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Coffee Spotlight: Intelligentsia Honey Badger Espresso


Our most popular seasonal espresso, named for Africa’s most ferocious and honey-loving mustelid, returns to the lineup for its fifth iteration. Each season, we build Honey Badger around one of our favorite Kenyan coffees; you’d really be missing something special not to take this syrupy sweet and viciously flavorful espresso for a spin in your portafilter.









About the company:
In October of 1995 Doug Zell and Emily Mange left San Francisco to open an in-store coffee roaster-retailer on Broadway Avenue on the north side of Chicago. At that time they were simply hoping to bring great, fresh-roasted coffee to their own coffeebar with the help of a charming, but perhaps too often erratic 12-kilo roaster. Since then Intelligentsia has evolved considerably. Read More




Company: Intelligentsia Coffee, Inc.
Brand: Intelligentsia Coffee
Origin: Africa
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 12 oz
Claims: Seasonal
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $18.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: intelligentsiacoffee.com







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Coffee Spotlight: Stumptown Coffee Roasters – COLOMBIA SAN ISIDRO



We do not add any flavors or additives to our coffee beans. Our coffee is just coffee.


ALIRIO AGUILERA OSPINA managed to make a number of updates on his farm and processing this year despite a medical setback. He renovated a lot of his Caturra plants to ensure more vigorous plants. He also removed his demucilager, and switched to strictly depulping his cherry per our suggestion. He ferments his coffee for about 24 hours and soaks it for 12 hours. He completed building his raised parabolic drying beds and used them successfully to dry this lot.



Company: Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Brand: Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Origin: Colombia
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 12 Oz Bag
Claims: No flavors or additives
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $24.75
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Locations
Website: stumptowncoffee.com





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Coffee Spotlight: Starbucks Discoveries Iced Café Favorites – Gingerbread Latte


Beloved holiday flavors in a spicy-sweet indulgence

Enjoy an at-home celebration of authentic Starbucks ® espresso and milk with clove, ginger and sweet molasses flavors. Inspired by our handcrafted favorite, this special limited-time treat will bring good cheer to all this holiday season





Company: Starbucks Coffee
Brand: Starbucks
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 50.7fl oz
Claims: Seasonal
Variants: Peppermint Mocha, Gingerbread Latte
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Starbucks Stores, Buy Online
Website: starbucks.com






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Coffee Spotlight: Death Wish Barrel Premium Aged Coffee





Every Monday morning we have meetings here at Death Wish Coffee to discuss how we can push the extreme coffee envelope a bit. John, Teah, Kane, Eric and I (Mike) sit together at our coffee table and share ideas and strategies that we try to implement in the future. Some ideas get tested and thrown out but some turn out way better than we could have imagined. Barrel Coffee is a project that has achieved amazing results. We strive to be extraordinary and provide our customers with an unforgettable & enjoyable experience.

After researching and testing various methods, we’ve perfected a procedure that allows for the infusion of fine spirits directly into premium green coffee beans. After aging our green coffee beans in freshly poured oak barrels we were able to draw out much of the spirits flavor and through a slow roasting process, those unique liquor flavors remained. What we achieved was a well-balanced and exceptional cup of coffee. The entire process takes over 45 days and we are only able to do about 700 packages each time. However, the result is Perfection! Our Barrel Coffee is one of a kind.






About the Company
Here is how Death Wish Coffee got started:

After owning and running a coffee shop for the past 5 years in up-state NY a problem surfaced, all of the premium dark roast coffee on the market was not as caffeinated as the lighter roasts.

Customers would come in and say: “Give me a cup of your strongest coffee.”

and I would reply: “We serve nothing but the best coffee here, but our strongest tasting coffee is not our most caffeinated coffee”.

A puzzled look would usually follow and I would try to give an explanation. Read More


Company: Death Wish Coffee
Brand: Death Wish Coffee
Slogan: World’s Strongest Coffee
Origin: USA
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 8oz
Claims: World’s Strongest Coffee, Eco Friendly Packaging
Variants: Rum, Whisky, Rye
Price: $29.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: deathwishcoffee.com











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Drink Spotlight: Outpost Cold Brew Coffee


Our inspiration came from interacting with people we served coffee to in Los Angeles and our desire to curate an exceptional coffee experience for them and anyone who may stumble upon us. Even if someone doesn’t like coffee, our goal would be for them to say something like “I don’t like coffee, but what they’re doing is pretty neat.”

