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Tech Spotlight: WineGlass App



Just take a picture of a wine list at a bar or restaurant – WineGlass will instantly scan the image and give you an interactive version on your iPhone.

WineGlass shows you ratings, reviews, price information and food pairings for each wine, helping you make smart choices for your own taste and budget.

WineGlass removes the anxiety and confusion from reading a wine list. Build confidence and develop your own wine vocabulary, guided by millions of expert tasting notes from our partner CellarTracker, the world’s leading wine community.





About the Company
WineGlass started with a conversation between brothers Roddy and Alec Lindsay in 2012. The Brothers Lindsay were staring at a wine list in a restaurant in Moscow, eyes glazed over with anxiety and shame. Like many poor saps whose wine knowledge consisted of a preference for white, or possibly red, the natural instinct was simply to choose the second cheapest.

It dawned on us that the deck was fundamentally stacked. How are we normals ever supposed to know what the hell “Coche-Dury Auxey-Duresses, Cote de Beaune” means? Is it a red, or a white? Will I like it more than “Domaine Dujac Aux Malconsorts, Vosne-Romanee”? Instead of our decision being informed by data or a trusted recommendation, it felt more like the superstition with which one might select a horse at the race track.

Even if the list had displayed each wine’s country, region, and type of grape(s), that’s still not much to go on. There are hundreds of grape varieties and plenty of obscure regions in the world, with lots of variance in quality and taste within each. Ask for help? Unfortunately, many restaurants don’t have a sommelier on staff who can offer guidance, and often we don’t even know what question to ask…

So that evening, we decided to build a wine app for the rest of us. An app that would replace our shame with confidence. A friendly, intuitive app that would tell us a thing or two about a wine before we plunk our money down, and would help us learn what “minerality” actually tastes like.

We thought the app should be simple and fast. So all you need to do is take a photo of a wine list, and WineGlass shows you helpful information about each wine: what the wine is, what the wine should cost, and what others say about it. Easy. Read More








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Tech Spotlight: Hellman’s Delivers Cooking Lessons via WhatsApp in Brazil


The mayonnaise brand has launched WhatsCook in Brazil, a campaign that provides instant recipes and cooking advice from pro chefs via the popular WhatsApp messaging service.

Hellmann’s mayonnaise is determined to find new ways to engage its customer base, whether it’s through NFC-enabled touchscreen shopping carts that deliver meal suggestions as customers walk through the store, or printing recipes on the back of receipts, tailored their shopping bill. Now it’s returned with WhatsCook, a campaign that helps anyone get instant recipes and cooking advice from pro chefs via the popular WhatsApp messaging service.

Continue Reading @ SpringWise


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Tech Spotlight: DinnerTime App – A Smarter Solution to Parental Control



DinnerTime is a user-friendly app parents can download to remind their children about taking time out from their mobile devices to study, get the sleep they need, and of course, enjoy mealtime as a family. Features include Dinner Time, Bed Time and Take a Break control options.






DinnerTime Plus has the features of DinnerTime, with additional parental control functionalities.

Set time limits for how long your children can use both the app and the device
Display real-time status of your children’s device and which app is currently running
Blocked apps (e.g. during exam time)
Detailed device usage reporting







About the Company
DinnerTime app is created by a team of developers at ZeroDesktop, Inc., based in Silicon Valley. ZeroDesktop, Inc. is a leading developer for next generation family computing platforms, leveraging their expertise in Cloud and Mobile technologies to help parents guide and safeguard their children’s activities on their mobile devices.

ZeroDesktop delivers innovative next-generation Android-powered devices for kids, Cloud-based parental control features for phones and tablets, and Unified Cloud API & Metadata Engine and content aggregation services. Their technologies are used by consumers and also licensed to leading Telcos, OEMs and ISVs in Europe and Asia.





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Tech Spotlight: Mellow – A New Kind of Kitchen Robot


It takes a lot of energy to craft a great meal, when you have to balance dinner, work, and everything else you have going on. Mellow makes it a lot easier by cooking ingredients to perfection while you’re away. This way, when you want to cook dinner, you can let go of the stress and focus on enjoying yourself.

Think of Mellow as your loyal helper. Tell it what to do, teach it what you like, and it’ll do its best to make your life simpler.




Poached eggs, 8 am, soft.

Mellow is a sous-vide machine that takes orders through your smartphone and keeps food cold until it’s the exact time to start cooking.

