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Hair Care Spotlight: Viking Simply Great Beard Oil









Company: Simply Great Beard Oil
Brand: Simply Great Beard Oil
Origin: USA
Category: Beard Oil
Packaging: 3 fl oz (89 ml)
Claims: Hand-Crafted in Small Batches, Vegan, Cruelty Free, Recyclable
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $19.95
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: www.beardoilshop.com







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Industry News: Nespresso Invites Coffee Lovers To Experience Its Latest Limited Edition Coffees

Two unique communities, two outstanding coffees, united by expertise -- introducing UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu and TANIM de Chiapas

NEW YORK, Jan. 21, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Nespresso, the worldwide pioneer and reference in premium, single-serve coffee, invites coffee lovers to experience two unique coffee-growing communities through the launch of their new Limited Edition Pure Origin Grands Crus -- UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu and TANIM de Chiapas. Various times throughout the year, Nespresso coffee experts create eagerly anticipated Limited Edition coffees to surprise and delight Club Members and coffee aficionados. For its latest launch, Nespresso looked to the unique coffee growing communities of Lake Kivu, Rwanda and Chiapas, Mexico to develop two exceptional Limited Edition coffees, born in very different communities, but united by their devotion and expertise. Celebrating the dedication to coffee cultivation in each community, UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu and TANIM de Chiapas both have names meaning 'heart' in their respective native languages.

Synonymous with quality and coffee expertise, Nespresso is paying tribute to these two small, but highly knowledgeable and motivated coffee-growing communities. One utilizes contemporary post-harvest techniques and the other uses traditional methods passed down by generations. Nespresso has paired the dedication that the farmers in each community have for growing high quality coffee with the brand's own established expertise in roasting and grinding technology to create UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu and TANIM de Chiapas.

"While different practices are used to grow the coffees, both communities share the same devotion to coffee, the same exceptional community spirit and ultimately achieve the same result – the best quality coffees, which are appreciated worldwide," said Karsten Ranitzsch, Head of Coffee at Nespresso. "Both UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu and TANIM de Chiapas are Pure Origin coffees, which means that 100% of the coffee has been sourced from their respective countries. We are able to amplify their intrinsic flavor qualities with a split roasting technique for the perfect in-cup result, bringing our Club Members new, exciting flavors from around the world."

UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu
Groups of small but highly modernized coffee growing communities can be found on the densely populated and highly cultivated shores of Lake Kivu in Rwanda. Here, the growers have experienced a renaissance of the coffee growing industry and use the latest contemporary post-harvest practices to deliver the finest quality coffee. The growers select only the ripe coffee cherries for harvesting, which is done by hand as is the rigorous post-harvest sorting that ensures only the best beans are selected. Today, coffees from Rwanda are considered amongst some of the sweetest and most flavorful East African coffees.

The Nespresso coffee experts enhance these intrinsic flavorful qualities by split roasting the green coffee beans. One half of the green coffee beans undergo a lighter roasting, which highlights the coffee's juicy fruit notes, while the other half gets a darker roast for delightful strength and texture. Through thoughtful selection, the Nespresso experts ensure that all the brightness and complexity of the beans' flavors are delivered into every cup of UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu.

TANIM de Chiapas
In contrast, the coffee in Chiapas, Mexico is grown on high, volcanic land, growing side by side with other crops such as avocados and oranges. Chiapas, is considered one of the main origins for obtaining quality coffee in Mexico and produces exceptional coffee with stone-fruit flavors and cocoa notes.

Farmers in the region favor traditional practices, which have been passed down by generations and many farmers tend to the crops in their own back yards. For years, the farmers have grown their coffee under the shade of the lush, tropical rainforest, which prolongs the ripening and therefore provides beans of a consistent high quality with fine aromas.

Using their expertise to refine the beans from Chiapas, the Nespresso coffee experts apply a similar split roasting technique as they used for UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu. However, in this instance one part of the green coffee is roasted at a low temperature for a long time to protect the specific nutty and bready notes while the second part has a shorter, darker roasting to develop a silky smooth texture.