From our experience more people are making coffee at home using manual brew methods, and they are curious about different ways of brewing. One trend that we’ve seen is people making good coffee on the go, at their desk or while traveling. That’s why we chose to do the Aeropress for one of our brew guides. It’s so simple to make it on the go and it doesn’t break.

We’ve all become the designated “coffee maker” in our group of friends and it’s hard to get anyone else to learn to do it. We developed a brew guide because we wanted something to give to someone without any direction and have them make a tasty coffee on the first go. We’ve found that it’s pretty uplifting and fulfilling for a newbie to make their first cup of coffee for someone else. It’s about lowering that friction and creating an opportunity for them to get started.





During the sweaty months of summer 2011 when Handsome Coffee launched their business, David Lopez, Tiffany Lopez, and Justin Carleton became friends over packing coffee and barista training. If you bought a bag of coffee during Handsome’s infancy, chances are Justin, David, or Tiffany packed it.

Tony Nessan and David got to know each other at Burning Man 2010. Tony spent five years slanging stocks and bonds until realizing the industry is as soul sucking as those cups of Starbucks coffee he was drinking down were, and when he left his job, he found the light.

Justin Carleton is the youngest member of the Outpost team, he just became legal drinking age. When he’s not working on coffee you can find him behind the counter at EggSlut in LA’s Grand Central Market. David and Tiffany spent the majority of their time at Handsome Coffee trying to convince their bosses, Michael, Tyler and Christopher, that they really were brother and sister and not married as they suspected.

We’ve been thinking about starting a coffee project of our own, so we set up weekly meetings to move forward without any expectations. The only purpose was to start the process and see where it goes. We gave it a name – Outpost.





Company: Outpost
Brand: Outpost
Origin: USA
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 12oz Bottle
Claims: Cold Brewed
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Store Locator







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Drink Spotlight: Larry’s Beans Straight Black Cold Steeped Coffee




LARRY’S COLD BREW COFFEE CONCENTRATE is cold steeped 24 hours, smooth & FUUUULLL bodied. Use it to make glorious iced & hot coffee, or use your imagination (coffee cocktails anyone?).


Larry’s has recently launched their straight black variant in a 12oz bottle.



About the Company
Larry’s Beans is happily committed to blending and roasting innovative uniquely delicious coffees — and making the world a better place. 100% of our coffee is Fair Trade, Shade Grown, and Organic, all slow-roasted to bring out every note of indigenous flavor. Our green-o-vated facilities use passive solar construction, active solar systems, radiant floors, zoned heating, composting, and rainwater harvesting to minimize our impact on this awesome planet. We offer 15 Creative Blends and 15 Single-Origin Blends, along with limited-roast favorites like Rockin’ Holiday Blend and Woodstock Blend. Read More




Company: Larry’s Beans
Brand: Larry’s Beans
Slogan: 100% Fair Trade Organic Coffee
Origin: USA
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 12oz Bottle
Claims: Cold Brewed
Variants: Straight Black, Slightly Sweet, Concentrate (16oz)
Price: $3.96
Where to Buy: Buy Online





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Coffee Spotlight: Nature’s Cuppa Organic Espresso Coffee



Only organically pure arabica beans, wild harvested from under the Brazilian rainforest canopy, are used to produce this exquisitely soft, smooth but full bodied dark roast espresso.

With a luscious crema and aroma, its mid-palate creamy highlights lead through to deeper base notes best described as smokey, savoury or earthy. It has a lovely chocolate undertone and lasting bittersweet after-taste. Relax and enjoy this taste of Brazil, it’s the way coffee should taste!


Pure 100% arabica roasted and ground Organic coffee. Made in Brazil


Certified organic by IBD. No chemical fertilisers, pesticides or agrochemicals of any kind are used in cultivating this coffee.

100% genetically non-modified. Low GI.



About the Company
Nature’s Cuppa tea is certified Fairtrade®. Fairtrade® means better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fairer terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world.
The Fairtrade® label is your independent guarantee that this product meets international Fairtrade® standards.


New packaging, same pure taste

We’ve recently made some big changes to our branding and packaging to try and attract more consumers to our pure organic teas and coffees. We’re certain our product is vastly superior to anything offered by the big commercial tea companies and we’d love more people to give it try and find out what tea should really taste like!

Please be reassured that nothing has changed in the way the tea is made or the way it tastes, we guarantee it’s exactly the same. We’re a small family business so if you like our products, please do tell your friends.




