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Alcohol Spotlight: Svedka Launches 100 Proof Grapefruit Jalapeño Flavor



SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 15, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, SVEDKA Vodka announces the newest additions to its award-winning line of vodkas with the debut of SVEDKA Grapefruit Jalapeno and SVEDKA 100 Proof. Further innovating and extending SVEDKA's superior line of flavored vodkas, SVEDKA Grapefruit Jalapeno capitalizes on consumer interest in fusing sweet and spicy, combining a bright citrus flavor with a hint of heat. Additionally, SVEDKA 100 Proof is the brand's entry into the 100-proof segment, which further leverages SVEDKA's reputation and commitment to delivering exceptional quality and a pure and smooth flavor profile.

Both new products will be available nationwide, March 2015 (varies by market), with Grapefruit Jalapeno in 50ML (MSRP $1.99), 375ML (MSRP $6.99), 750ML (MSRP $12.99), 1L (MSRP $16.99) and 1.75L (MSRP $21.99) and 100 Proof in 375ML (MSRP $8.45), 750ML (MSPR $15.35), and 1L (MSRP $18.45).

"We are poised to be more competitive than ever as we continue to introduce innovative offerings that engage and excite consumers," said Diana Pawlik, SVEDKA Vodka's Vice President of Marketing. "We're excited to enter the 100 Proof market with a product that over-delivers with the a superior quality experience for which SVEDKA is known, coupled with SVEDKA Grapefruit Jalapeno, which is brimming with a vibrant flavor profile and innovative packaging to match."

SVEDKA Grapefruit Jalapeno is leading the "sweet/heat" charge in the beverage industry by pairing sweet and tart, with hot and spicy. The proprietary grapefruit and jalapeno-flavored vodka begins with a bright, citrus entry, building to a smooth hint of heat, and intensifying with a tart, juicy finish and jalapeno bite.

SVEDKA 100 Proof is a grain neutral spirit formulation with a smooth, clean taste and a crisp, arid sensation that intensifies to the end with a deep, warm finish.

SVEDKA Grapefruit Jalapeno and 100 Proof are the latest additions to be introduced stateside by the Swedish-imported vodka brand, which also boasts a range of flavors including: SVEDKA Strawberry Lemonade, SVEDKA Mango Pineapple, SVEDKA Strawberry Colada, SVEDKA Colada, SVEDKA Orange Cream Pop, and SVEDKA's core flavors – Cherry, Citron, Clementine, Raspberry, Vanilla and Peach.


Signature Grapefruit Jalepeno cocktail recipes include:



2 parts SVEDKA Grapefruit Jalepeno

2 parts SVEDKA Grapefruit Jalapeno

1 Whole Jalapeno

4 Parts Grapefruit Juice

1 Slice Jalapeno

Remove the top of a jalapeno and deseed it thoroughly. Pour chilled SVEDKA Grapefruit Jalapeno into the jalapeno and enjoy.

Pour SVEDKA Grapefruit Jalapeno into a salt-rimmed rocks glass filled with ice. Top with grapefruit juice and stir. Garnish with a slice of jalapeno.



SVEDKA Vodka is the second largest imported vodka brand in the United States (Impact, 2014). SVEDKA has won numerous category awards and accolades, including a Gold Medal for SVEDKA 80 Proof in the International Wine and Spirits Competition (2014), Impact's "Blue Chip" Brand Award (2012), the Fast Track Award at Beverage Information Group's 2011 and 2010 Growth Brand Awards as well as Impact's "Hot Brand" award in 2012. Additionally, SVEDKA received a Gold Medal for Exceptional Taste and Best Buy (BTI, 2008), as well as a Gold Medal in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition (2005, 2008, 2011). Intangible Business also named SVEDKA the #4 Most Powerful Vodka Brand on their 2011 Power 100 List. SVEDKA is 40% alcohol by volume (80 proof), distilled five times and made from Swedish winter wheat, resulting in a smooth, clean taste. SVEDKA is also available in Peach, Strawberry Lemonade, Mango Pineapple, Orange Cream Pop, Colada, Strawberry Colada, Citron, Clementine, Raspberry, Cherry, and Vanilla, each 35% alcohol by volume (70 proof). For further information, please visit www.SVEDKA.com, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @SVEDKAVodka.







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Beer Spotlight: Batemans Brewery Case of Bohemian Brews – Mocha Amaretto



The perfect blend of coffee pot aroma, almond and chocolate indulgence. This deliciously prepared beer is a true homage to all that is wonderful about Italy’s café culture.