Coffee Flavor Profiles
UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu features a refreshing union of fluid texture with bright, juicy fruit notes, and is enhanced by a delicate aftertaste. It is best enjoyed as an Espresso or Lungo and has an intensity level of six on the Nespresso OriginalLine scale of one to thirteen.

TANIM de Chiapas boasts a sweet harmony of a silky-smooth texture and bready aromas with delicious nutty notes. It is best enjoyed as a Ristretto or Espresso and has an intensity level of seven.

Both UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu and TANIM de Chiapas work in perfect harmony with milk, specifically meant to be enjoyed as a Cappuccino, a Latte Macchiato or simply just a dash.

Availability and Pricing
UMUTIMA wa Lake Kivu and TANIM de Chiapas are available at Nespresso Boutiques (New York, Miami, Boston, San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Dallas, Newport Beach, and Tysons Corner), at Nespresso Boutique-in-Shop locations, through the Nespresso Club (1-800-562-1465) and on www.Nespresso.com for a limited time. A sleeve of 10 capsules is priced at $8.00.

For more information please contact:
Ashley Kellam
Weber Shandwick

Katarina Wos
Nespresso USA

About Nestlé Nespresso SA
Nestlé Nespresso SA is the pioneer and reference for highest-quality portioned premium coffee. Headquartered in Lausanne, Switzerland, Nespresso operates in 62 countries and has more than 10,500 employees. In 2014, it operated a global retail network of over 400 exclusive boutiques. For more information, visit the Nestlé Nespresso corporate website: www.nestle-Nespresso.com.








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Industry News: EFFEN(R) Vodka Launches Limited Edition Football Bottle


EFFEN® Vodka Launches Limited Edition Football Bottle

Custom Bottle Design with Textured Football Sleeve Celebrates EFFEN’s Partnership with Rapper and Entrepreneur 50 Cent

Deerfield, IL (January 20, 2016) – EFFEN® Vodka and celebrity brand partner 50 Cent are proud to unveil a custom limited edition bottle this month. This one-time-only offering, made in a single production run, features EFFEN’s original super-premium vodka wrapped in a custom, textured football sleeve, complete with 50 Cent’s golden stamp of approval – his signature and logo.

“EFFEN is the perfect example of LIQUID LUXURY®, and it’s taking over,” said rapper and entrepreneur 50 Cent. “This limited edition football bottle will raise the game for your football party.”

In 2015, EFFEN Vodka established a partnership with 50 Cent, whose business and marketing smarts, influential networks, passion and high energy are helping to grow the brand. This collaboration, which includes integrations in social media, retail programming and brand-sponsored events, as well as in 50’s performances, music videos and network, has already succeeded in introducing EFFEN (Dutch for “smooth”) to thousands of new, legal-purchase-age fans.

“50 Cent is one of the hardest-working businessmen out there and has played an integral role in the triple-digit growth of EFFEN Vodka this past year,” said Jason Dolenga, Senior Brand Director, Vodka at Beam Suntory. “We’re excited to launch this limited edition football bottle to give our fans a taste of the exciting things to come from EFFEN and 50 Cent in the future.”

EFFEN Vodka’s limited edition bottle will be available at select retailers nationwide this month with a suggested retail price of $35.99 for a 750 ml bottle. Made from 100% premium wheat, using a continuous distillation process, EFFEN Vodka is crisp and smooth, creating a clean taste on the palate. Bottled at 80 proof, EFFEN Vodka is a true example of LIQUID LUXURY®. For more information on EFFEN Vodka, please visit www.effenvodka.com.


About EFFEN® Vodka
EFFEN® Vodka is a super-premium vodka whose name means smooth, even and balanced in Dutch.  It is made from 100% premium wheat, which results in a silky, smooth liquid.  The stylish rubber sleeve is carefully affixed to each bottle, further demonstrating EFFEN's commitment to providing a super-premium vodka with a modern design. The EFFEN line includes EFFEN® Vodka, EFFEN® Cucumber Vodka, EFFEN® Black Cherry Vodka and EFFEN® Dutch Raspberry Vodka. EFFEN is sold nationwide and is available in 50ml, 375ml, 750ml and 1.75L bottles.