Because it’s controlled through your phone, and it can keep your food at refrigerator temperatures, Mellow fits into your day seamlessly. No matter what’s going on, you’ll have amazing food ready to go.

Duck confit will cook through day and night until you can take the bones out with two fingers. A salmon fillet will be kept chilled until it’s ready to peak. Everything will be customized to your taste and scheduled automatically.




Designed to fit your life.

Mellow was designed to be part of your daily routine. From the wireless smart control to the ability to keep your food at refrigerator temperatures, everything about Mellow was thought to make your life easier without compromising on your food’s taste or nutrition.
Join the next generation of home cooking.

We’re launching now because we want you to join us as early as possible. By preordering a unit, you’ll join a community helping to choose what to prioritize, what to change, and be the first to test our work. If you don’t feel comfortable on the bleeding edge, you should probably wait.

You can cancel your pre-order without any costs, at any time before we ship. Join us now, and help us reshape home cooking forever.




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Tech Spotlight: Cleanly Laundry App


Simple On-Demand Laundry Delivery

Cleanly was designed to be the easiest way to get your laundry or dry-cleaning done.

So you can go back to doing what you love.


3 Steps To Happiness

Laundry & Dry-Cleaning is a pain. Here’s how we’re making it better.



Enter the time and day that works best for you. Seriously, that’s it.


A Cleanly Valet arrives at your doorstep to pick up your laundry and dry-cleaning.


Your clothes are returned the next day.
Less chores, more hobbies.




From a simple, minimalist design to complete transparency at every step, we’re rethinking laundry and dry-cleaning.

Take a deep breath. Smile. Laundry never felt this easy.




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Tech Spotlight: Craft Check Beer App

What is Craft Check?

It’s an app. For your iPhone. Or I guess for your iPad if you’re the kind of person that uses a tablet to do things other people do with their phones.

It lets you know whether the beer you’re looking at is from an authentic craft brewery or just a mass-market imitation craft beer – either by scanning the barcode or by searching the brewery name.



Who made Craft Check?

Barrett was the one standing in the middle of BevMo wondering which of the beers he was looking at were fake craft breweries and which were real. He was also the one who put together the database and keeps it updated, so feel free to yell at him if he got something wrong.

Rudy said “we can solve that problem,” and handled the “listening to Barrett ramble on about bad ways to build it before suggesting we build it in a much better fashion” part, as well as the actual development.

The inimitable Kristin Myers Harvey handled our design and created our logo (and gratefully hasn’t yelled at us for messing up her beautiful designs and layout a bit in this first release – don’t worry Kristin, we’re fixing it!)



What’s “craft brewery” mean?

The Brewers Association has their official definition here, but the gist of it is that if the brewery is owned by a company that sponsors a stadium, intentionally misspells the word “light” or is the “official beer” of anything other than your evening, it’s probably not a craft brewery. Basically, smaller breweries more focused on brewing good beer than on corporate beverage domination.



Why do you only verify American breweries as craft breweries?

The truth is that in most of the rest of the world there isn’t an actual definition for craft brewery – it’s a completely subjective term. Some countries like Canada have several competing definitions (see this 2011 post from The Year of Beer) and most of UK and Europe doesn’t have any prevailing definition at all, as outlined in this post from the excellent BrewDog. So until there’s a larger consensus we feel kind of obligated to stick with what’s agreed-upon.

It’s a problem worth solving and something we’re taking seriously though. We’re looking into different ways to give our completely subjective thumbs-up to some breweries that we’d consider honorary craft breweries in our own eyes, but that don’t meet the existing definition because they’re not American breweries. So keep your eyes peeled for some ideas in the near future, we’re hoping to roll it out soon. Until then though, we’re sticking to what we know we can verify: breweries that officially meet the Brewers Association’s definition of “Craft Brewery.”

Aren’t there enough craft beer apps?

There are a lot of craft beer apps but none that specifically did what we wanted, which was let you pick up a beer, scan it, and immediately know whether or not you were holding a beer from a craft brewery. If you want to know what your friends are drinking, get ratings and opinions, or find out what breweries are nearby, there are better apps for that. If you want a simple yes or no (or the occasional maybe, in hopefully decreasingly common occurrences) then we’ve got you covered.

You screwed up/Why isn’t my favorite brewery listed/This is madness I tell you, madness!