About the company:

Batemans Brewery has passed through four generations of the Bateman family.

Despite the many years that have passed since its inception, the passion with which the Company was first created has never been diluted, being as strong now, as it was at day one. Read More



Company: George Bateman and Son Ltd
Brand: Batemans Brewery
Origin: UK
Category: Beer
Packaging: 330ml
ABV: 6.5%
Variants: View Range Here
Price: £22.80 (Case of 12 Bottles)
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: www.bateman.co.uk





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Alcohol Spotlight: Rogue Hazelnut Spice Rum



HAZELNUT SPICE RUM is made with freshly roasted hazelnuts from Kirk Family Filberts, a small family orchard adjacent to the Rogue Farm in Oregon's Wigrich Appellation.

Hazelnut Spiced Rum instantly reveals sweet aromas of toasted hazelnut and brown sugar. Medium-bodied, a sweet blend of vanilla, cinnamon and clove set the stage for an oaky, vanilla and bourbon-like finish.



About the company:

In 1987, some like-minded Rogues had an idea to start a “Brew Pub”. The next year, a Revolution in beer began in the basement of the Rogue Public House in Ashland, Oregon. The Brewery and Pub opened in October 1988 with the brewery housed beneath a 60 seat Pub. The first beers brewed were American Amber and Oregon Golden. Read More



Company: Rogue Ales & Spirits
Brand: Rogue
Origin: USA
Category: Rum
Packaging: 750 mL
Alcohol by Volume: 40%
Claims: made with freshly roasted hazelnuts
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: www.rogue.com





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Beer Spotlight: Glutenberg Blonde Ale



More than a year of research was invested in the development of our first beer. The Glutenberg Blonde and a new brewery, BSG, were born. Beer lovers will appreciate its complexity. Although simple in appearance, it reveals a high level of refinement. Dry and citrusy, the Glutenberg Blonde is an easy to drink beer that is in a class of its own.


Style: Blonde Ale
Alcohol per volume: 4.5%
Ingredients: water, millet, corn, demerara sugar, hops, yeast
Colour: blonde and clear
Nose: floral hops, white pepper, pears and fennel
Flavours: white pepper, green tea and lemon peel
IBU: 15
Serving temperature: 46 - 50 °F



About the company:

BSG was founded on the collaboration between long-time friends, Julien Niquet and David Cayer. Julien, a born entrepreneur, always wanted to have his own company. Were it not for his gluten intolerance, it is unlikely BSG would have ever been launched. David, on the other hand, never really dreamt of being an entrepreneur, until he stepped in!

The idea of brewing gluten-free beer was first discussed at the beginning of winter 2011. Thanks to the support of friends and relatives, they were able to raise the funds required to buy the equipment and recruited the right brewer, Gabriel Charbonneau, who saw their ad on Facebook! Read More



Company: Brasseurs Sans Gluten
Brand: Glutenberg
Slogan: A High Level of Refinement
Origin: Canada
Category: Beer
Packaging: 341 mL
Claims: Gluten Free
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Canada Locations, USA Locations
Website: glutenberg.ca





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Beer Spotlight: Newcastle Scotch Ale – Collaboration Edition



Newcastle Introduces Scotch Ale, Inaugural Beer in a Series of “Collaboration Editions” Created with Venerable European Breweries

To brew the first offering in the series, Newcastle turned to its Edinburgh, Scotland-based sister brewery, Caledonian, to develop a special ale that brings world-class traditional British brewing to casual beer drinkers around the world.

The Newcastle Scotch Ale collaboration is a limited-time offering from Newcastle and Caledonian that represents the best of English and Scottish brewing: a rich, full-flavored and fulfilling Scottish ale with toffee notes at 6.4 percent ABV and 40 IBUs. Scotch Ale is a bold yet balanced beer that will please lifelong Newcastle fans as well as more adventurous drinkers.

“Newcastle Scotch Ale is a well-balanced, malt-forward brew with a delightful velvety finish,” said actor, blogger and beer aficionado Wil Wheaton. “Basically, Newcastle and Caledonian made a kick-ass beer that does not suck.”





HEINEKEN USA, the nation’s leading upscale beer importer, supplies the most popular badge import brands to bars, restaurants and stores around the country, including Heineken Lager, the world’s most international beer brand; Heineken Light; Amstel Light; Newcastle Brown Ale; and Strongbow Hard Cider. HEINEKEN USA also imports the Dos Equis portfolio, the Tecate portfolio, and the Sol, Indio, Carta Blanca and Bohemia brands from Mexico.

