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Alcohol Spotlight: The Wine Bar Woodwork Chardonnay



• Oak influence delivers flavors of caramel and butterscotch

• Striking balance of rich tropical fruit and fragrant oak spices

• Notes of juicy peach, crisp fuji apple and pear






About The Wine Bar:

We at THE WINE BAR believe:

You don’t need a master’s degree to enjoy a great glass of wine.

Picking a wine should not mean having to sift through 100 page wine lists or feeling silly because you have no idea how to pronounce Gewurztraminer. Don’t worry; neither do we half the time. Our spell check didn’t even know how to spell it!.

Just like your neighborhood wine bar, ours is designed to make learning about wine fun and approachable! Read More




Company: The Wine Bar
Brand: The Wine Bar
Origin: USA
Category: Wine
Claims: Oak influence
Variants: View Range Here
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Find a Retailer
Website: thewinebar.com





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Beer spotlight: The Return of Carta Blanca and Superior



Carta Blanca and Superior are making a comeback after several years of being unavailable in Mexico City. These two popular Mexican beers were previously available only in a few states but are now, once again, being sold across the country and on sale for a lower price than most mainstream beers.


Carta Blanca is a gold beer with 4.5 percent alcohol. It was first created by Cuauhtémoc Breweries in Monterrey, Nuevo León, in 1890. The beer won prizes a number of festivals around the world including in Madrid, Brussels, Paris, Munich, and Rio de Janeiro.


Superior hails from Orizaba, Veracruz. Cuauhtémoc Breweries brought Superior Rubia, a blonde beer, to market in 1902 and Heineken México launched Superior Negra, an amber version, 110 years later in central and southern Mexico.




About the Company
Heineken México produces the majority of commercial Mexican beers including Dos Equis, Bohemia, Tecate, Indio, Sol, and Noche Buena (only available over the Christmas season).


Company: Heineken México
Brand: Carta Blanca and Superior
Slogan: The blonde that everyone wants (Superior Rubia)
Origin: Mexico
Category: Beer
Packaging: 335ml bottle
Price: $9.90 MXN
Where to Buy: Various stores
Website: www.cuamoc.com









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Alcohol Spotlight: ROK Uisce Beatha Real Irish Whiskey



In simple terms, Real Irish is a blended Irish whiskey with a characteristically warm, smooth, round spirit overlaid with the influence of ageing in oak casks.

Although quite dry, there is a sense of sweetness from having spent time in Bourbon casks and an underlying nutty complexity.

Real Irish embodies all the elements that make Irish whiskey so accessible and so attractive. It doesn’t have any hard edges. It’s smooth but intense, full of character, revealing layers of taste on the palate.

It’s a fine sipping whiskey but has a concentration of flavour that makes it a significant building block for adventurous mixologists. A whiskey sour made with Real Irish is every bit as much as a Real Irish experience as having it neat or simply over ice.

There are a myriad of right ways to drink Real Irish, and no wrong ones. Despite its depth of character, it’s an easy-going spirit.




Company: ROK Drinks
Brand: ROK
Origin: Ireland
Category: Whisky
Packaging: 70 cl Bottle
Alcohol Volume: 40%
Claims: smooth but intense
Price: Coming Soon
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: realirishwhiskey.com









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Alcohol Spotlight: Baron Tequila


Baron Tequila is a new, ultra-premium tequila handcrafted in Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico and certified gluten free and kosher. We embarked on a two-year tequila fact-finding mission to create the category’s next premier product. At Baron, family is very important to us so to carry out our vision, we partnered with the family-owned and operated Ansan Distillery, where 20-years of experience oversees each step of the tequila making process – from growing and harvesting the agave to the triple distillation and bottling. We have spared no expense or amount of time to make Baron Tequila the epitome of quality spirits. We look forward to you joining the Baron family as you experience our product and share our love of premium tequila!


How It’s Made
Baron has achieved a uniquely, clean smooth taste through a natural process maximizing the power of the agave itself. After 10 years of growth, only the best parts are harvested for production and then slow cooked at a low heat allowing for all of the sugars to caramelize. Hand-guided pot-still distillation cooks off all of the impurities leaving only the “heart” (the best part). Baron is then distilled three times. Not once, not twice, but three times resulting in an extract that gets cleaner and cleaner ultimately achieving a zero-zero taste profile; eliminating any bad odor and bitter taste. Unlike larger industrial producers, Baron is able to achieve a pure taste without the use of glycerin or other additives. And to make sure our product is consistent, a panel of three tasting experts samples each batch to confirm it matches the original. Quality and consistency are of the utmost importance.


