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Company Spotlight: Bean Genius





Help us learn your taste preferences with the Palate Profiler. Our coffees have been cupped and analyzed by various factors. By choosing four to eight flavor notes that pique your interest, our algorithm begins analyzing which coffees you might best enjoy.





Pick a subscription that best fits your needs. Your first delivery will contain a blind three bag taster, your feedback on which will help us better understand your taste. Subsequent 12oz bag deliveries will be shipped from roasters at peak freshness.





Upon tasting each coffee, log in to your account and let us know what you think! Your feedback on the initial blind three bag taster and each subsequent delivery will help our algorithm learn your preferences and make smarter recommendations month after month.



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About the company

Each month, we deliver freshly roasted specialty coffee, chosen for your unique palate, straight to your door. The more you use it, the smarter it gets!

Ever wondered if there was a single place for you to order freshly roasted coffee from the most authentic roasters and coffee shops across the country with a click of a mouse?

Coffee has over 36 distinct flavor notes and tones ranging from nutty to spicy to fruity! BeanGeniusTM, driven by passionate coffee lovers, carefully profiles every flavor and aroma from the most well known coffee brands. We then match your exact taste profile with high quality coffee beans sourced from independent coffee roasters from across the country. The more you use it, the smarter BeanGenius becomes in catering to your tastes and preferences.



Visit their website 



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Company Spotlight: Lucky Jack Organic Iced Coffees



Organic cold brew coffee made with purified water, 100% organic Arabica beans, all organic ingredients.

We’ve discovered the method for infusing nitrogen in our coffees making Lucky Jack the very first bottled cold brew coffee to pour with a head of foamy and silky smooth nitrogen bubbles.


Why Organic

The term “organic” is popping up more and more these days. But what does “organic” really mean? For coffee beans “organic” means the beans are grown and processed without the use of pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, or chemical fertilizers. This is significant when you consider that coffee is one of the three most chemically treated agricultural crops in the world.

Organic means great care is needed to raise coffee crops by using well proven methods of clean agriculture, biodiversity, soil maintenance and crop rotation, instead of chemicals.

Organic means the people who work every day to bring you your cup of coffee from this miraculous crop can do so year after year without sacrificing their own future quality of life.



In 1990 Richard Karno opened the Novel Café, a rare book emporium and coffeehouse in Santa Monica, California. Recognizing the rapidly changing world of both books and coffee in the 1990s, Karno began searching for a coffee roasting system and soon found himself in the Oregon woods trading barbs with a cranky septuagenarian chemical engineer and probable genius, Michael Sivetz, who built near mythical coffee roasters in a converted church located on the main street of tiny Corvallis. Soon Karno was roasting his own organic coffee beans in a Sivetz fluid bed roaster and by 1992, his company, Gourmet Coffee Warehouse was supplying coffeehouses, supermarkets and specialty shops throughout Southern California with certified organic coffees. His was the first and largest certified organic coffee roaster in LA and Karno’s retail stores, operating under the name Groundwork, became synonymous with quality and community outreach.

In 2013, Karno sold Groundwork to focus on developing an innovative line of cold brew coffees, espresso extracts and gourmet coffee concentrates. As a believer in expediency and challenges, Karno decided to locate his production facility in the Nevada desert because, what better place to make and sell cold brew coffee than in the desert.

Today, Karno’s new brands include Lucky Jack Iced Coffees™, the first nitrogenated cold brew iced coffees available in bottles (they’re organic too) and Lucky Jack Slow Brew™ organic coffee extract for fast, easy to make coffee (hot or cold), shakes, smoothies, anywhere you want to add a shot of coffee.



Company: Lucky Jack
Brand: Lucky Jack
Origin: USA
Category: Iced coffee
Packaging: 10.5 fl oz / 310.5 ml
Claims: 100% organic Arabica beans, all organic ingredients
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: luckyjackcoffee.com







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Product Spotlight: Simply Gum 100% Natural Coffee Gum




  • Freshen your breath with all natural chewing gum made from just 6 simple ingredients: organic raw cane sugar, natural chicle, natural maple flavor, organic vegetable glycerin, organic soy lecithin, organic rice flour
  • No aspartame, plastic, rubbers or other synthetics that are found in conventional gum, concealed under the term "gum base"
  • Biodegradable and plastic- free yet you can still blow bubbles; handcrafted in New York; vegan and gluten free; may contain soy; xylitol-free; great for kids
  • Bulk bundle includes 6 packs with 15 pieces each
  • TASTING NOTE: Our gum tastes different from regular gum! Since we don't use artificial flavors, the taste is more subtle and less sweet. It is also softer. If you like the taste of aspartame and diet soda, this gum is not for you! Our Mint gum is subtly sweet and refreshing.









no artificial flavors.
no Preservatives.
no synthetics.

