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Snack Spotlight: 479 Limited Edition Pumpkin Pecan Praline Popcorn

Forget that pile of leaves – jump into this sweet, crunchy snack instead. We blend rich, dark caramel with warm pumpkin spices and pour it over our popcorn, finishing it off with candied pecans. You’ll fall more in love with every delicious bite.

- 58 Calories per Cup
- Non GMO
- Certified Kosher
- Certified Gluten Free
- Whole Grain
- Air Popped
- No Trans Fat
- No Artificial Anything
- All Natural



About the Company
479° began with a fond childhood memory of cozy evenings spent playing cards and devouring fresh popcorn with my family. My mom refused to serve anything other than organic popcorn cooked in a sturdy stove-top popper that she’d hand crank until the kernels turned into a delightful fluffy treat. Then, as now, a bowl of popcorn could turn an ordinary moment into a special occasion. Read More


Company: 479
Brand: 479 Popcorn
Origin: USA
Category: Snacks
Packaging: 3oz (85g)
Claims: 58 calories per cup, Non GMO, Gluten Free, No Trans Fat, Air Popped, Whole Grain
Variants: Seaweed & Toasted Sesame, Asiago Parmesan & Cheddar, White Cheddar & Black Truffle, Creamery Butter, Sea Salt, Farmers Market Herbs, Toasted Coconut Caramel, Sea Salt Caramel, Chipotle Caramel & Pumpkin Seeds, Pumpkin Pecan Praline
Price: $3.99
Where to buyStore Locator, Direct on Website
Website: 479popcorn.com








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Dairy Spotlight: Chobani Limited Edition Watermelon Greek Yogurt



Chobani has added two seasonal flavors to their range of Greek Yogurt. Pink Grapefruit and Water


Lowfat Yogurt (Cultured Pasteurized Nonfat Milk, Cream, Live and Active Cultures: S. Thermophilus, L. Bulgaricus, L. Acidophilus, Bifidus and L. Casei), Evaporated Cane Juice, Watermelon, Natural Flavor, Pectin, Locust Bean Gum, Fruit and Vegetable Juice Concentrate (For Color).


About Chobani® Greek yogurt
More protein per serving than regular yogurt
Only natural ingredients
No artificial flavors or sweeteners
No preservatives
Made with milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones*
Includes live & active cultures
Three types of probiotics
Gluten free
Kosher certified
Vegetarian friendly
Less than 5% lactose





About the Company
After moving to New York from his native Turkey, Hamdi found that in America, yogurt just wasn’t as delicious and widely available as it was back home. He believed everyone deserved better options, so he set about making delicious, nutritious, natural and accessible Greek yogurt right here in the U.S. The rest, as they say, is history. Read More



Company: Chobani
Brand: Chobani Simply 100
Origin: USA
Category: Yogurt
Packaging: 5.3oz
Claims: Protein, Natural Ingredients, Low calorie, Gluten Free
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: $1.29 USD
Where to Buy: Store Finder
Website: chobani.com








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Beer Spotlight: Narragansett Del’s Shandy



Narragansett Brewing Co. introduced the second release in its “Hi Neighbor Mash-Up” series: Narragansett Del’s Shandy. The shandy mixes Narragansett’s lager and Del’s tart lemon concentrate, creating a 5 percent alcohol by volume brew for the warm summer months. Narragansett Del’s Shandy currently is available throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New York and is expected to remain at retail into August.



About the Company
While history tells us that Narragansett Lager is the beer that made ‘Gansett famous, the brewery also began producing a wide variety of ales when it opened in the late 1800’s. Pale Ale, Select Stock Ale, and Banquet Ale were all staples in the Narragansett Beer line-up long before Curt Gowdy first popularized the phrase “Hi neighbor, have a ‘Gansett!” during Red Sox broadcasts. In fact, the old brewery had an entire four-story building dedicated to the “Ale Department” throughout most of the 20th century, and the Narragansett Ales outsold the Lager until the 1940’s. It has been documented that American tastes changed from darker and more bitter ales to lighter and easier drinking lagers after Prohibition for two reasons. First, waves of immigrants from lager-drinking Central and Eastern European countries had come to America during the early 1900’s, and second, thousands of American GI’s returned home from Europe with years of lager drinking experiences after World War I and World War II. Yet while it was Narragansett’s award-winning lager that helped propel the brand to the status of the #1 beer in New England by the late 1940’s, the ales continued to be a valuable part of the ‘Gansett portfolio well into the 1970’s.


Company: Narragansett
Brand: Narragansett
Origin: USA
Category: Beer
Packaging: 16oz can
Claims: Limited Edition
Price: $8.99 (6 pack)
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: narragansettbeer.com






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Drink Review: Green Vanilla TruMoo Flavored Milk



For a limited time only, Garelick Farms NEW TruMoo Lowfat Vanilla Milk has turned a lucky green color for St. Patrick’s Day!

