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Coffee Spotlight: Parisi Whiskey Barrel-Conditioned Brazil Fazenda Do Serrado Artisan Coffee




Exclusively sourced Brazil Mantiqueria-certified beans have been conditioned in Tom's Town Distilling Co.'s own whiskey barrel. The lingering aromatics of the bourbon are absorbed into the green bean, both rehydrating the coffee while imparting exquisite flavors. Parisi then roasts the beans to maximize the natural essence of every bean.




About Parisi Artisan Coffee

Great coffee is motivational. Inspirational. Timeless moments are often shared over a cup. So we take our coffee seriously. Selecting, roasting and brewing it right is an art. Parisi Coffee is our proud, passionate homage to our Italian heritage. It's also our way to share our delicious traditions with you, so you can start your own. Read More





Company: Parisi Artisan Coffee
Brand: Parisi Artisan Coffee
Origin: Brazil / USA
Category: Coffee
Packaging: 8oz (226g)
Claims: Whole Bean Coffee. 100% Arabica Beans. Small Batch Roasted.
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $17.50
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Retailers






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Packaging Spotlight: CAIPIRINHA Itália Alcoholic Ice Cream Bar



Designed by

Katherine De Franco
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil



Itália is a Brazilian ice cream brand that has launched a new line of alcoholic ice cream. Caipirinha is a Brazilian drink that was made into an ice cream bar. The idea to promote this product is a party mood, creating an association of the drink with fun moments, Samba and Carnival.








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Industry News: Rosé Piscine, the French Rosé Made to Drink on the Rocks, Launches in US Following Millennial Success in France and Brazil



NEW YORK, May 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Rosé Piscine, the French rosé specifically made to drink over ice, is arriving for the first time in the US market, just in time for summer. Rosé Piscine, with its eye-catching blue and white striped bottle, appealed instantly to Millennials in France and Brazil, where the brand was initially launched. These Millennials did not want to drink the same wines, the same way as their parents and Rosé Piscine caught on like a Millennial wildfire. Today, the brand sells several million bottles a year in those two markets.

Rosé Piscine has an equally compelling backstory.

Jacques Tranier, a French wine executive on holiday in St. Tropez, observed beachgoers ordering rosé in cognac glasses over ice, which some waiters called rosé piscine. He ordered one and found that it was refreshing, but as the ice melted it tasted watery and lacked the typical rosé acidity and crispness.

Upon returning to the winery, Mr. Tranier and his winemaker took it upon themselves to create the perfect rosé to be served over ice, by targeting a specific and proprietary acidity, residual sugar content, mouth feel and appearance; Rosé Piscine is now a trademarked name of the company.

"Rosé Piscine is an uncomplicated, fun, and irreverent rosé tailored to the way many Millennials drink rosé on the rocks while on the beach or boat, at barbecues or poolside in the Hamptons," explains Blake Helppie, whose company, Altitude Capital Trading, LLC (dba Rosé Piscine USA) is the exclusive US importer and brand manager of Rosé Piscine. Helppie, along with a Brazilian business partner, introduced the Rosé Piscine brand in Brazil almost two years ago.

Stephanie Meyer, the US brand director with Rosé Piscine USA adds, "We believe that our organic social media focus and strong event line-up, including La Nuit en Rosé in New York City from May 18-20, 2017 and Dan's Taste of Summer Rosé Soirée in Southampton on May 28 will rapidly drive national excitement around the Rosé Piscine brand in the US, exactly as we built the brand in Brazil and France."


About Altitude Capital Trading, LLC (dba Rosé Piscine USA)
Rosé Piscine USA is the exclusive US importer and brand manager of Rosé Piscine. The Company maintains offices in Miami and New York and warehouses product in New Jersey, California and Pennsylvania. For more information, please visit http://www.rosepiscine.com, Instagram @rosepiscine, Facebook @RosePiscineUSA.