The Bottle:
All of our bottles are also made on site by glassblowing artisans with decades of bottle-making experience. Ansan’s glassblowers first select the best quality glass possible and then engage in what they call a “four-touch” process guiding the glass into shape utilizing both human touch and sophisticated machinery to mold the ornate design directly into the glass itself. The 750ml bottle features decorative floral embellishments wrapping around the bottom and sides of the bottle, while the top boasts an engraved version of the Baron logo featuring two dragons flanking an agave plant.


Why dragons you ask?
In Spanish, Baron refers to a magnate or mogul, a nobleman in some cases; a higher power. The project to create Baron began during the year of the dragon, considered by the Chinese to be the luckiest. In fact, many Eastern cultures associate dragons with wisdom and outstanding people. We immediately felt a connection and synergy between the symbolism of the dragon and the name of Baron.



Company: Baron Spirits
Brand: Baron Tequila
Origin: USA
Category: Liquor
Packaging: 750ml
Alcohol Volume: 40%
Price: $54.99
Where to Buy: Store Locator on Website, Buy Online
Website: baronspirits.com






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Drink Spotlight: Palcohol Powdered Alcohol


We are excited by the approval of our powdered alcohol product, Palcohol. The Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) actually approved it some time ago. However, we were caught off guard by the TTB making some of our approved labels public which we now know is standard procedure. As a result, people visited this website that we thought was under the radar because we had not made a formal announcement of Palcohol.


Everything you need to know about Palcohol

1. Who created it? Mark Phillips. Click on the link above for information about Mark.

2. Why? Mark is an active guy…hiking, biking, camping, kayaking, etc. After hours of an activity, he sometimes wanted to relax and enjoy a refreshing adult beverage. But those activities, and many others, don’t lend themselves to lugging heavy bottles of wine, beer or spirits. The only liquid he wanted to carry was water.

So he thought? Wouldn’t it be great to have alcohol in powder form so all one had to do is add water? Since powder is light and compact, it wouldn’t be a burden to carry.

Mark searched for powdered alcohol and it wasn’t available. So he began his quest to create it. After years of research, experimentation and consultation with scientists around the world, he finally came up with powdered alcohol and called it Palcohol.

Now Palcohol is here. A great convenience for the person on the go. One package weighs about an ounce and is small enough to fit into any pocket.

It’s not just for the sportsperson. Palcohol can be transported in your luggage without the fear of bottles breaking. In any situation where weight and breakage is an issue, Palcohol provides the answer. That’s why we say, “Take your Pal wherever you go!”

3. What is the alcoholic content when consuming it? Palcohol, when used as directed, by adding five ounces of liquid to it, is equal to a standard mixed drink.

4. What’s in it? It varies per version but basically, alcohol….and in the cocktail versions, natural flavorings and Sucralose as a sweetener. The ingredients of each version are listed on the front of the package. Palcohol is gluten free.

5. How is it made? If we told you, we’d have to shoot you. We are in the process of patenting it and it is currently patent pending.

6. What flavors are there? We plan on releasing six versions sold in a pouch that is the equivalent to one shot of alcohol:

V which is powder made from premium vodka distilled four times.
R which is powder made from premium Puerto Rican rum

V and R can be used two ways. One way is by adding five ounces of your favorite mixer to make a Rum and Coke, Vodka and Orange Juice, etc. Another option is adding five ounces of water to the powder and then adding a flavored drink powder to make it any flavor you want. The result is equivalent to one average mixed drink.


The four cocktail versions are:

Powderita – tastes just like a Margarita
Lemon Drop

Just add water to these four flavors for an instant cocktail.

7. Who owns Palcohol? Palcohol is owned by a privately held company called Lipsmark. There are no investment opportunities at this time nor do we plan on going public anytime soon.

8. Are we looking for investors, distributors or employees? No, no and no but thanks for offering. For those people who want to sell it or buy packages of it, please subscribe to our mailing list to receive that information down the road.

9. Where will it be sold? Think of Palcohol as liquor….just in powder form. It will be sold anywhere where liquor can be sold and a buyer must be of legal drinking age to buy it. It will be available both in the United States and abroad and it can also be bought online.

10. Can Palcohol be added to food? Beer, wine and spirits are often added to dishes to enhance the flavor. When you add Palcohol to food, you’re not really adding flavor to the dish, just alcohol. We’ve been experimenting with it like adding Powderita powder to guacamole, Cosmopolitan powder on a salad, V in a vodka sauce, etc. It gives the food a kick.

As Palcohol is a new product, we have yet to understand its potential of being added to food. As always, please use it responsibly. Because it adds alcohol to the dish, do not serve the dish to minors.

