around the glass. The brand identity is strong, and simple, with a secondary logo developed to use when apart from the illustration.



Company: Tres-Erre Inc.
Brand: 3R Tequila
Origin: Mexico
Category: Tequila
Packaging: 700 ml
Alcohol by Volume: 38%
Claims: Organic
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: www.3rtequila.com





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Alcohol Spotlight: Xilli Spiced Tequila





In Xilli we created the Ultimate Hot Shot, by using Habanero & Cayenne Peppers we added tequila for a little fun. We are looking for people who are up to the challenge, who are ready to make the Xilli sacrifice and we will Ignite them.



The Brand
When the Spanish Conquistadores discovered Mexico in the 16th Century they encountered an Aztec world of rituals and sacrifices. At the heart of these ancient rituals were alcohol and hot chili peppers, a combination that remains popular in Mexico to this day. Created as a homage to ancient Aztec tradition, Xilli is a secret concoction of Habanero and Cayenne peppers – truly the world’s Ultimate Hot Shot!



The Name
Xilli is pronounced “Chilli”
The name is an homage to the mythical power of the chilli pepper and the Aztec culture and rituals upon which we drew our inspiration. What else would we call the Ultimate Hot Shot?



The Symbol
The original Aztec calendar stone remains a mystery. Some say it was a monument, some say it was a sacrificial altar. Some say the Sun God at the center was a feared God – his tongue a blade, his hands holding the hearts of the sacrificed, the surrounding symbols representing dangerous, unknown rituals.

The Aztec symbol on the Xilli bottle is your invitation. Many will fear the heat of the Xilli liquid, never to try it again. But many will walk towards the Xilli heat and make the:Xilli Sacrifice



The Taste
Xilli is a secret blend of Tequila, Habanero & Cayenne Peppers.



What does Xilli taste like?
It begins sweet with peppery notes
Then you start to get a hint of aromatic spices
Then… wait for it…
A long, powerful, Fiery finish!






Company: Xilli
Brand: Xilli
Origin: USA
Category: Spirits
Packaging: 750ml
Alcohol Volume: 32%
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: xillispice.com













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Dairy Spotlight: Borden Dairy Co. Introduces LALA Low-Fat Greek Smoothies And Yogurts




DALLAS, Feb. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Borden Dairy Company, a leading U.S. dairy processor and distributor, today announced the debut of two new products that unite the signature taste and creamy texture of Greek yogurt with Borden's historic, beloved American brand.

LALA Greek smoothies and LALA Greek yogurt combine sweet fruits and serious dairy nutrition in both convenient bottled smoothies and spoon-loving cups. Smoothies are available in strawberry, peach and mango blends and yogurts come in strawberry, mixed berry, peach, coconut and pineapple flavors.

"LALA is the longtime U.S. leader in drinkable yogurt, capturing more than double the share of the second most popular brand. Greek yogurt is one of America's favorite protein-packed snacks, and our smoothies are the first drinkable Greek dairy product available nationwide. One in five Americans regularly eats on the run, but people don't want to sacrifice flavor or nutrition. That's why we created LALA Greek smoothies—to be the Greek that goes with you," said Kristen Williams, Brand Manager for LALA.

LALA's Greek smoothies are rich in phosphorus, riboflavin and vitamin B12, which keeps nerves and blood cells healthy. Each serving contains one third of an average adult's daily recommended calcium, and LALA yogurt delivers twice the calcium of other Greek yogurt brands.

Greek yogurt's popularity in the U.S. has surged in the last few years. According to data from IRI, a leading market research firm, Greek yogurt has been fueling category growth, rising from only 5% of the yogurt category in 2009 to more than 50% of the category in 2014. More than half of U.S. households now buy Greek yogurt.

Greek yogurts have a thicker, creamier texture than traditional yogurts, and have more than two times the amount of protein as normal yogurt.

LALA Greek smoothies and Greek yogurt are both gluten free and made with real fruit and natural sweeteners. They contain no high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or artificial flavors.

Doctors recommend adult women consume about 46 grams of protein per day, and pregnant or breastfeeding women consume about 71 grams. LALA Greek smoothies have 12 grams of protein per bottle, so meeting daily protein needs is a cinch, even if you're in a rush. Multiple studies have proven protein's benefits, which include building vital lean muscle, repairing tissue, and strengthening hair and nails.

"Greek yogurt is filling, delicious and good for you. Borden is a brand people trust, and our Greek LALA products make it easy to savor a satisfying breakfast or snack any time, anywhere," said Williams.



About Borden Dairy
Borden Dairy Company, headquartered in Dallas, employs approximately 3,900 people throughout the United States who support the processing, distribution and sale of milk in local markets. The Company produces best-in-class milk products for foodservice and retail customers.