Regular chewing gum is packed with artificial substances that are potentially toxic,
including plastic, aspartame, and BHT. Because we only use natural ingredients, our gum
is not only better for your body, it's also biodegradable and better for the planet





About the Company
We set out to make a better chew

The regular chewing gum you see on grocery store shelves is filled with artificial substances, including some of the same components used in the manufacture of car tires, plastic bottles, and white glue, as well as artificial sweeteners like aspartame.

Consumers are kept in the dark about what they are chewing because the FDA allows conventional gum brands to hide up to 80 synthetic ingredients in the catch-all term "gum base" on the label.

Although there are a few gum brands in the US market claiming to be "natural," all of them include synthetics in their base.

We knew we could do better





Company: Simply Gum
Brand:  Simply Gum
Slogan: 100% Natural
Origin: USA
Category:  Chewing Gum
Packaging:  15 Pieces
Claims: No aspartame, plastic, rubbers or other synthetics that are found in conventional gum, concealed under the term "gum base", No Artificial Flavors, No Preservatives, No Synthetics
Variants: View product range here
Price:  $13.99
Where to Buy: Store Locator, Buy Online
Website: simplygum.com










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Packaging Spotlight: Numero Uno Coffee



The smell of freshly roasting coffee filled the street as customers and staff buzzed around the place like worker bees and brought the surrounding industrial area to life, a beautiful sensory overload.






These guys were kicking goals with their amazing coffee but their identity didn't show any of the soul and passion that they put into their work everyday.

We popped our heads in for a cup of coffee, and pretty soon we went to work on capturing the essence of their company.



As we watched them go about their craft, roasting, blending & bagging their beans in the humble workshop, we chatted further. What we found interesting was how they combine their two loves, jamming as a band while the beans roasted & cooled. This became our inspiration…









The new identity reflects their craft and passion, and captures the sensorial experience of Numero Uno coffee – it flows like a musical note, tumbling beans, the aroma of coffee, the swirl of milk. For the packaging we delivered a cost effective solution by printing branded matte white bags and a variety of blend stickers printed in small batches to allow the guys the flexibility to experiment with new blends, limited edition and single origin roasts.

The branding even works upside down!



“I’ve always seen my coffee journey like a love affair – the more I become involved, the more addictive and dynamic it becomes.”

— Gina Di Brita, Founder,
Numero Uno Artisan Coffee Roasters





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Coffee Spotlight: Oakland Organic High-Altitude Andean Whole Bean Blend



Our High Altitude Andean Whole Bean Blend combines organic, fair-trade beans from Peru and Bolivia into a 100% compostable package. As the beans from each source have their own distinct characteristics, we roast them separately for optimal taste. The result is a consistently delicious cup of coffee with smooth chocolate overtones and bold earthy flavors.



About the company

Oakland Coffee Works was born out of the pursuit of making a damn good cup of coffee. But it’s not just about making great coffee, it’s about doing business differently. It’s about uniting our passion for coffee, the environment, and community to make a difference in world. Deciding to follow our passion has lead to ten exciting years’ of experimentation with roasting, innovations in packaging, expert consultations, and rigorous testing as we search for the highest quality cup of sustainably grown organic coffee.

Operating with respect for the environment is built into the fabric not just of our company but into us as individuals. We want to ensure the circle of production is in its healthiest state, because we think there’s always something that can be done to improve the world we share. That’s why we strive to truly innovate and improve our products and practices as Oakland Coffee grows.



Company: Oakland
Brand: Organic High-Altitude Andean Whole Bean Blend
Slogan: Oakland
Origin: US
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 12 oz.
Claims: Organic, fair-trade, 100% compostable package.
Variants: View product range here
Price: $12.99
Where to Buy: US, Buy Online
Website: http://oaklandcoffee.com/



oakland 1



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Coffee Spotlight: Starbucks Guatemala Casi Cielo, Back for a Limited-Time



Returning for its 10th season is Guatemala Casi Cielo® coffee, meaning “almost heaven,” a rich and elegant coffee with smooth, balancing lemony acidity and hints of dark cocoa. The coffees that make up Guatemala Casi Cielo® were selected from the Antigua region of Guatemala because they deliver the finest the region has to offer.