About Beam Suntory Inc.
As the world’s third largest premium spirits company, Beam Suntory is Crafting the Spirits Brands that Stir the World. Consumers from all corners of the globe call for the company’s brands, including the iconic Jim Beam and Maker’s Mark bourbon brands and Suntory whisky Kakubin, as well as world renowned premium brands including Knob Creek bourbon, Yamazaki, Hakushu and Hibiki Japanese whiskies, Teacher’s, Laphroaig, and Bowmore Scotch whiskies, Canadian Club whisky, Courvoisier cognac, Sauza tequila, Pinnacle vodka, and Midori liqueur.


Beam Suntory was created in 2014 by combining the world leader in bourbon and the pioneer in Japanese whisky to form a new company with a deep heritage, passion for quality, innovative spirit and commitment to Growing for Good. Headquartered in Deerfield, Illinois, Beam Suntory is a subsidiary of Suntory Holdings Limited of Japan. For more information on Beam Suntory, its brands, and its commitment to social responsibility, please visit www.beamsuntory.com and www.drinksmart.com.





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Packaging Spotlight: Evian launches limited edition Spirits packs

Evian is launching a range of special edition bottles to coincide with the Dry January challenge starting on 8 January.

The Evian Spirits packs feature colourful labels showcasing varieties such Evian-Jito, Evian-Colada and Evian-Politan.

Sarah Dossett, Evian marketing manager said: “Everyone knows January is a tough month to get through, post-Christmas slump and pre-Summer slog. For January this year Evian will share its Live young spirit with UK consumers again.”

The Evian Spirits bottles will be available in 50cl and 2 litre single bottles, as well as 6x50cl and 6×1.5 litre multipacks until mid-February.




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Daily Insight: Limited edition Absolut India Vodka



Absolut has introduced its first ever ‘Absolut India Limited Edition. The India Limited Edition features artwork by young creative mind Shaheen Baig from Mumbai. The design captures the spirit of ecstatic chaos and brings alive the vibrant, multifaceted nation that is India. The limited edition bottle features design influenced by the art from the rich cultural heritage of India of the 18th century. This limited edition vodka flavour is inspired from tropical summer fruit mango and master of spice, pepper. It is a smooth and mellow vodka with a well-balanced spiciness making it perfect for refreshing summer drinks. The painted bottle is available in two sizes: 750ml and 1Litre.



Absolut India Limited Edition

Designed by India, for India

New Delhi: Absolut, the world’s most iconic vodka announced the launch of its first ever ‘Absolut India Limited Edition’. The India Limited Edition features artwork by young creative mind Shaheen Baig from Mumbai. The design captures the spirit of ecstatic chaos and brings alive the vibrant, multifaceted nation that is India.

New Delhi, June, 2015: Absolut, the world’s most iconic vodka announced the launch of its first ever ‘Absolut India Limited Edition’. The India Limited Edition features artwork by young creative mind Shaheen Baig from Mumbai. The design captures the spirit of ecstatic chaos and brings alive the vibrant, multifaceted nation that is India.

Absolut India edition is now available in Travel retail in DFS Mumbai and DDFS New Delhi.
As a brand known for its creative collaboration and promoting art and creativity, ABSOLUT is thrilled to celebrate India - the country of diverse culture, tradition and colours.

The limited edition bottle features design influenced by the art from the rich cultural heritage of India of the 18th century

The flavour for ABSOLUT India is inspired from tropical summer fruit – Mango and master of spice – Pepper. It’s smooth and mellow with a well-balanced spiciness making it a perfect vodka for refreshing summer drinks

ABSOLUT India is a tribute to a multicultural and rich artistic heritage of India and to its people. The winning design was crowd sourced from India. With this launch ABSOLUT has continued its trendsetting tradition of artistic collaboration says Sumeet Lamba, Executive Director – Business Development at Pernod Ricard India

Mr Kartik Mohindra, Business Head – International Brands at Pernod Ricard India said, “ABSOLUT has built a strong association with art and creativity in a very short time in India with it’s collaborations with leading artists like Anish Kapoor, Subodh Gupta, Vikram Seth and Bharti Kher. Launch of ABSOLUT India is our way of celebrating all that this multi-faceted country has to offer – be it culture, heritage, people, history, colours, etc.”