TruMoo Vanilla Lowfat Milk offers the same wholesome goodness of regular lowfat TruMoo with a delicious vanilla taste kids love and essential protein, calcium and Vitamins A & D kids need every day. TruMoo Vanilla Milk is made with delicious vanilla flavor, just enough sugar (no high fructose corn syrup) and a lucky green color to add some fun. TruMoo Lowfat Green Vanilla milk, with a festive St. Patrick’s Day label, is only available in Half Gallons through March 17th. Make St. Patrick’s Day Delicious and Nutritious!


Company: Country Fresh
Brand: Trumoo
Origin: USA
Category: Dairy Drinks
Packaging: 1,89 liters (Half Gallon)
Claims: Limited Edition
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: trumoo.com, countryfresh.com




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Packaging Spolight: MeTonic Anniversary Bottle

ME Tonic is one year old and to celebrate its first anniversary, we have introduced a special edition of its bottle with a young , single , urban- very fresh design.

The exclusive, limited edition bottle is presented aimed at those who go beyond the premium proposals : comic lovers , illustration , street art and the most cosmopolitan capitals.

To give to the special design of its bottle, launched a competition at the European Design Institute of Madrid ( FDI) among young promising designers . A bet of a young brand , for freshness, creative freedom and the expertise of young artists and future promises of international design .

The author of this design is Jonathan Castro aches . A  21 year old Madrid graphic artist, with pen in hand, created ME Tonic with dynamic lines and precise but with green mark like shape. It is striking how it has become the logo on a light balloon hanging from a mini bottle that flies over the city of comic. All with a touch of softness, freshness and friendliness own flavor ME Tonic .






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Breakfast Review: Fuel Your 10k Hours Morning Glory Instant Porridge

Breakfast maverick, FUEL YOUR 10K HOURS, is trialing the world’s first performance enhancing porridge, dubbed Morning Glory, just in time for Valentine’s Day. The ultimate in on-the-go breakfast for early risers, the ‘sex pot’ contains added protein, fibre and herbal Viagra to keep busy commuters energised all day. It’s also packed with whole juniper berries, whose juices are considered to naturally improve stamina.

The love boffins at FUEL spent four months developing the new product, testing out a range of flavour combinations to find a great-tasting recipe to hit the spot this Valentine’s Day.
Breaking breakfast boundaries, following the initial trial, Morning Glory will sit alongside FUEL’s current popular porridge pot flavours; Forrest Fruits, Apple & Cinnamon and Golden Syrup.
Other products in the FUEL YOUR 10K HOURS product portfolio include it’s innovative Liquid Breakfast milk-based drink and and market-leading Fully Loaded Granola range, available in Chocolate, Nut and Fruit.


Barney Mauleverer, co-founder at FUEL YOUR 10K HOURS, said:

“Our products are designed to fuel your morning, so creating something with a bit of extra oomph in time for Valentine’s Day was a no brainer. We never compromise on taste so spent months researching flavours to make sure we created a product that performed as well orally as it does functionally”

He continued:

“Morning Glory is the perfect morning quickie, giving those looking to get loved up this Valentine’s Day a few extra minutes with their other half. As with Liquid Fry Up, we’re always looking to innovate within the breakfast market and Morning Glory is one of our most our most audacious products to date. We can’t wait to see what our fans think.”

Kyle Parker, 32, Brighton, comments:

“I’m a big fan of Fuel products and never one to pass up a challenge, I took a couple of spoonfuls and was pleasantly surprised at its fruity taste. After a couple of minutes I felt a huge surge of energy and needless to say it wasn’t just the porridge being stirred. “




Company: Fuel Your 10k Hours
Brand: Morning Glory
Origin: UK
Category: Cereals, Breakfast Options
Packaging: 60g pot
Claims: Protein, Limited Edition
Variants: Forest Fruits, Apple & Cinnamon, Golden syrup, Morning Glory
Price: £1
Where to Buy: Direct on Website
Website: fuelyour10khours.com








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Soft Drink Spotlight: Coca Cola 2014 Festive Drinks


Coca Cola has launched a line of seasonal packages to mark different festivals in a number of countries. Included in this seasonal offering are Coca Cola Peace, Prosperity and Success




Coca Cola Peace Drink is widely consumed during 2014 festive season. It is the most celebrated holiday in Vietnam. It’s a time for sharing good fortune, happiness and new years wishes with family and friends. Comes in a 330ml aluminum can.


Coca Cola Prosperity Drink is widely consumed during a festive season. It is the most celebrated holiday in Vietnam. It’s a time for sharing good fortune, happiness and new years wishes with family and friends. Comes in a 330ml aluminum can.


Coca Cola Peace Drink is widely consumed during a festive season. It is the most celebrated holiday in Vietnam. It’s a time for sharing good fortune, happiness and new years wishes with family and friends. Comes in a 330ml aluminum can.




