Product Spotlight: Devotion Sugar Free Vodka

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Product Spotlight: Devotion Sugar Free Vodka

Not Your Average Vodka!

Devotion speaks to the masses. Its name shares many of the same attributes of the world’s greatest athletes and success stories: commitment, drive and success. From the stand-out design of the bottle to the unique marketing programs, including social media campaigns and targeted outreach, Devotion Vodka is both an ultra premium spirit and a lifestyle choice.



The First Sugar Free Gluten Free Blood Orange on the market that takes the true art of vodka distillation to the next level.  Our Blood Orange Vodka takes the aroma’s of the Moro Blood Orange combined with the sweetness and tenderness of the Tarocco and Sanguinelli Blood Oranges and tops it off with the bold taste of the Kanhpur Blood Orange to give you the defying smoothness of the best orange flavored vodka in the industry.

Tasting Notes

Aroma Full Bodied Scents of Orange and Citrus Notes

Appearance - Exquisite Pristine Clarity

TextureConsistently Smooth and Level

PalateWell Balanced Levels of Sweetness, Bitterness & Citrus Profiles

FinishSmooth, Flavorful and Easy Finish without the harshness


This is the First and only Blackberry and Blueberry, alone, flavored vodka in the industry.  Devotion Vodka Black and Blue is Sugar Free Gluten.  In Devotion Vodka Black and Blue we carefully chosen the Sweet Rich Taste of Oregon Blackberries and blended it with the crisp, zesty, mild bitterness of fresh California Blueberries!  The Blackberries and Blueberries have a unique Berry profile that is extremely versatile for All Types of cocktails.

Tasting Notes

Aroma - Vibrant, Ripe Notes of Floral Jam

Appearance - Exquisite Pristine Clarity

TextureConsistently Smooth and Fresh

PalateWell Balanced Round Levels of Sweetness with a Hint of Bitterness

FinishBold Start that Calms to a Mild Finish


ANOTHER First to Market Brand that is taking the vodka market by storm, The Devotion Vodka Create the Perfect Cosmo.  This new brand gives you the ability to create the Perfect Cosmopolitan you love for you and your friends, right at home, while enjoying the consistency of the top rated Mixology Venues in the country!  At Devotion Spirits Inc., we believe in creating the best Sugar Free, Gluten Free products and not diluting our brands to anything under 80 proof. We mixed the premium ingredients of Devotion Vodka Blood Orange with Citrus Sugar Free, Gluten Free blend profiles to match the Best Cosmopolitans ever created resulting in the Devotion Vodka Create the Perfect Cosmo! And here’s the best part, every ounce in the bottle is a Perfect Cosmo awaiting cranberry juice – unlike the competition where you only get 4 drinks out of the bottle! Just add cranberry to your Devotion Vodka Create the Perfect Cosmo and enjoy your personally crafted Cosmopolitan.

For Novices we recommend more Cranberry Juice and for Professionals we recommend a dash of Cranberry Juice.

Please drink responsibly and enjoy the World’s Best Sugar Free, Gluten Free Vodka Line!

Tasting Notes

Aroma Bouquet of Aromatics of Orange, Lemon and Lime Zests

Appearance - Exquisite Pristine Clarity

Texture - Consistently Smooth and Level

Palate - Complex Levels of the Citrus Wheel Notes

Finish – Refreshing and Balanced with a Complete Flavor Experience

Company: Devotion Spirits Inc
Brand: Devotion Vodka
Category:  Alcohol, Liquor
Origin: USA
Packaging: 750ml
Varieties: Blood Orange, Black & Blue, Perfect Cosmo
Claims: Sugar Free, Gluten Free
Alcohol Volume: 40%

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