Product Spotlight: Quaker Real Medley Bars

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Product Spotlight: Quaker Real Medley Bars



Quaker has launched a new line of multigrain snack bars.  Quaker Real Medley Bars feature real ingredients with a medley of unique fruit chunks.  Real chunks of fruit and real bits of nuts join forces to create three unexpected flavors. Discover the different that lies within Real Medleys fruit and nut multigrain bars. Flavors include Cherry Pistachio, Apple Nut Harvest, Peach Almond.


Product Features
- Unique premium combination of fruits and nuts with a delicious multigrain blend
- Made with 8g of whole grains in every bar
- 5 convenient bars per box










Company: Quaker
Brand: Real Medleys
Category: Fruit & Nut Snacks
Origin: USA
Packaging: Box of 5 Bars (30g each)
Claims: Multigrain, Low Calorie
Variants:  Cherry Pistachio, Apple Nut Harvest, Peach Almond


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