Our ambition is to continue leading the upscale U.S. beer market with growing core brands and innovative products that delight our consumers. Read More



Company: Caledonian Brewery
Brand: Newcastle
Origin: UK
Category: Beer
ABV: 6.4%
Claims: rich, full-flavored and fulfilling Scottish ale with toffee notes
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: heinekenusa.com





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Whisky Spotlight: Crown Royal Regal Apple



An extraordinary addition to the Crown Royal® portfolio, Crown Royal® Regal Apple™ is a blend of our hand-selected smooth whiskies infused with natural apple flavors.

The blend opens with a nose of bright apples balanced with our signature Crown Royal whisky and hints of spice. Crown Royal® Regal Apple™ offers a flavorful palate of slightly tart, crisp apple with notes of caramel and light spice that culminates in a full-bodied smooth finish of refined apple notes.

Enjoy as a shot, on the rocks or in your favorite cocktail.



Company: The Crown Royal Company
Brand: Crown Royal
Origin: USA
Category: Whisky
Packaging: 750 mL
ABV: 40%
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: www.crownroyal.com





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Beer Spotlight: Southern Tier 2XMAS Ale



Swedish flags are a fairly common sight in our part of the country. Holiday parties often have warm concoctions of spices and booze at the ready to knock the ice off of toes while raising spirits. We were inspired by a “Glogg” party, deciding on the spot to brew a beer that pays tribute to this Nordic tradition. 2xMas Ale combines traditional brewing ingredients with figs, orange peels, cardamom, cinnamon, clove and ginger root. It’s a holiday addition to the 2X line and another reason to toast to the season, but unlike Glogg, we recommend serving this one chilled.


FOOD PAIRINGS:  Particularly tasty when paired with sausages, korv, fish, pickled herring, rich cheeses, holiday cookies & cake.


AVAILABILITY: Release begins in late Autumn / 12oz (6pk and 24 bottle cases) / 1/2 keg, 1/6 keg



About the company:

Southern Tier Brewing Company is committed to providing delicious, accessible and unique products. In doing so, we aim to change the way people drink beer.

Our mission is to provide our customers with consistently fresh, clean, American craft ales and lagers that stand on their own merit.

A close look at our logo reveals a brewers star. It may be just one diminutive graphic, but it plays a huge role in our brewery. The star represents purity in six crucial facets of our work; water, hops, grain, malt, yeast and brewer. We believe that by maintaining the highest quality possible in these areas, we will produce world-class beverages.



Company: Southern Tier Brewing Company
Brand: Southern Tier
Origin: USA
Category: Beer
Packaging: 12oz (6pk and 24 bottle cases) / 1/2 keg, 1/6 keg
Variants: View Range Here
Where to Buy: Beer Finder
Website: www.stbcbeer.com






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Vodka Spotlight: Wodqa 100ml



Wodqa® is distilled seven times and never(!) filtered.

The wheat comes from Austria and was harvested with respect for nature in a small farm. The particularly soft water is freshly drawn from a spring in a nature reserve. It is rich in minerals thanks to the primary rock, and is always processed within 24 hours.

Thanks to the finest basic elements, utmost diligence in the distillation process and no filtering whatsoever, the fine grain aromas are preserved in our distillate – the result is an extremely soft and aromatic spirit.

We have made this elementary understanding of quality the trademark of our Wodqa®. »W« – flavored by nature.

Wodqa® was awarded a gold medal at the World Spirits Awards 2014 in the Vodka category and a gold medal at the Internationaler Spirituosen Wettbewerb 2014 (IWS). Furthermore it was awarded a silver medal at International Wine & Spirit Competition 2014 (IWSC).





Company: Wodqa
Brand: Wodqa
Origin: Austria
Category: Vodka
Packaging: 100ml
Alcohol per Volume: 40%
Claims: Extremely Pure
Variants: View Range Here
Price: 8.90€
Where to Buy: Buy Online
Website: www.qonzern.com




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Alcohol Spotlight: Zipz Wine



Zipz Wine is the answer to the portable single-serve wine category. Our high-quality plastic vessel looks and feels like glassware…and it’s 100% recyclable! Our patented CleanWrap™ technology keeps your wine fresh and protected, along with a resealable screw-top that pulls double duty as a coaster. But why’s that cool? Well, you can take it anywhere.

