Product Spotlight: NaGo All Natural Wasabi Miso Dressing

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Product Spotlight: NaGo All Natural Wasabi Miso Dressing


Nago All Natural Wasabi Miso Dressing is a family recipe that uniquely blends miso and wasabi to create a powerful taste that awakens the senses. It offers an original flavor that begins with an initial cool nasal bite and ends with a pleasant sweet after-note. Our customers also enjoy it as a dipping sauce or marinade for meat items like grilled fish or chicken. It is a Japanese restaurant secret and a constant favorite of wasabi lovers.

This particular dressing is great as a marinade for fish and chicken.

Ingredients: Rice Vinegar, Water, Miso Paste, Organic Agave Nectar, Onion Flakes (Dehydrated), Pure Olive Oil, Wasabi Powder, Garlic Powder, Sesame Oil, Spice. Contains: Sesame and Soy.



The company is founded by a father and son team who wish to share their unique line of gourmet miso dressings. The product is made with all natural ingredients most of which are carefully selected and imported from Japan. Every batch is taste tested by the chef to ensure quality before bottling and is locally made by hand in San Francisco, CA at La Cocina, a green commercial kitchen. The label was designed by a local artist who specializes in high-end packaging designs. All products contain 0g trans fat, no artificial additives or preservatives, and retain full flavor after cooking.

The dressings were first introduced to the public at Newark farmers markets in June 2009. Since then, they have expanded to several farmers' markets in the Bay Area and began selling to gourmet grocery stores. All products can also be purchased online.


Company: NaGo Foods
Brand: NaGo
Slogan: NaGo Makes Miso HAPPY!
Origin: USA
Category: Dressings
Claims: All Natural, Vegan, Gluten Free, Low Fat, Low Calories
Packaging: 10oz
Varieties: Classic Miso, Ginger Sesame Miso, Spicy Miso, Garlic Onion Miso, Japanese Plum Miso
Price: $5.49 USD