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Packaging Spotlight: Traditional 7 Coffee



Designed by

Studio - JQ

Bristol, United Kingdom




Traditional 7 Classic Ground Coffee. A delicious brand of coffee you can have any day of the week! All Works Copyright © 2016 ∆ Studio–JQ ∆





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Packaging Spotlight: Nake Brand Packaging


Designed by
Goiânia, Brazil

Created to accompany the new consumption habits related to nourishment, Nake brings its product’s final purpose within its identity: Purity, simplicity and function. The project aims to bring personality in its communication to accomplish distinction in the segment of cold pressed juices, given the concept of purity and simplicity we developed the verbal/visual speech having the packaging as its main touchpoint. Objective cleanness which transmits how sophisticated the product’s preparation is, while still being perceived as friendly and natural.










Creative Direction / Design: Braz de Pina & Rodrigo Francisco
Strategy/Naming: Luís Feitoza
Support Design: Murilo Pascoal
Planning: Andrea Montoro & Rodrigo Lopes
Print Finalist: Flávio Forzany
Product/Still Photography: Edgard Soares


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Packaging Spotlight: Wild Leaf



Designed by
Sweety & Co
Porto Alegre, Brazil


Wild Leaf was created with the mission of offering Active Teas capable of providing different benefits for both body and mind. As a way of attracting the younger audience and making it replace sodas with a healthier diet, we've created a fun, strong and bold line of products. The result is a color explosion in a packaging as dynamic as its audience i

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Packaging Spotlight: Q/Snack




Designed by
Equity Design
Sao Paulo, Brazil




A project powered by Equity Design

Art Direction & Design: Lucas Aguiar, Gu Sobral, Sergio Magalhaes
Character Illustrations: Gu Sobral
3D Illustrations: Un Mariachi 3D Studio
Copywrite: Alessandro Garcia

What's the story?

When it comes to quinoa, everything is impressive. It's called super food.
Recommended by NASA. Considered best plant food for human consumption.

The question is: if it is so complete, so healthy, so nutritious, what is really missing to be widely consumed? We came to the conclusion: the lack of taste. Or tastes. Thus we face the challenge of creating quinoa snacks with flavors to lick your fingers.

So yes, we did it.
No gluten.
No sugar.
No lactose.











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rafa feat1

Packaging Spotlight: Rafa Clips



Designed by

Triocom Graphic, Matheus Corseuil, Lucas Matheus and Estevan Marques

Chapeco, Brazil




The office supply industry RAFA® existed for over 20 years. When sought our design studio to work a new brand positioning and packaging realized that there was a project that would be very pleasurable to develop and have a great result. In the research we could identify how this type of product has low competition and visual appeal to all competitors. For activation of the materials we define own icons and a revival in all packages. The largest project of the differential was to create packaging with great emotional and visual appeal, based on the fact that the products are direct competitors have packaging with few colors and low saturation. So we prefer to use pure colors PANTONE with high saturation, that the graphics processes stay aligned. Thus the packages we have created cause a faster visual impact than the competition.




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blocks feat1

Snack Spotlight: Blocks Apple and Cinnamon Bar



Hey people! Since the beginning of apple and cinnamon times, they've always gone well together! There must be some reason ... This is our version of this marriage.




Dates, almonds, dried apples, raisins, nuts, cinnamon.





About the company

We want to show that sweets can be healthy... and healthy can be tasty too.

We put passion and boldness into every sweetie we do. And we want to offer full bites of unexpected, interesting and delicious flavors.

BLOCKS is a new experience in the world of sweet snacks: sweet fun, affordable and quality. Made with love and dedication to be at your side... wherever you are.

Try one!



Company: Blocks
Brand: Apple and Cinnamon Bar
Origin: Brazil
Category: Bars
Packaging: 20g each
Claims: 75 calories per serving, lactose-free, gluten-free.
Variants: View product range here
Price: Coming soon
Where to Buy: Portugal, Store Locator
Website: http://www.blocksbarra.com.br/





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