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Product Spotlight: I AM Skinny 5 Day Plan


Lose Weight and Feel
Great with Nature’s Super-Ingredients

I AM Skinny makes it faster and easier for your body to absorb its super-ingredients because it’s a liquid supplement. You’ll feel its effects quickly as I AM Skinny helps:

- Control appetite and reduce body fat
- Reach weight loss goals faster
- Boost metabolism
- Support blood sugar levels already within normal range
- Increase overall feelings of well-being

A Smart, Simple Weight Loss Program Inspired by Nature

To help you take advantage of our super nutrient-rich I AM Skinny formula and achieve the weight loss you desire, we created a simple, focused plan to give you the structure and support you need to reach your weight goals – and feel better and more energized overall.

The 5 Day Plan allows you to break a long-term weight goal into smaller, more manageable goals. It helps you get started without feeling overwhelmed – and see results very soon. You’ll enjoy the added bonus of drinking a nourishing, delicious liquid supplement free of stimulants – and feeling your metabolism improve every day.




African Mango Seed Extract - Well Trim® IG
Helps reduce overall fat
Helps control appetite by triggering an “I am full” message to the brain
Supports healthy cholesterol levels
Helps with blood sugar balance
Enhances metabolism by supporting fat release and storage

Kokum Fruit Extract (Garcinia indica)

Rich in Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA)
Provides energy boost without a jittery feeling
Helps neutralize free radicals and regulates the metabolism
Helps control appetite

Chromium (ChromeMate®)
- Promotes healthy blood sugar metabolism and cardiovascular health.

D-Ribose -Plays a key role in metabolism and sustaining energy

Vitamin B3 -Aids in the functioning of the nervous system.

Niacin - Vital to the nervous system and supporting carbohydrate metabolism.

Vitamin B12 - Essential to the nervous system and energy production


Company: I AM Enlightened Creations
Brand: I AM Enlightened Creations
Slogan: Weight Management Simplified
Origin: USA
Category: Dietary Supplement
Packaging: 75ml per bottle
Claims: Sugar Free. Gluten Free. Naturally Sweetened. Only 5 Calories. No Artificial Flavors or Colors.
Price: $33.00 USD
Where to Buy: Direct on Website
Website: thinkiam.com




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