11. Can I snort it? We have seen comments about goofballs wanting to snort it. Don’t do it! It is not a responsible or smart way to use the product. To take precautions against this action, we’ve added volume to the powder so it would take more than a half of a cup of powder to get the equivalent of one drink up your nose. You would feel a lot of pain for very little gain. Just use it the right way.

12. When will it be available? We expect it to be for sale this fall. No samples will be released ahead of time.

And lastly, we want to emphasize again, when Palcohol is available, to use it responsibly and legally




Company: Palcohol
Brand: Palcohol
Origin: USA
Category: Drink Mix, Alcohol
Packaging: 100ml
Alcohol Volume: Between 56% and 74%
Variants:  Vodka, Rum, Kamikaze, Cosmopolitan, Lemon Drop
Price: Coming Soon
Where to buy: Coming Soon
Website: palcohol.com




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Product10 Big

Beer Spotlight: Duckstein Wheat Beer Finished with Two Aromatic Hops


Premium wheat beer finished with two flavor hops, in a 500ml glass bottle. Made with selected ingredients.

Two fine varieties of hops are hallmarks of this unique wheat. The famous fruity, full-bodied taste with a slight hint of caramel is the flavor hops pearl and sapphire even more intense. The use of specialty malts and the strawberry blonde color also give him the typical Duckstein character.



Company: Duckstein
Brand: Duckstein
Origin: Germany
Category: Beer
Packaging: 500 ml Glass Bottle
Claims: Contains 5.7% alcohol by volume. Premium.
Alcohol Volume: 5.7%
Price: $2.63
Website: duckstein.de




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Alcohol Spotlight: Midnight Moon Apple Pie Moonshine

Midnight Moon Apple Pie is a handcrafted blend of Midnight Moon, apple juice and a cinnamon stick. As they blend and age, these ingredients create a 70 proof (35% alc./vol.) spirit that tastes just like homemade apple pie.




Midnight Moon is inspired by Junior Johnson’s legendary moonshine recipe. It’s handcrafted in small batches, distilled from American corn and triple distilled to be ultra-smooth and clean tasting.

The Fruit Inclusions taste like real fruit, ‘cause they’re made with real fruit. Each mason jar is authentically infused by hand-filling it with honest-to-goodness fruit. No extracts, color additives or artificial flavors are added so all of the fruit flavor and color come from the fruit itself.


About the Company
Junior was caught only once by the revenuers. It was May 2, 1956. Junior had driven all night to get home after a race in Oxford, PA. His father asked him to light the fire at the family still before daylight broke and Junior did as he was told. The revenuers had staked out the Johnson still and ambushed Junior as soon as he walked up. Junior served 11 months of a two year sentence in federal prison in Chillicothe, Ohio. He was later pardoned by President Ronald Reagan. Read More

Company: Junior Johnson’s Midnight Moon
Brand: Midnight Moon
Origin: USA
Category: Alcohol
Packaging: 750ml bottle
Alcohol Volume: 70 Proof (35%)
Variants: Original, 100 Proof, Apple Pie, Blueberry, Cherry, Strawberry, Cranberry, Blackberry
Price: $18.77
Where to Buy: Store Locator, Walmart
Website: juniorsmidnightmoon.com








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Drink Review: Cordina Choc-Go-Late Mudslide



Mudslide, Bushwacker, Chocolate Kiss…call me what you want, but just know that I’m absolutely, stone cold, 100% delicious.

That’s right, once you wrap your lips around that straw and your tongue meets my creamy chocolate goodness, your taste buds will be saying, “Where have you been all my life?” Then your brain will start making up words like “choctastic,” “chocorageous,” and “choclawsome.” Seriously, I’m not playing. I’m that good.
When it comes to a cocktail, we think you’d agree that bigger is better. And hey, at 12.7 oz. we’re serving up more big-time fun than any of our competitors.
Go Further

With natural flavors and a 6% alcohol base, you’ll find Cordina is far and away better tasting than most other pre-mixed cocktails.
Go Easy

There’s no mixing or stirring, just pop the cap, punch in the straw and you’re ready to go. And with varieties like Mar-GO-rita, Daiq-GO-ri, Pina-GO-lada, and Choc-GO-late, there’s a flavor for everyone.
Go Topless

We know going topless can be fun, but it’s always nice to have the option of putting your top back on. Cordina is the only pouch beverage that can be re-sealed if not fully consumed. But we’ll be honest, they’re so delicious, that rarely happens.
Go Authentic

Born in New Orleans, Cordina carries on the city’s spirit and dedication to real, authentic, flavorful cocktails. One taste and you’ll be hooked.

