Drink Spotlight: INVO Coconut Water

July 12, 2013 No Comments » Add Consumer Insight
Drink Spotlight: INVO Coconut Water



INVO Coconut Water is the latest competitor to join the coconut water parade. In the past three years the coconut water category has absolutely exploded and has left us wondering if there are in fact enough coconuts in the world to sustain the barrage of new products. A few major players have been able to grab a majority of market share however that has not stopped new companies from popping up with new offers on almost a daily basis.

The new trend in coconut water leans towards the way in which the products are processed. Heat is never good in this situation as it robs the product of much of its beneficial value so we are now seeing a new group of products that utilize the high pressure method that does not use heat.

INVO has developed three varieties of their all natural, never from concentrate, coconut water. Each retails in a 12fl oz bottle.

INVO Coconut Water is simple and simply good for you.  The product is about as close as you can get to popping a straw in a coconut and drinking out the delicious liquid.  The packaging is clean and inviting.  The pack size is attractive as well.


Product Features
The use of HPP gives it a fresher flavor profile than the pasteurized and from concentrate products. Toasted coconut is more evident. 100% natural. Invos Pure Coconut Water is made with not-from-concentrate coconut water that has been high pressure processed (HPP).






Company: INVO
Brand:  INVO
Category: Juices
Origin: Bottle in Thailand, Company located in San Francisco CA
Packaging: 12fl oz (355ml)
Claims: Never Heated
Varieties: Pure, Pineapple, Thai Lime
Where to Buy: Store Locator
Website: invo-juice.com