Company: Nature’s Cuppa
Brand: Nature’s Cuppa
Origin: Australia
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 250g
Claims: Organic
Variants: View Full Range Here
Price: $60.00 (6 x 250g)
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: naturescuppa.com








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Drink Spotlight: Ice Coffee Time




Premium ice coffee with a delicious flavor and aroma you will not resist.
Handy bottle that you can reopen wherever you are.
Will cheer you up and gives you more energy whenever you need it.
Served chilled. SHAKE NOT STIR! :-)




For your choice we offer 3 different flavors:
CLASSICO - the old classic with a fresh milk we always loved
ENERGY – with taurin and caffein – if you need an extra burst of energy.
BLACK – a delicious black coffee. Classic and delightful.

Ice Coffe Time is produced in the Czech Republic, in the heart of Europe
based on an unique recipe using only premium quality natural ingredients,
carefully selected single-origin coffee beans and fresh milk.

You simply must try a bottle of Ice Coffe Time.
We are sure you will have a great time!





Company: Penguin EU s.r.o.
Brand: Ice Coffee Time
Origin: Czech Republic
Category: Iced Coffee
Packaging: 310ml
Claims: Ready to drink
Variants: Classico, Energy, Black
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: icecoffetime.com









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Drink Spotlight: Urban Remedy Cold-Brew Light & Sweet


Start with coffee steeped for up to 12 hours in room-temperature water, add fiber-rich, low-calorie almond milk, and finish it off with low-glycemic coconut sugar for a heavenly cold-brewed beverage.

Ingredients: Coffee, Almond Milk, Coconut Sugar.







About the Company
Urban Remedy is a line of raw, ready-to-eat snacks, meals, cold-pressed juices and energy boosting tinctures. Every product we make blends cutting-edge nutrition with Traditional Chinese Medicine to offer you deeply healing elixirs and edibles that taste as delicious as they are effective.

Urban Remedy was founded by licensed acupuncturist, herbalist,and certified Chinese nutritionist Neka Pasquale, with the idea that a healthy diet equals vibrant health. Neka grew up with Jewish and Italian grandmothers, who shared a love of everything food related. She credits both women with her present-day passion for cooking.Read More


Company: Urban Remedy
Brand: Urban Remedy
Slogan: Food For Healing
Origin: USA
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 14fl oz bottle
Claims: Certified Organic
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $6.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website:  urbanremedy.com








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Coffee Spotlight: TOMS Thankful Blend

TOMS Thankful Blend is a collaboration/unity of beans from Pearl Mountain, India, and Rwanda Buremera. This toasty and smooth, yet lightly spiced blend is named after Thankful Day, an annual TOMS tradition where employees enjoy dinner together and share what they’re most thankful for.

•Whole bean, wet-pressed, blend
•Roast: Medium
•Aroma: malt-like, toast, roasted cashews
•Acidity: Light
•Flavors: spicy, cinnamon, nutmeg



Buremera, Rwanda produces a varietal bean that is grown in high altitude by smallholder farms. Most of Buremera’s families are second- or third-generation coffee farmers, and they stick to tradition of first bathing the beans in spring water then letting them dry in the sun.

India’s Pearl Mountain has been producing Rainforest Alliance Certified, India Arabica coffee since 1920. The Patre family grows, picks and hand-washes each harvest. Together, these beans create an upbeat and festive blend, the perfect highlight for any celebration.

Country : Blend
Elevation : 1200 – 1700 m above sea leavel
Harvest : March – August





About the Company
Blake Mycoskie is the Founder and Chief Shoe Giver of TOMS, and the person behind the idea of One for One, a business model to help a person in need with every product purchased. A simple idea has grown into a global movement: TOMS Shoes has provided over 10 million pairs of shoes to children since 2006, and TOMS Eyewear has restored sight to over 175,000 since launching in 2011. In 2014, TOMS Roasting Company was founded with the mission to provide clean water to developing communities with the purchase of premium coffee. Read More


Company: Tom’s
Brand: Tom’s Roasting Co.
Slogan: One for One
Origin: USA
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 12oz
Claims: Organic, Fair Trade Certified, With every bag of coffee you purchase, TOMS will give one week of clean water to a person in need. One for One.
Variants: Peru Roast, Guatemala Roast, Honduras Roast, Malawi Roast, Rwanda Roast, Carpe Diem Espresso
Price: $12.99
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: toms.com










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