About the Company
The Cordina story began with college buddies, Craig Cordes and brothers Antonio and Sal La Martina. On a beach trip away from their native New Orleans they sat enjoying the sun and sand, but lamenting the rapid pace at which their frozen drinks were reduced to liquid. In addition to melting quickly, there was the hassle of premixing the cocktail, blending it, transferring the concoction into a pitcher and lugging that out to the beach. There had to be an easier way! It was then they noticed a youngster frolicking in the sand while sipping on a juice pouch, and lo and behold, the bright light of ingenuity flashed. They quickly agreed that adults could use these portable pouches for their own “juice” and the idea for an easy, on-the-go cocktail in a pouch was born. It turned out to be the best beach innovation since the invention of the cooler.  Read More



Company: BigEasyBlends
Brand: Cordina
Origin: USA
Category: Ready to Drink Flavored Alcoholic Beverages
Packaging: 12.7oz pouch
Alcohol Volume: 6%
Variants: Mar-Go-Rita Watermelon, Pina-Go-Lada Pina Colada, Daiq-Go-Ri Strawberry, Mar-Go-Rita Classic Lime, Choc-Go-Late Mudslide
Price: Coming Soon
Where to buy: Store Locator
Website: bigeasyblends.com







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Drink Review: Hella Bitter Aromatic and Citrus Bitters



Hella Bitter is an all-natural craft bitters company committed to being the premium alternative to mass-produced and often artificially flavored competitors. What began in the early 2000s as a hobby with roots in the Bay area, turned serious in 2011 when Hella Bitter was founded in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. With a modest Kickstarter.com fundraising project, pools of sweat, and a big dream, Hella Bitter went from being a weekend project, to being a serious pursuit of the delicious.

Now that Hella Bitter manufactures in East Harlem’s Hot Bread Kitchen and utilizes co-packing services at Long Island City’s Bad Ass Organic, the Brooklyn project has blossomed into a true NYC company, with commitment to quality in all practices. Our goal is to reach the broad audience of food & cocktail lovers while maintaining the quality of our artisan craftsmanship and delivering bitter deliciousness everywhere.

We offer two flavors: Citrus and Aromatic.

Citrus is the bitters that started it all, and we have refined a recipe that consistently outshines other orange bitters on the market. It is slightly more concentrated, and more noticeably citrusy than other bitters in its class. This is because our small-batch approach enables us to carefully regulate the different flavors and prevent any one from overpowering the others.

Perhaps the rockstar of the bunch, our Aromatic consists of more intriguing ingredients and stronger flavors to make a bitters that can stand up to the biggest bourbon whiskeys, but is still delicate enough to give subtle support to a gin cocktail. It gets its color from the beet juice that we use to help sweeten it.

We want to change the way people think about their beverages. We want people to use our product to make their food and drinks a little bit bitter. Whether that’s a classic cocktail or a tasteful marinade, we think Hella Bitter has the potential to bring much more awareness to the world of bitters, and to help sophisticate the American palette. We’re starting small, and we’re dreaming big.



Water, Alcohol, Citrus Pith, Herbs & Spices, Caramel





Water, Alcohol, Wormwood Bark, Herbs & Spices, Caramel





Company: Hella Bitter
Brand: Hella Bitter
Slogan: Know Bitter
Origin: USA
Category: Bitters
Packaging: 5oz
Alcohol Volume: 48%
Variants: Aromatic, Citrus
Price: $20.00
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: hellabitter.com






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Alcohol Review: Ron Burgundy Great Odin’s Raven Special Reserve Scotch Whisky

A five-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, Ronald Joseph Aaron Ron Burgundy was the co-anchor of KVWN Channel 4 News Team in San Diego (pronounced San De-aago) from 1964 to 1977. “I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal,” says Burgundy, about himself. “People know me.”

Ron Burgundy Great Odin’s Raven Special Reserve Scotch Whisky is a blend of 60% malt whisky and 40% grain whisky sourced from the Speyside, Highlands and Islay regions of Scotland. “It has a formidable scent,” says Burgundy. “It stings the nostrils – in a good way.” The aroma gives way to notes of rich mahogany and old, leather-bound manuscripts. Needless to say, this Scotch is not available at the Toilet Store. In addition, studies suggest that 60% of the time, this whisky will get you drunk everytime.

“I love Scotch,” says Burgundy. “Scotchy, Scotch, Scotch. Here it goes down. Down into my belly.” Pick up a bottle today!

Availability: This product is not available in AL, AK, AR, DE, HI, IA, KS, MA, MN, MD, MS, NH, PA, TX or UT.





Company: Old St. Andrews Distillery
Brand: Ron Burgundy
Origin: USA
Category: Liquor
Packaging: 750ml
Alcohol Volume: 40%
Price: $29.99 USD
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: osawhisky.com

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