Well…probably, yeah. We had to put together all the information by hand (if it was already easily available, we wouldn’t have had to make Craft Check in the first place!) so mistakes do happen. We’re a very imperfect three-person crew, and Barrett’s typing is occasionally so bad he once misspelled “fantastic” by starting it with a Q. With that said though, we’re committing to monthly updates to both fix mistakes and reflect changes in the marketplace. We want every update to get us closer to zero mistakes and missing breweries, so if you find any let us know and we’ll fix it.



But I really like [insert name of macrobrew here]! Why can’t I just drink what I want?

Look, far be it for us to tell you what to drink. Beer is incredibly personal and everyone’s tastes are different. Hell, we’d be lying if we told you we didn’t occasionally grab a Guinness or a Blue Moon. We’re not fundamentally opposed to macrobreweries and we don’t think they’re inherently evil. We do, however, prefer to support local businesses and think it’s more than a little dishonest for multinational corporate beverage conglomerates to trade on the passion and hard work of thousands of small craft breweries who can’t comprehend the idea of “compromise” (let alone “multibillion dollar marketing budgets”) while simultaneously making it harder for them to compete in a marketplace.

So by all means drink what you like, but since the big guys are going to so much effort to trick you into thinking you’re buying from small craft breweries, we’re going to keep doing our best to level the playing field.



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Tech Spotlight: Nuji Shopping App



Helping users to find clothing, accessories and home wares, Nuji has been a prominent fixture in the online shopping experience for years.



Discover over 500,000 beautiful items

Browse a growing number of products carefully curated by the Nuji community from across the web.
From female and men’s apparel to original homeware and furniture, you will definitely be inspired.






Save items you like from any store

With Nuji, you can collect items you like at your favourite online stores in just one click. It
helps you keep track of all the great things you discover and may want to purchase later.




Follow all your favourite retailers

Get updates from retailers you like all in one place. There are already 30,000 stores from
all over the world, everything from the large popular ones to less well-known boutiques.




Be inspired by people like you

Follow people with similar taste or your friends and see what they’re discovering.
It’s an easy way to find items you like and save the ones you want to your profile.






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Tech Spotlight: Social fashion app crowdsources clothing ID and recommendations

ASAP54 is an app that taps both the crowd and fashion experts for clothing identification and personalized suggestions.

Finding out information about a stylish garment found in a photo or spotted on the street can sometimes be a pain, and while visual search — as used by apps like Snap Fashion — is getting better, it’s not always accurate. ASAP54 is an app that taps both the masses and fashion experts for clothing identification and personalized recommendations.

Read Full Article @ SpringWise

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Tech Spotlight: Cloak the Antisocial App

Spending time avoiding someone on social media has always been easier than avoiding them in real life. Not anymore — thanks to a new app called Cloak.

An “antisocial network,” Cloak rounds up users’ Foursquare and Instagram geolocation data to help them avoid others that they’d rather not see. According to its App Store page, the company even describes it as an “incognito mode for real life” — a nod to Google Chrome browser’s hidden search function.

Continue Reading @ CBSNews

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Tech Spotlight: UP Coffee by Jawbone



Your coffee, your sleep. Science to help you live better.


UP Coffee is the simplest way to understand how caffeine affects your sleep.


Behind its delightful design, Jawbone’s world-class data scientists crunch numbers so you can learn about your body’s reaction to caffeine—without becoming jittery or disrupting your sleep.

Pair with UP by Jawbone to find out if afternoon pick-me-ups keep you awake at night, by how much, and what you can do to sleep more soundly. Don’t have an UP band? No problem. UP Coffee is for all.




See how your caffeine levels change throughout the day as you down espressos, energy drinks and even chocolate. UP Coffee knows when you’re WIRED and how long it will take you to become SLEEP READY.


Everyone metabolizes caffeine differently. UP Coffee helps you understand how your body breaks down every sip by tracing caffeine levels past and present to predict future. Know yourself. Live better.





Unlock a series of experiments that reveal how your body reacts to caffeine. Log for 3 days to see how you compare with other drinkers, for 7 days to reveal your Caffeine Persona. Knowledge is power, so get buzzed.




UP Coffee analyzes your caffeine consumption and your sleep patterns as tracked by UP. Discover relationships between how much and when you drink, your bedtime, sleep duration and nighttime awakenings.




A little experimentation goes a long way. UP Coffee guides you through personalized, data-driven behavior change. Multi-day experiments reveal small changes that can make big differences in how you live—day and night.





1 million cups of coffee,
1 million nights of sleep.

Join the world’s largest study on caffeine and sleep. Make science history.


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