Additional brands include Promised Land Dairy, Frusion, LALA and Nordica. Promised Land Dairy produces rich and creamy white and flavored milks and creams from pampered Jersey cows. Frusion yogurt smoothies deliver intense fruit flavor in convenient drinkables. LALA produces yogurts, yogurt smoothies, probiotic dairy beverages, Mexican style cream, and milk. Nordica offers high quality cultured dairy products including cottage cheese, dips and sour cream, each made through a natural processing method.

Borden Dairy Company carries on the legacy of Gail Borden, Jr., who brought stability and structure to dairy farming methods, milk distribution and business practices. Today, Borden strives for the highest quality and nutrition standards just as its founder did. For more information, visit www.bordendairy.com.




















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Packaging Spotlight: La Machaca






Designed by
Alejandra de la Garza



Branding and packaging desing of a local product from Monterrey, México.
The logo and concept was inspired by a movement known as Acción Poética born in this city, since it is popular among Monterrey locals and it is identificative from this city.























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Alcohol Spotlight: Mezcal IBÁ




The word IBÁ means HEAVEN in the ZAPOTEC language (indigenous to the Mexican state of OAXACA), hence our slogan MEZCAL OF THE HEAVENS.

Mezcal Ibá is the result of a partnership between the company BEBIDAS PROACTIVAS DE MEXICO, and the artisanal production house, or palenque, El Dos de Oros, located in San Pablo Huixtepec, Oaxaca. Don Fortino Ramos, the legendary maestro and pioneer in traditional mezcal production, is the backbone of “El Dos de Oros.” In Mezcal Ibá, he sought to create a high-quality, 40% ABV mezcal with smooth, refined flavors. The use of triple distillation subdues the smoky flavor and accentuates the sweet, citrus aromas of espadín agave.

Mezcal Ibá is a smooth, pleasant mezcal intended for all palates.



MEZCAL IBÁ is made with ESPADÍN agave with which we produce two labels.
MEZCAL IBA 40% alcohol by volume. Triple distilled.
IBA 55 as its name indicates, contains 55% alcohol by volume, the upper parameter allowed by government standards (NOM 070). For those who prefer an artisanal MINERO mezcal.

Mezcal is classified according to its age as joven, or blanco; reposado; or añejo. A new category called extra añejo is currently under consideration.

To introduce consumers to something unique, we have developed a third label that we call:

IBÁ PREMIUM a medley of three wild agaves—tobalá, quixe, and jabalí—in a distinctive blend of exotic aromas and flavors created using ancient techniques such as hand crushing and the use of clay stills.

All three of our labels are made with MEZCAL JOVEN. We do not want to add any external flavors or aromas from the barrels.




How They Make It
Mezcal is made with the piña, or heart, of the agave. When the agave reaches maturity (from 7 to 14 years old, depending on the plant) the leaves are removed leaving only the piña. The piña is then split open and baked in a cone-shaped oven in the earth. Next, it is ground either in a simple, horse-powered, mill or on a flat surface by a large wooden roller.

The ground agave is placed in wooden tubs with clean water, covered in bits of crushed agave and allowed to ferment naturally with its own yeasts and sugars for six to eight days. Once the fermentation stage is complete, the mass and the liquid are distilled together.

For a better quality product, the mezcal is redistilled in order to standardize the alcoholic content. It is then mixed with water to reach a strength of 40% ABV. Mezcal can be aged or matured by storing it in white oak barrels for periods ranging from two months to seven years.

Also, the type of mezcal is directly linked to its concentration of alcohol. This makes it a very interesting drink as regulatory standards allow for mezcals ranging from 36-55% alcohol by volume. Our IBÁ 55 label has the highest alcohol content in the market. Many mezcals of this kind were used in religious ceremonies.

Some mezcals have fruit, herbs, or other ingredients such as worm or chicken breast tied and hanging in the still on the third distillation. Mezcal de pechuga (chicken breast) is a highly-prized mezcal that is prepared for special ceremonies. Mezcal IBÁ is distilled three times, but we prefer to keep it refined.





Company: Bebidas Proactivas de Mexico
Brand: Mezcal IBÁ
Origin: Mexico
Category: Liquor
Packaging: 750ml
Alcohol Volume: 40% - 55%
Variants: Mezcal IBA, IBA 55, IBA Premium
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: La Europea (Mexico)
Website: mezcaliba.com











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Packaging Spotlight: Las Naciones


Designed by
Monterrey, Mexico

Las Naciones is a fast casual restaurant that takes inspiration from around the world to offer a variety of salads, sandwiches and fresh baked goods. Their many years of experience and their gifted team of chefs allowed them to create a product of their own: the Breta, a freshly baked pot pie with a variety of mouth-watering stuffing.

