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Packaging Spotlight: Delírio Tropical


Designed by
Isabela Rodrigues
Porto Alegra, Brasil

Delírio Tropical is an important restaurant located in Rio de Janeiro, focused on salads and natural products.

We’ve been asked to refresh their branding and bring all the essence of the place in a fun and healthy way.

We’ve chosen to keep the saturated and vibrant colours of the brand and work with a mosaic of elements that are composed in the names of the house salads.




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xl energy

Energy Spotlight: XL USA Energy Drink



XL Energy Drink - the main product, brand driver and MUST HAVE.


Lightly carbonated generic formula has been developed for the times when you need an extra dose of energy. Made in Poland!


Carbonated water, sugar, taurine (E1000mg/250ml), caffeine (80mg/350ml), INS 330, sodium citrate (INS 331), artificial flavor, caramel pigment (INS 150c), vitamins vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6 and vitamin B12, gluten free.


Per Serving size: 250ml, Fat, Energy(kj): 483, Energy(kcal): 115, Sodium (g/mg): 124mg, Sodium : 5%, Total Carbohydrate(g/mg): 27mg, Total Carbohydrate: 9%, Vitamin B12(g/mg): 0.5ug, Vitamin B12: 21%, Vitamin B2(g/mg): 1.3mg, Vitamin B2: 100%, Vitamin B3(g/mg): 16mg, Vitamin B3: 100%, Vitamin B5(g/mg): 5mg, Vitamin B5: 100%, Vitamin B6(g/mg): 1.3mg, Vitamin B6: 100%, Carbohydrate: 27mg



Company: Xl Energy By Golden Trade
Brand: Xl
Origin: Made in Poland
Category: Energy & Sports Drinks
Claims: Liquid composition ready to drink based in taurine and caffeine. Artificially flavored! Pasteurized! Recyclable packaging.
Packaging: 250 ml and 500 ml Aluminium Can, 500ml and 1L PET bottle
Variants: Sugar Free, Cranberry, Lime and Lemon, Sports Maniac, After Party, Double Kick
Price: € 1.94/can
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: xl-energy.com

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Drink Spotlight: Lucozade Brazil Themed Sports Drink


The makers of Lucozade are getting the carnival started early with the launch of Lucozade Sport Brazilian Guava Flavour and Lucozade Energy ‘The Brazilian’ Mango & Mandarin Flavour.

With the World Cup forming a vital part of consumers’ social calendars in 2014 and representing a significant commercial opportunity for retailers, the new variants are set to capture the attention of consumers and increase penetration of the sports & energy drinks category.

Dave Stratton, brand development director – Lucozade, says, “Limited editions are great at attracting new users and delivering incremental sales to the sports & energy category. With 63% of Britons expecting to increase their leisure spending as a consequence of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil, we are confident our Brazilian inspired variants will drive further category growth.

“During a World Cup year we see huge growth in TV viewing figures and sporting participation as a consequence, presenting an opportune time for retailers to capitalise on the latest Sports and Energy NPD from Lucozade.”

The launch of Lucozade Sport Brazilian Guava Flavour and Lucozade Energy ‘The Brazilian’ Mango & Mandarin Flavour will feature in the upcoming £12m Lucozade marketing campaign including TV, sponsorship, experiential, digital and in-store support.

Lucozade Energy ‘The Brazilian’ Mango & Mandarin Flavour will be available from 20th December 2013 in 380ml price-marked packs (PMPs) and 500ml packs.

Lucozade Sport Brazilian Guava Flavour will be available from 6th January in 500ml standard and PMPs and a 500ml 4-pack.


Company: Lucozade
Brand: Lucozade
Slogan: Isotonic Performance Fuel
Category: Sports & Energy Drinks
Origin: UK
Packaging: 500ml bottle
Claims: Limited Edition
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: lucozade.com





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RTD Spotlight: WKD Launching Limited Edition Brazilian Variety



WKD has unveiled a new addition to its portfolio: WKD Brazilian – an exotic new Limited Edition for 2014 which takes its inspiration from Brazil, exuding the party atmosphere of the world-famous Rio de Janeiro carnival and the lively Copacabana beach night scene.

Billed as a ‘party in a bottle’ WKD Brazilian is available from January in 275ml bottles, the new line has the same 4% ABV and will retail at the same price as the other six variants in the WKD range.

Debs Carter, WKD Marketing Director at SHS Drinks, said:

“Brazil and all things Brazilian are very much of the moment as we head into 2014 – Lonely Plant has recently tipped Brazil as the top visitor destination for next year and the country will certainly be the focal point for all footie fans when the World Cup gets underway next summer.

“Brazil also is renowned for its vibrant night and street life, especially at carnival time, and WKD Brazilian aims to capture this exotic party spirit in a bottle.

“With the spotlight being on Brazil next year, it’s the perfect timing to introduce this topical WKD Limited Edition – an innovation which will bring excitement and a new dimension to the RTD category.”


