Product Review: Genesis Pure Superfruits

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Product Review: Genesis Pure Superfruits






Açaí Plus


The açaí berry has been used for centuries for its endless health benefits ranging from immune system support to improving energy and stamina levels. Known as the “beauty berry,” the açaí berry provides antioxidants and lipids that promote supple skin, hair, and nails.

Genesis PURE Açaí Plus contains a puree of the entire açaí berry, including the nutrient-rich epicarp (the dark purple/black skin), and endocarp as well as an additional organic powder form of the fruit. The addition of unique plant minerals no longer found in regular daily diets as a result of modern cultivation, packs Açaí Plus with utmost nutrient content. This potent combination delivers maximum benefit with a quicker response which means faster results!*

Key Benefits

  • Contains puree of the entire açaí berry along with an organic powder form of the fruit
  • Added plant minerals provide quicker response*
  • Healthy energy and stamina levels and resistance to fatigue*
  • Anti-aging and longevity*
  • Provides antioxidants and lipids that promote supple hair, skin, and nails*
  • Immune system support*
  • Gluten free







Genesis PURE™ Noni is 100% pure noni juice containing no added sweeteners, fillers, fruit juices or water. With 30,000 mg of pure noni in every serving, it is unique from all other noni products. It is wild harvested and naturally processed, capturing the full essence of one of the world’s most potent fruits. High in trace minerals, Noni provides over 160 nutrients and other beneficial compounds and acts as an effective detoxifier and powerful digester. Noni supports healthy energy, natural serotonin levels and overall digestive health.

Key Benefits

  • Very high in minerals, trace minerals and over 160 nutrients and other novel compounds such as: damnacanthal, scopoletin, anthraquinones, acubin, alazin and asperuloside
  • Supports healthy serotonin levels*
  • Supports a healthy immune system*
  • Supports healthy inflammatory processes*
  • Supports healthy energy levels*
  • Supports natural detoxification*
  • Supports overall digestive health*
  • Noni is known as the “Ultimate Digestive Bitter”
  • Gluten free







Genesis PURE™ Mangosteen is 100% pure, wild harvested mangosteen juice, rich in naturally occurring xanthones - powerful antioxidants responsible for many of the health benefits associated with the mangosteen fruit. Unlike any other mangosteen product on the market, Genesis PURE Mangosteen delivers 30,000 mg of pure mangosteen in every serving with no added sweeteners, fruit juices, preservatives or water. Mangosteen supports a healthy immune system, promotes youthful cellular regeneration, combats pain and inflammation and protects against free radicals.*

Key Benefits

  • Extremely high ORAC (oxygen radical absorption capacity) rating, which protect cells against free radicals*
  • Prevents premature cellular aging and supports youthful cellular regeneration*
  • Enhances and supports human immune functions*
  • Supports healthy prostaglandin and histamine levels, thereby assisting in the control of inflammation*
  • Supports cardiovascular health, by acting as a free radical scavenger*
  • Provides nutritional support for overall health*
  • Gluten free




"Lycium Barbarum" or goji (a.k.a. "The Happy Berry") is a very unique and beneficial fruit whose health benefits include mood enhancement, healthy liver function and supported immune system. Genesis PURE™ Goji is 100% pure goji juice and contains the naturally occurring beneficial compounds polysaccharides and polyphenols, critical for intracellular communication and proper immune system function. Additionally, goji supports healthy libido, all around cardiovascular health and sustained blood pressure levels, assists with healthy aging, and supports resistance to fatigue.*

Key Benefits

  • Supports healthy energy levels and resistance to fatigue*
  • Supports healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels (supporting all around cardiovascular health)*
  • Supports healthy mood*
  • Healthy liver function*
  • Healthy eyes*
  • Healthy aging*
  • Healthy immune system*
  • Healthy endocrine function*
  • Healthy libido*
  • Gluten free






Now you can get all of the health benefits found in the four most beneficial super-fruits known to man in one easily-absorbed dietary supplement! Genesis PURE™ Fusion contains 100% pure, wild harvested juice from goji berries, açai berries, noni fruit, and mangosteen fruit.*

By consuming Fusion, you’ll receive a powerful mix of antioxidants that are found in all four fruits - anthocyanins, polysaccharides xanthones, and polyphenols. In addition to receiving these immune-boosting benefits, experience increased energy, mood enhancement, improved digestion, cardiovascular support and healthy hair, skin and nails.*


Key Benefits

  • Supports healthy immune system function*
  • Supports healthy inflammatory processes*
  • Promotes healthy energy levels & resistance to fatigue*
  • Supports healthy libido*
  • Enhances mood*
  • Supports healthy liver function*
  • Provides a healthy microbial balance*
  • Promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails*
  • Gluten free







The açaí berry is legendary for its tremendous health benefits, particularly its antioxidant properties. Research has shown this high-energy berry is one of the most nutritious and powerful foods in the world and is full of macronutrients, trace minerals and other bioactive com- pounds, as well as lipids, carbohydrates and protein.

Genesis PURE™ Acai is unique among acai products in that it is 100% pure acai berry juice with no additives, maximizing the benefits of the powerful fruit. There are 30,000 mg of acai in every fluid ounce serving! It is made from the whole acai berry, including the epicarp (the dark purple/black skin), the mesocarp (the pulpy meat), and the scraping of the endocarp (the seed).

Genesis PURE Acai is the perfect supplement to support supple skin, hair and nails, provide healthy energy levels, gastro-intestinal health, healthy immune and cardiovas- cular system functions, and maintain healthy cholesterol levels.*


Key Benefits

  • Healthy energy and stamina levels and resistance to fatigue*
  • Healthy libido*
  • Digestive function and liver health*
  • Mental clarity, good focus and a positive mood*
  • Soothing and calming to gastrointestinal systems*
  • A superior plant-based protein and essential fatty acid food*
  • Healthy immune system*
  • Cardiovascular health, including healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels*
  • Anti-aging and longevity*
  • Supple skin, hair and nails*
  • Cleansing and detoxification*
  • Gluten free



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