The Antigua Valley is one of the most renowned areas in the world for production of high-quality coffee. At altitudes above 1,525 meters, coffee trees produce dense beans with a remarkable complexity. Floral aromas, lemony flourishes and deep dark cocoa notes combine to create a smooth, versatile brew that pairs with the entire meal, from savory herb dishes to rich chocolate desserts, caramel, apples and artisanal cheeses. Ideal for espresso, coffee press or automatic brewer. This coffee is available for a limited-time in whole bean, K-Cup® packs and Verismo™ pods at participating Starbucks® retail stores and at Starbucksstore.com.

About Starbucks

Since 1971, Starbucks Coffee Company has been committed to ethically sourcing and roasting high-quality arabica coffee. Today, with more than 23,000 stores around the globe, Starbucks is the premier roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence and our guiding principles, we bring the unique Starbucks Experience to life for every customer through every cup. To share in the experience, please visit our stores or online at news.starbucks.com and Starbucks.com.








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Drink Spotlight: Stumptown Coconut Cold Brew Coffee


We start with the highest quality coffee, cold brew it without heat for over 12 hours, then use a double filtration process to procure the end result: a complex, smooth and full-bodied brew with low-acid and a chocolate finish. Feelings of invincibility and euphoria are likely to follow.


You don't do dairy. Say no more. We've mixed our life-affirming Cold Brew with the finest coconut cream from Sumatra, Indonesia for a dairy-free, vegan game changer. Coconut Cold Brew is made with three natural ingredients so separation is bound to happen. For a good time, shake it like you mean it.


About the Company
Hang around Stumptown long enough, and you’ll soon see what we’re all about. You might get a sense of it sitting in one of our cafes watching the barista dial in an espresso dose while having a conversation about stoner metal with one of our regulars. Or maybe you’re hanging out at the new headquarters in industrial Southeast Portland, observing the crux of the operation in full swing. There you might see Jim Kelso, our head of quality control, looking dapper, sampling this season’s Costa Rican day lots, talking cupping scores with head roaster Steve Kirbach, still in his cycling cap. Walk across the airy space, which once housed a timber processing facility, and you’ll find Jonathan Sielaff in the training lab, bedecked in a dark denim Italian apron, experimenting with new brew methods and equipment, leading a barista polishing session, helping to perfect the consummate swirl when steaming milk. Read More




Company: Stumptown Coffee Roasters
Brand: Stumptown
Origin: USA
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 16fl oz (473ml)
Claims: Dairy Free, Vegan
Variants: View Range Here
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: stumptowncoffee.com




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pressd feat1

Company Spotlight: Press’d Coffee Water Enhancers



Press’d is the first 100% Pure coffee concentrate that combines genuine taste & sleek convenience in a squeeze.

We worked with coffee experts to craft a pure coffee concentrate that preserves the genuine taste & aroma of the best Arabica coffee beans. Then we bottled it in a sleek pocket-sized bottle so that you can make 16 cups anywhere – simply squeeze & add hot water.






We’re evolving the coffee experience

Coffee Concentrate

We worked with coffee experts to craft a pure Arabica concentrate that puts 16 cups of genuine coffee in the palm of your hands.

Low-temperature brew

While most traditional quick coffees use a high temperature extraction method that strips the coffee of its taste & aroma, Press’d is made with a patented low temperature brew method that preserves the genuine flavor & aroma of the coffee beans.

Sleek convenience

We’ve taken on-the-go convenience to the next level with our sleek pocket-sized bottles so that you can make 16 cups of no-compromise coffee at home, at the office or on-the-go.



We’re evolving the coffee experience.

Alarm. Coffee. Catch the tube. Work. Deadlines. Boss. Coffee. Gym. Dinner. Coffee. Sweet sleep. Repeat.

We are coffee lovers who are pressed for time but unimpressed with the taste of traditional quick coffees.

So we set out to create a new way of drinking coffee that combines genuine taste & sleek convenience.

We worked with coffee experts to craft a pure coffee concentrate that preserves the genuine taste & aroma of the best Arabica coffee beans. Then we bottled it in a sleek pocket-sized bottle so that we can make 16 cups anywhere.



Press’d Brew Method

The Press’d Brew method is a low-temperature brew method that preserves the genuine quality, flavour & aroma of the coffee bean until your last sip. We also use real ground coffee to give extra freshness to your cup.

Most traditional quick coffees are made with a high temperature extraction and drying method, which strips the quality, flavour & aroma from the coffee and leaves you with that “instant” vibe.

Our patented Press’d Brew method is a low-temperature brew method that preserves the genuine quality, flavour & aroma of the coffee bean until your last sip. We also use real ground coffee to give extra freshness to your cup.