The flexibility Zipz Wine brings to the life of wine drinkers is nothing short of astonishing. Are you ready for a revolution?


The Zipz Packaging
The black dress: Sexy and sleek, our high quality-PET plastic looks and feels like glassware, with a rescrewable top that pulls double duty as a highly protective coaster. But why’s that cool? Well, you can take it anywhere. We’ve excused wine from the dinner table.

The Zipz Practicality
Your new best friend: If you only want a glass, why open a bottle? If you want red and your friend wants white, why open two bottles? Let’s do away with the waste. No corkscrew? No need. Unzip your wine in a moment’s time. Your wine glass has never been this versatile or mobile. Let’s take the wine experience to places it has never been before, to places traditional glassware doesn’t stand a chance. Let’s unzip the possibilities.

The Zipz Premium
The cat’s meow: All of our wines are personally selected by industry professionals after long rounds of taste testing. Sourced from Mendocino, Sonoma and Lodi, our wines have lived the high life. First selections include Chardonnay 2012, Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, Pinot Grigio 2013 & Merlot 2012. Elevate any moment. Bring Zipz.

The Zipz Difference
Do the right thing: Drink Zipz. 100% recyclable, 100% your new best friend. Going green has never tasted so good.

The Zipz Lifestyle
All walks of life: Zipz is all about luxury. It’s about enhancing experiences. It’s about rolling with the flexibilities of life. It’s about catering to you. Treat yourself right. Prefer Zipz.




Ever been to a baseball stadium?
Ever gone to the beach?
Ever enjoyed a picnic?
Ever had fun at a festival?
Ever gone out in public?

J Henry Scott noticed a fundamental issue in our everyday experiences and set out on a mission to fix that issue: wine isn’t offered everywhere. So, what did J do? J excused wine from the dinner table. Enter Zipz Wine.

CEO of Zipz Wine, J Henry Scott wanted to create a product that could suit the lives of the active, modern day individual. He knew that more and more people were starting to prefer wine as their adult beverage of choice, and he knew that these same people would appreciate premium quality; so J decided to make premium wine portable, and he decided his product would be different than the rest…and better. The world just deserved a little more luxury.

J had the vision, now it was time to have some fun. Not only would he present premium wines in highly quality durable plastic with the look and feel of a glass, he would also incorporate a rescrewable top that doubled as a coaster, perfect for any occasion or setting. The inclusion of 100% recyclable, BPA-free materials wasn’t an option, it was a responsibility.

J wanted increased flexibility to enjoy the finer things in life. People deserved the opportunity to stop wasting so much wine and money. They deserved Zipz. So J built the Zipz team, quickly designing and creating a patented single-serve wine that ensures the wine stays fresh and protected until the perfect moment of consumption. It was time for Zipz to bring the people together and showcase a new world of possible settings and experiences to be enjoyed amongst friends and good company.

In just 10 months, Zipz went from concept idea to reality, with the first Zipz products delivered nationally in time for opening day of the baseball season. And now, Zipz is available anywhere you are. Unzip the experience.




Company: Zipz Wine
Brand: Zipz Wine
Origin: USA
Category: Wine
Packaging: 187ml
Claims: Ready to Drink
Variants: View Range Here
Price: $35.88  (12 pack)
Where to Buy: Buy Online, Store Locator
Website: zipzwine.com






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Company Spotlight: Walled City Brewery



A Craft Brewery creating uniquely local, fabulously flavoursome small batches of artisan beer. Great people drink great beer. Opening winter 2014.

This city has an exceptional brewing & distilling heritage spanning from the brewery in Sir Henry Dowcra’s Fort in 1607, to the closure of the world-famous Watts & Company distillery in 1925.
That day in 1925 spelt the beginning of a barren period for local beers and spirits.
The beer market in particular has been consolidated and controlled by large overseas multinationals, with marketeers brewing fizzy insipid lagers.

Until now.

The Walled City Brewery will make uniquely local, premium quality, fabulously flavoursome craft beers in small artisan batches, using recipes that Masterbrewer James has been painstakingly perfecting over the last 12 years.



Company: Walled City Brewing Company Limited
Brand: Walled City Brewery
Slogan: A Great City deserves Great Beer
Origin: UK
Category: Beer
Claims: uniquely local, premium quality, fabulously flavoursome craft beers
Where to Buy: Coming Soon
Website: www.walledcitybrewery.com





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