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In Denmark, supermarket crowdsources suggestions for local products

Co-operative grocery superstore SuperBrugsen is getting customers to suggest local products they would like to see on the shelves of their nearest store.

Supermarkets are convenient, but often source their products from multinational companies and farms in distant locations, racking up carbon emissions and squeezing out local competition along the way. Danish co-operative grocery superstore SuperBrugsen now aims to offer a popular alternative by getting customers to suggest local products they would like to see on the shelves of their nearest store.

The company, which is owned by Coop Denmark, has set up a form on its website that allows anyone to suggest a locally-made product or supplier operating in the country. After filling out a description of their suggestion and reasons why SuperBrugsen should collaborate, managers will taste-test any products to ensure they are up to standard. The company hopes to introduce 500 new local products to its 230 stores upon completion of the scheme.

We’ve already seen Farmigo make efforts to connect communities and organizations with producers in their local area, and the SuperBrugsen initiative hopes to do this on a much larger scale. Are there other ways bigger companies can alter their supply chains to support local producers and cut their environmental footprint?

Website: www.superbrugsen.dk
Contact: www.superbrugsen.dk/om+superbrugsen/kontakt

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Restaurant Uses Instagram To Create Their New Menu

Comodo in New York is using Instagram to create a new menu.  They have asked their users and followers to choose images on Instagram for different plates that they offer.  Crowdsourcing has become a very popular way for companies to get direct feedback from their clients.  This type of communication is essential in an increasingly social world where consumers can affect sales in a positive or negative way.

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Alicia Silverstone Crowdsourcing Vegan Book

It goes without saying that veganism, a diet that eschews all animal products, is more popular than ever. But for women who are vegans and wanting to have children, there still remain some misconceptions and many more questions about the safety of the diet.
In an effort to better inform and help guide mothers wanting to stay vegan through pregnancy, Alicia Silverstone is writing a book called "The Kind Mama," a companion guide of sorts to her enormously successful healthy living book "The Kind Diet," released in 2009.
"I want to give women an easy-to-follow resource that's as inspiring as it is informative," she wrote on her site The Kind Life. "I want women to know that they have the power to not only have an amazing pregnancy without anxiety and discomfort, but also to feel beautiful while doing it.
"[It] will cover fertility, pregnancy, and post-pregnancy. In other words, it will help you get knocked up, have a goddess pregnancy and birth, and grow the healthiest, happiest child!"
Beyond the advice Silverstone is gathering from doctors, nutritionists, and other health experts, the 36-year-old is also seeking input from other mothers that have experienced a vegan pregnancy.
"As I write my next book The Kind Mama, I'm looking for anecdotes to feature from members of The Kind Life! You guys are so important to me, especially because I started TheKindLife.com at the same time my book The Kind Diet was published.
"I know not all of you are kind mamas, but I'd love to hear from those of you who have had a kind pregnancy ... and for those of you who don't have kids yet, hopefully this info will be helpful!"
For those interested, Silverstone has posted a number of questions on her site to help guide you answers. (i.e. During your pregnancy, how did you deal with naysayers? Did anyone give you a hard time?)
For those that can't wait for the book, the responses that Silverstone has received are already providing wonderful feedback for the curious. Over on Ecorazzi, we also recently published an article titled "Vegan Pregnancy: Is it safe?" that details on author's experience with a vegan pregnancy.
You can expect "The Kind Mama" to be released sometime in 2014.
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Crowdsourcing Fashion Design Choices for Limited Edition Collections

Over the last 10 years, Louis Monoyudis has worked with the likes of Calvin Klein, John Varvatos and Tommy Hillfiger, but like most designers he then wanted to develop his own collection. However, unlike most designers, he decided to build a virtual place for fashion designers and the crowd to interact on preproduction decision. In February he launched Cut On Your Bias.

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In Brazil, furniture store taps the crowds to help decide product range

Galatea enables visitors to its e-commerce site to decide what furniture it sells by voting, offering incentives for doing so.

If crowdsourcing can be used to help decide which books will be published, and which clothes will go into production, then why not furniture ranges as well? Sure enough, Brazil-based Galatea is now enabling visitors to its e-commerce site to decide what furniture it sells.

Consumers visiting the site begin by creating an account with their email address. From there they can browse the range of products available for voting and place votes for their favorite items. The items with the most votes are then selected for production and, once built, customers who voted for those items are offered a five percent discount should they purchase. Consumers are allowed to vote on ten percent of the website’s products each month. Designers, meanwhile, can submit their ideas for Galatea to put forward for voting.

The crowdsourcing model helps designers to see what products are popular among buyers, while simultaneously providing manufacturers with a proof of concept. An idea to try out in other industries to the benefit of all involved?

Website: www.galateacasa.com.br/projetos
Contact: www.galateacasa.com.br/contato


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Crowdsourced Guide Tells You Exactly Where Your Food Came From

In an attempt to document the nation’s entire food supply system, Real Time Farms  has developed a website that helps users learn about the origins of their food, and visualize the journey it took to reach their table. The online platform leverages crowdsourcing to work towards this end, enabling anyone to upload information about their local farms to the system, thereby, creating a nationwide guide to help people understand the route food takes from the farm to the table. Anyone from farmers to food lovers can share information about how food was grown, who grew it and where to find it. Restaurants may additionally sign up for a paid service, using a menu management tool to add connections to farms and food artisans.real-time-farms

Real Time Farms 

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