Restaurant Quality Guacamole to Make at Home

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Restaurant Quality Guacamole to Make at Home


Chef Rick Bayless, expert in Mexican cuisine, has teamed up with Frontera to create a guacamole mix. Due to the freshness factor of this product, it may not end up being a success but is undoubtably an innovative idea. The mixes are completely natural, contain no preservatives and are free from gluten.

Analysis and Impact:

Rick Bayless is best known for his television series Mexico: One Plate at a Time. He specializes in traditinal Mexican dishes with a modern twist. Bayless's new creation Guacamole Mix is intended to bring the flavors of the best Mexican restaurants to the home in an easy to prepare salsa.

The mixes are available in original and spicy. The original mix contains tangy tomato, green chile and garlic while the spicy mix uses roasted tomatillo, habanero and garlic. All users need to do is add avocado to finish the guacamole.

Company: Frontera.

Brand: Guacamole Mix.

Spotted in: Whole Foods, Chicago.

Presentation: 4.5 oz.

Price: $1.99 - $2.99 USD.

Ingredients:See website.

Available in: Supermarkets, online.

Claims: Captures the same flavors found in the best Mexican restaurants.