Sharing her thoughts behind the design, Ms Shaheen Baig said, “I am delighted to be a part of the rich creative heritage of an iconic brand. India is a beautiful colourful cocktail – a mix of interesting ingredients. This is what I endeavoured to showcase through my design with all things Indian; rich heritage, diversity, liveliness, warmth and colour.”

The Absolut Limited Editions have predominantly been designed by renowned artists, but with the India edition, Absolut decided to reach out to the local talent and creative minds in India to design the ‘Absolut India Limited Edition’ and become a part of history. The brand received some extra ordinary designs from various artists and creative minds across the country. The design entries were judged by prominent creative personalities from different fields in India. The final selection was made on basis of parameters such as; idea capturing essence of India, style, creativity, boldness and popularity of design through online voting.

About Absolut:

ABSOLUT Vodka is the world’s most iconic vodka. For over 30 years, Absolut Vodka has collaborated with the creative world and the collection today comprises more than 800 works from artists such as Andy Warhol, Francesco Clemente, Louise Bourgeois, Rosemarie Trockel, Angus Fairhurst, Jan Saudek, Béatrice Cussol & Anish Kapoor.












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Beer Spotlight: Lululemon Launches Limited Edition Curiosity Lager


Lululemon, the Canadian yoga and sportswear brand, has teamed up with Vancouver's Stanley Park Brewing company to release a craft beer named "Curiosity Lager."

"Just because you're a yogi, doesn't mean you won't have an occasion for beer, and we're certainly interested in talking to that crowd," Doug Devlin, director of marketing for Stanley Park Brewing, told the CBC.
"I think Lululemon, by extension, is interested in talking to a more male beer-drinking crowd. It's a nice way for each of us to take what it is we do to a new consumer."

The limited-edition run of 88,000 tallboy cans will be sold in 200 government liquor stores and some private liquor stores in British Columbia and Alberta. Partial proceeds from the sale of the beer will benefit the Stanley Park Ecology Society.
The 4.6% ABV is packaged in 500ml cans and features an illustration of Vancouver’s Stanley Park, which was the focus of the two companies’ collaboration.

Lululemon global events manager Travis McKenzie said: “The design is intended to celebrate the incredible elements that make Stanley Park an iconic venue where we are honored to host our race and festival each year.”

And a company spokesperson added: “We both share a deep hometown pride in our forest-in-the-city, Stanley Park, and an unbridled enthusiasm for cold beer after a sweaty run on the Seawall.”










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Food Spotlight: LÄRABAR Coconut Pineapple Cake Bar



Who can resist the sweet zing of pineapple topped with crunchy flakes of coconut? This LÄRABAR treat packs all the goodness of a layer cake into a convenient form for life on the go! Dense and moist with a tropical twist, Coconut Pineapple Cake mimics the sunshine of spring - all the while being gluten free, dairy free, soy free, vegan, and non-GMO.
Dates, Dried Coconut, Dried Pineapple, Almonds, Cashews, Dried Lime Juice Concentrate.



About the Company
At LÄRABAR®, we believe that the foundation of a sound mind, body and spirit is derived from what you eat - and what you eat is most delicious and satisfying when it's in a whole, natural state.

LÄRABAR® is a delicious blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices. Made from whole food, each flavor contains no more than nine ingredients. Pure and simple, just as nature intended.

Read More




Company: LÄRABAR
Slogan: Simple. Pure. Delicious
Origin: USA
Category: Bars
Packaging: 1.6oz (45g) bar
Claims: Gluten Free, Non GMO, Vegan, Limited Edition
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $1.79
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: larabar.com









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Food Spotlight: LÄRABAR Limited Edition Strawberry Shortcake Bar


Nothing says “summertime” more than Strawberry Shortcake – and we couldn’t resist putting the LÄRABAR twist on this classic treat. Strawberry and cranberry pieces bring the tart sweetness, while cashews and pecans mimic the flakey biscuit cake. And since it’s gluten free, dairy free, and non-GMO, our Strawberry Shortcake comes up anything but short!

