Product Spotlight: Pineapple Empanadas from Mexico

January 31, 2013 No Comments » Add Consumer Insight
Product Spotlight: Pineapple Empanadas from Mexico

Sweet snacks in Mexico come in many forms.  Recently we came across some very delicious empanada products in the state of Sonora.  The first thing we noticed was the transparent packaging which allows the consumer to view the complete product before purchasing.  The actual empanadas are small and we could tell they were well made.  Upon closer inspection we realized there were 2 flavor varieties being offered: Pineapple and Cajeta.  Naturally we decided to try both.

Ingredients: wheat flour, ground cinnamon, brown sugar, beer yeast, shortening, pineapple and a secret ingredient

The Cajeta flavor was ok.   The delicate thing about using cajeta is that it can dry out if there is not enough filling and this was the case with this particular product.  The empanada itself was very tasty but we would recommend using much more filling.  The pineapple variety was very tasty.  The sweetness of the pineapple mixed with the quality empanada makes for a delicious snack.  The portion size of 3 empanadas per bag was very convenient as well.  We have come across similar products that are very big and if you do not finish the whole empanada in one sitting they dry out.  The packaging while very rustic was very attractive as well.  Being able to see the product makes a huge difference in an area where many companies create amazing designs and when you open the packaging and see the real product you are left very disappointed.  The transparent label on the back was a nice touch as well.


Company: La Semilla de Colibri
Brand: Por que No? Pina Borracha
Slogan: Why not?
Category: Sweet Snacks, Pastries
Origin: México
Price: $17.50 Mexican Pesos
Packaging: 60ml
Claims: 100% Natural
Varieties: Cajeta, Pineapple