Company: The Coca Cola Co.
Brand: Coke
Origin: Vietnam, Thailand
Category: Soft Drinks
Packaging:330ml Can
Claims: Limited Edition
Variants: Prosperity, Peace, Success
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: coca-colacompany.com

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Drink Review: Firefly Love Potion



Yeah baby! We’re on a mission to bring back good old fashioned romance by lending cupid a hand with this delicious blend of passionfruits and blueberries spiced up with Angelica and Passionflower (mother nature’s aphrodisiacs)…



Still water
Fruit juices from concentrate:
White Grape (19%)
Passionfruit (5%)
Orange (3%)
Lime (1%)
Blueberry (1%)
Elderberry (1%)
Lemon (0.4%)
Fruit Extract
Botanical Extracts (see below) 0.3%
Natural Flavouring

Botanical Extracts

Typical Values per 100ml
Energy – 126kJ / 31kcal
Protein – 0.3g
Carbohydrate – 7.2g
Fat – <0.1g


About the Company
We’d always thought one day we’d start a business – whenever we had A-level coursework to do, we found ourselves bouncing (mostly silly) business ideas around instead.

Then in 2002 we were both working in the city – you know, working late, burning the candle at both ends, trying to stay healthy…

We were fed up with the fact that all the drinks on the market either contained more chemicals than a plastics factory or gave us the unpleasant feeling that they should be served by Mary Poppins with a spoonful of sugar.

So we decided to make what we needed for ourselves. Rather than just head to the kitchen and pick up a blender we decided to go the long way round, and create an entirely new product. Read More



Company: Firefly Tonics
Brand: Firefly Tonics
Slogan: Natural Drinks
Origin: UK
Category: Juice
Packaging: 330ml bottle
Claims: All Natural, Limited Edition
Variants: View all Here
Price: Coming Soon
Where to buy: Stockists, Buy Online
Website:  fireflytonics.com




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Dairy Review: Yeo Valley Limited Edition 0% Fat Orange, Carrot & Mango Yogurt



Available from 13th January, this fat free Yeogurt is packed with flavoursome carrot, exotic mango and zingy orange giving you a boost of tasty, energising goodness.


Energy 310kJ/73kcal 468kJ/110kcal
Fat 0g 0g
of which saturates 0g 0g
Carbohydrate 13.1g 19.7g
of which sugars 12.5g 18.7g
Protein 4.9g 7.3g
Salt** 0.20g 0.30g
Calcium 141mg 211mg†

**Salt content is entirely due to naturally occurring sodium.
†26% of the Nutrient Reference Value (800mg/day)


Organic fat free yogurt (MILK) (82%), water, organic sugar, organic mango puree (2%), organic carrot juice from concentrate (1.9%), organic orange puree (1.8%), organic maize starch, natural flavourings, organic concentrated lemon juice.



About the Company
We started with just 35 cows, some sheep and a few acres of wheat at Holt Farm, but Roger and Mary quickly realised the land here in the valley (damp, fertile, rich) was ambrosia for cows – so the sheep went and more cows came in.

From the beginning we’ve only had British Friesians. In the 1970s and 80s lots of farmers went all American with Holstein herds which promised more milk. But, we take the common sense approach: British Friesians are more fertile, live a lot longer, and are better suited for our grass-based system.

Also (and this is really important to us), our bull calves are actually really valuable as beef cattle. Read More


Company: Yeo Valley Farms
Brand: Yeo
Slogan: British Family Dairy The Right Way Since 1961
Category: Yogurt
Origin: UK
Packaging: 450g
Claims: Limited Edition
Varieties: View Online
Price: £1.50
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: yeovalley.co.uk





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Packaging Spotlight: Miller Lite Brings Back Original Lite Can


CHICAGO, Dec. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Miller Lite, the beer that launched the light beer category, invites consumers to reach for a piece of brewing history. On January 1, 2014, Miller Lite will release the limited-edition Original Lite Can, an updated version of the iconic packaging that changed the beer industry almost 40 years ago.

The Original Lite Can features the familiar images of hops, barley and the words “a fine pilsner beer,” which reinforce the high quality ingredients and the unique brewing process that consumers have enjoyed for generations.

“There was a time when all that existed was heavy beer that weighed you down,” said Elina Vives, marketing director for Miller Lite. “The launch of Miller Lite broke this category convention and offered beer drinkers the best of both worlds, great taste at only 96 calories and 3.2 carbs. Miller Lite is the original light beer and this limited-edition can celebrates that innovation and helps inform consumers of the rich history behind our beer.”

In addition to becoming available to consumers in January, the Original Lite Can will appear in the upcoming Paramount Pictures’ release, Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues. The news team can be seen enjoying the Original Lite in the film, which will be released nationwide December 18.

The limited-edition Original Lite Can will be available nationwide January through March in 12-, 16- and 24-ounce sizes.






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