Colombian Coffee

For unadorned, all-day coffee perfection, our Colombian blend hits just the right notes of the rich, smooth taste of Colombian arabica coffee.  Drink it nude or glam it up the way you like it.




Caramel Coffee

Sometimes your day needs a little extra flavour. This is our Colombian blend with just the right infusion of smooth, natural caramel flavour – just the pick me up you need. Add sugar or milk to bring out the full richness of the caramel.




Vanilla Coffee

Sometimes you need a note of sweet, darling vanilla. This is our Colombian blend with an infusion of silky natural vanilla flavor. Enjoy as is or add some sugar and milk to bring out the full creamy vanilla notes.



Company: Press'd Coffee
Brand:  Press'd Coffee Water Enhancers
Slogan:  Press'd Coffee
Origin: US
Category: Coffee
Packaging:  48ml
Claims:  Made with 100% Arabica Beans, low-temperature brew method.
Variants: View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: US, Coming soon
Website: http://www.pressdcoffee.com/



pressd 1



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coffee planet feat6

Coffee Spotlight: Coffee Planet Single Origin: Burundi (Kirimro)



A complex coffee with beautiful aromas of sweet almonds, strawberries and rhubarb. A delicious coffee truly representative of the fantastic work of the farmers of Burundi.


Tasting Notes: A juicy acidity like soft red cherries and green apple

Strength: Medium (3)

Country of Origin: Burundi (Kirimro)

Weight: 250g



About the company

We love coffee. The taste, the occasion and the ritual.

But when we set out the coffee landscape was very different. It was a totally middle-aged and typically boring environment. So we changed it. Starting right at the beginning we looked at how coffee was being made, found out who was growing what and how we could create the awesome blends you enjoy today.

Coffee Planet is a real-life example of what can be achieved with a bit of discontent with the way things are. Proving there is always a better way of doing, saying or supplying something So, we built our own Coffee Roastery. And got ourselves a cool Roastmaster guy (he’s the coffee expert!) to make the coffee.

After trying every conceivable combination for what seemed an eternity, one day we did it, we hit flavour! It felt like we had struck oil. We had the formula. Let the roasting commence!

We wanted to spread our Coffee universe far and wide, giving good Coffee where previously there was none. Oh, and in a way that was easy for both us and the customer. Fuel stations! Lots of people, all stopping for refreshment. Perfect! They could grab one while filling up, Genius! Out of this thinking came our fresh milk coffee machine, a technologically advanced system so clever it can deliver fantastic coffee every minute of every day to absolute perfection. And thus perfect gourmet Coffee is now available in fuel stations throughout the Middle East because we dared to be different.



Company: Coffee Planet
Brand:  Single Origin: Burundi (Kirimro)
Slogan:  Coffee Planet
Origin: Dubai, UAE
Category: Coffee
Packaging:  250g
Claims:  Medium strength 3, sourced from Burundi.
Variants: View product range here
Price:  AED 45.00
Where to Buy: Dubai UAE, Buy Online
Website: http://shop.coffeeplanet.com/



coffee planet 6




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grass fed feat1

Crowdfunding Spotlight: The World’s First Ready to Drink GrassFed Butter Coffee!



"The taste of Grass Fed Coffee exceeded our wildest expectations!" "It's better than any butter coffee I can make at home!”






Grass Fed Coffee is the World's First Ready to Drink Butter Coffee with four key ingredients...






People have been adding cream to coffee forever. Cream is butter, shaken. It's really not that weird.

Also, our GrassFed Butter is full of vitamins and antioxidants. This isn't your run of the mill, super market butter.

It's amazing.


Two years ago, I read about butter coffee and began drinking it every morning in place of breakfast.

After not very long, my friends and I were astounded by my physical transformation. I cut body fat and lost weight.

But beyond the obvious physical changes, I also experienced incredible mental benefits.

My productivity shot through the roof from increased focus. My energy was better than before. No crashes! And it held steady throughout the day.

All from one daily cup of butter coffee!

I wasn't the only one experiencing results too.

Players on the Lakers drink butter coffee before games. It's huge in the Paleo and Cross-Fit communities. Bio-hackers constantly tinker with new versions. Tons of regular folks like you and me also enjoy butter coffee as well.

I started GrassFed Coffee so everyone could experience the benefits of butter coffee.

When our first samples were made, we expected it would taste like butter coffee we made every morning, at home.

But the smoothness of the chicory, combined with the slight sweetness of the xylitol, along with our Peruvian coffee tastes out of this world!

It exceeded our wildest expectations. I can't wait for you to try it!





Visit their crowdfunding site

Visit their website



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