Inspired by how Las Naciones creates different dishes based on the cuisine in different regions around the world, we based the visuals for the brand on international communication methods and signage. This means using typographic and graphical elements from airports, flags, and maritime signal flags; where clarity and straight-forwardness are crucial. The logotype takes from the most recognizable international identification method: the flag. Its five stars reference the restaurant’s first five creations, from five different countries.

The packaging was carefully designed to protect the integrity of each product and ensure its safe delivery, whilst using the minimal amount of material required for structural integrity. The result is a beautifully patterned and instantly recognizable container that is high in aesthetics, yet low in cost.




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Drink Spotlight: Chia Mia Beverages



Chia Mia is a new line of chia based beverages in Mexico. Currently there are 2 flavor varieties: Purifica and Energiza. Both products are sugar free and made with no added colors, flavors or preservatives.





We know that in a rush, cravings and stress we sometimes fall into excesses.

Purify your system with this natural blend of hibiscus , blackberry, rosemary and chia, in addition to taking care of your body with its digestive properties , will please your taste buds



Whether running 5 kilometers, getting to your 7am meeting or trying to lose those extra pounds, we want to support you to achieve your goals.

Our combination of mint, apple, basil and chia, even exotic, has proven to be refreshing, delicious and energetic. It is an ideal energizing blend.





About the Company
Chia Mia was born with the idea of transforming Mexico , starting with what we make. We wanted to develop a drink 100 % natural, no sugar, and no preservatives that also had functional health benefits .

Along the way there were many obstacles and there was a point where we thought it was almost impossible to achieve this dream.

We were pondering whether or not to continue , we decided that no matter what difficulties we encountered we were going to launch this line of beverages with their original values with the purpose of being an honest company that does things for the right reasons .

Therefore, each of our flavors has a purpose: a good reason to enjoy each delicious and healthy blend .

Thank you for sharing what each bottle represents with us.


Company: Chia Mia
Brand: Chia Mia
Origin: Mexico
Category:  Functional Beverages
Packaging: 360ml bottle
Claims:  No Added Flavors, Colors or Preservatives
Variants: Purifica, Energiza
Price: $22.73 (case)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: chiamia.com.mx












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Condiment Spotlight: Kankun Mexico Hot Chipotle Sauce


Spice Up Without Extreme Heat

"A unique blend of earthy and smoky spiciness and the perfect level of heat"

Chipotle Chilli 26%, Tomato Puree, Lemon Juice, Spices, a dash of salt and sugar, Water, Sunflower oil, Vitamin C, Xanthan gum.


Recipe: Gluten and additives free
Factory: No nuts
Suitable for vegetarians.


About the Company
KANKUN® Mexican Sauces uses a secret recipe guarded fervently by generations of grandmas, aunties, and mamas from the Cardenas family.

KANKUN® Mexican Sauces are not only Mexican by name, this is the closest you will get to a home-made, traditional chilli sauce found only at the most authentic of Mexican family gatherings and Rolando Cardenas.

Rolando Cardenas, the magical power behind the sauce, learned the art of the perfect chilli mix by sneaking into the kitchen at family dinners and watching, tasting and smelling the age-old recipes that sit at the heart of his family’s tradition.

The steaming hot kitchens were full of stories, gossip and laughter, and little Rolando soaked up the tricks and secrets of the sauces. He then replicated them a thousand times until they were as good as those from his childhood.

His sauces were first served at his famous ‘fiestas’ that featured wielding luchadores, yelping mariachis and the most kicking Mexican food in town. Friends would leave Rolando’s house begging to take home a dollop of his home made chilli sauce that tasted so good and became so popular that Rolando decided to make it possible for all and launched KANKUN® Mexican Sauces that now graces your table.



Company: Kankun Sauce
Brand: Kankun
Origin: UK
Category: Condiment
Packaging: 150ml
Claims: Vegetarian
Variants: Mild, Hot, Marinade, Jalapeno, Habanero
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: kankunsauce.com











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Soup Spotlight: Doña Gabina



Maruchan noodles are very popular in Mexico for lunch or a quick snack at any time of the day, but now an alternative is available — Doña Gabina instant soup in four traditional Mexican varieties: bean with tortilla and soy bacon, tomato with tortilla, bean with chile and tortilla, tomato with chile and tortilla. The bean soups come in 64-gram cups and the tomato soups in 45-gram cups.

According to the company Gabina, which is based in Morelia, Michoacán, the soups are better for you than conventional pasta soups, not least because they are low in fat and cholesterol free.


frijoljitomate frijol-chile jitomate-chile home02



Company: Gabina
Brand: Doña Gabina
Origin: Mexico
Category: Soup
Packaging: 64g and 45g
Claims: Will leave you feeling satisfied
Price: $9.50
Where to Buy: Supermarkets
Website: http://gabina.mx

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