Dates, Macadamia Nuts, Cashews, Dried Strawberries, Dried Cranberries, Pecans, Vanilla Extract, Dried Lemon Juice Concentrate







About the Company
At LÄRABAR®, we believe that the foundation of a sound mind, body and spirit is derived from what you eat - and what you eat is most delicious and satisfying when it's in a whole, natural state.

LÄRABAR® is a delicious blend of unsweetened fruits, nuts and spices. Made from whole food, each flavor contains no more than nine ingredients. Pure and simple, just as nature intended.

Read More




Company: LÄRABAR
Slogan: Simple. Pure. Delicious
Origin: USA
Category: Bars
Packaging: 1.6oz (45g) bar
Claims: Gluten Free, Non GMO, Vegan, Limited Edition
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $1.79
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: larabar.com








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Snack Spotlight: Cape Cod Chips Back Bay Crab Seasoning




We took your favorite crab seasoning and gave it a Cape Cod crunch. We start with select potatoes, slice them thick, and kettle cook them in small batches to a golden amber hue. Then we take an all-star list of spices including paprika, onion and salt, as well as a dash of sugar for a touch of sweetness. The result? A chip with a hearty, satisfying crunch and robust potato flavor that’s reminiscent of summer year-round.




Potatoes, Canola oil, Spices, Dextrose, Salt, Maltodextrin, Paprika, Yeast Extract, Sugar, Onion Powder





nf capecod






About the Company

Cape Cod Potato Chips began as the dream of two small business owners. They imagined a small   operation where they could produce and sell the potato chips they had cooked in their kitchen for years. On July 4, 1980 that dream became a reality when they set up shop in a small store front in Hyannis. The    big crunch of the kettle cooked chips soon became a local favorite. News of the chips quickly spread as tourist sampled the chips and took bags home to share. The business soon grew out of the store-front and a worldwide love affair with our natural snacks began.

We have expanded our snack offerings to include varieties of our popular Reduced Fat item as well as over a half dozen potato chip flavors, and kettle style whole grain chips. No matter what the variety, we maintain the tradition of using only the highest quality, all-natural ingredients in all of our snacks.

The public’s love of our snacks inspired us to open our factory doors for tours in 1985. Since then the Cape Cod Potato Chip Factory Tour has become the area's largest tourist attraction, hosting over 250,000 visitors annually! The next time you visit the Cape, we invite you to stop in, take the tour and say hello.




Company: Cape Cod
Brand: Cape Cod
Slogan: Coming soon
Origin: USA
Category: Chips 
Packaging: 1oz (28g/about 19 Chips)
Claims Limited Batch
Variants: View Range Here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: Buy Online and/or Store Locator
Website: http://capecodchips.com/







cape cod





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Drink Spotlight: Innocent Perfectly Pink Limited Edition Fruit & Veg Smoothie


Unless you can taste colours (which we know some people can due to the neurological phenomenon synesthesia) then this lovely limited edition smoothie is as close as you’ll ever get to drinking pink. This delicious, delicate recipe gets its stunning hue from beetroot, and its delicious, fresh taste from sweet pear and crisp apple. Try one today and your tastebuds will be tickled pink.

- 2 of your 5 a day in a bottle or in a 250ml glass
- fruit and veg smoothie
- is a source of vitamin c















About the Company

Hello, we're innocent

…and we're here to make it easy for people to do themselves some good (whilst making it taste nice too).

We started innocent in 1999 after selling our smoothies at a music festival. We put up a big sign asking people if they thought we should give up our jobs to make smoothies, and put a bin saying 'Yes' and a bin saying 'No" in front of the stall. Then we got people to vote with their empties. At the end of the weekend, the 'Yes' bin was full, so we resigned from our jobs the next day and got cracking.

Since then we've started making veg pots, juices and kids' drinks, in our quest to make natural, delicious, healthy foods that help people live well and die old. Read More






Company: Innocent
Brand: Innocent
Origin: UK
Category: Juice, Smoothie
Packaging:  250ml
Claims: Limited Edition, Vitamin C
Variants: View Range Here
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Coming Soon











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