Company: SHS Drinks
Brand: WKD
Category: Flavored Alcohol
Origin: UK
Packaging: 275ml bottle
Claims: Limited Edition
Alcohol Volume: 4%
Where to Buy: Available January 2014
Website: wkd.co.uk, shs-drinks.co.uk

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Drink Spotlight: Do Bem Detox Monstro Green Juice from Brazil


Do Bem drinks has announced a new product launch in November,  another unprecedented innovation in the beverage market : Green Juice . The drink is the result of a delicious mix of leaves , fruits, vegetables and greens which has became a craze around the world for the numerous benefits the drink offers. Like other drinks from the Do Bem, Green Juice is natural as it contains no preservatives, no sugar or other chemical additives , ie , it is as fresh as juice made ​​at home!


The green juice promotes a true Detox of the body, promoting a " housecleaning " in the body , sweeping toxins, activating the immune system, improving bowel function and hydration of the body. What ensures that positive health action is mixing the ingredients , featuring apple, cucumber, kale, lemon, ginger and mint.


Differentials and innovation are also present in the package of Green Juice ™ as well, ushering in a new visual look with a camouflaged box.


According to the founder and president of the brand, Marcos Leta, Detox, follows the trend of Do Bem of always launching innovative products. " We will continue innovating . We were the first full orange juice, the first coconut water without preservatives and first mate tea with lemon without preservatives. And we will continue with the same focus , simplifying people's lives by offering real, healthy and innovative for our clients and friends experiences, " concludes Mark.




Company: Do Bem
Brand: Do Bem
Origin: Brasil
Category: Water, Juice
Claims: 100% Natural, No Preservatives
Packaging:  1 Liter
Price: R $ 8.99
Website: dobem.com




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Product Spotlight: Kaiser Radler Beer From Brazil


Radler is a lightweight and highly refreshing recipe for mixing beer with natural lemon juice. Joining these two ingredients, it refreshes twice, so it's been hit among Europeans.


Water, lager type beer, sugar, concentrated lemon juice, lemon natural flavor.


Radler beers are becoming very popular worldwide. Consumers are looking for more healthy options when drinking alcoholic beverages and the combination of fruit juice and beer in a low alcohol volume drink is the perfect answer.

For more information on Radler beers visit our Radler report Here.



Company: Heineken
Brand: Kaiser
Category: Beer
Origin: Brazil
Packaging: 355ml bottle, 350ml can
Alcohol Volume: 2%
Website: kaiser.com.br



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Product Spotlight: Delicari Greek Yogurt from Brazil


Delicari is an innovative dairy company from Brazil offering some amazingly good products in innovative and attractive package designs. Their current offering includes a line of Yogurt and Ice Cream products.


About Delicari
We are a brand of dairy products produced with only natural ingredients, no artificial colors, flavors or any other artificial components. Let nature take its pace to create the flavors, smells, colors, textures and nutrients.

We want to offer more healthy, pleasurable and conscious dairy products. We use Leitíssimo produced in Bahia born from cows fed on pasture and without the injection of hormones and free of tuberculosis and brucellosis. The Leitíssimo stands out for being rich in nutrients and for possessing a creamy texture.

In our store we sell many other products that result from a careful curation process.





Ingredients: milk and dairy yeast


Nutritional Information
portion (170g) Calories: 180kcal/771kJ (9% DV) / Carbs: 7g (2% DV) / Protein: 7g (10% DV) / Total Fat: 14g (25% DV) / Saturated Fat: 9g (43% DV) / Trans Fat: 0g (** VD) / Dietary Fiber: 0g (0% DV) / Sodium: 95mg (4% DV) / Calcium: 185mg (19% DV) DV: Value Daily / Daily Values are based on a diet of 2,000 kcal or 8400 kJ. Your daily values ​​may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs. ** DV not established.




Company: Delicari
Brand: Delicari
Slogan: Alimentos Feitos Com Tempo (Food made with time)
Origin: Brazil
Category: Yogurt
Packaging: 170g
Claims: Natural
Variants: Bali Caramel, Polynesian Vanilla, Greek, Blueberry, Greek, Passionfruit, Lemon, Strawberry, Honey, Natural
Price: R$ 4,00
Where to Buy:  Direct on Website
Website: delicari.com.br


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Dairy Spotlight: AtiLatte Yogurt Cups from Brazil


AtiLatte from Brasil has launched a line of Yogurt products, now available in cups.

The products are natural, without any additives or preservatives. The cream versions have 0% fat and 0% sugar.


Our cups come in 170g sizes, the ideal amount for a balanced snack which have 59 calories for
the creamed varieties and 114 calories for the integrals.


One of the few products on the market produced with type A milk. Type A milk has the highest grade rating for pure milk.


The new AtiLatte products ATILATTE are made with a fermentation process that ensures a more firm and creamy texture.


To maintain health and fitness, exercise is just as important as your eating habits. Include AtiLatte in your diet to achieve the desired results. Do it in a delicious way.


Company: AtiLatte
Brand: AtiLatte
Origin: Brasil
Category: Dairy, Yogurt
Packaging: 170g
Claims: Type A Milk, Zero Fat, Zero Sugar
Variants: Natural Curd, Creamed Curd, Creamed, Natural
Website: atilatte.com.br





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