Por el Amor de México

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Por el Amor de México

Por el Amor de México, or For the Love of Mexico, is a new product line that includes shampoos made from natural, organic ingredients

cultivated in Mexico. The main ingredient in each shampoo is supposed to provide benefits for the hair; for exam

ple, the nopal cactus shampoo increases hair volume, peanut is shine and chile pushes hair growth.

These products are working in conjunction with a campaign to help make Mexico a safer country. A percentage of the sales are put into large scale conferences to instill the important values into adolescents in Mexico. The values the campaign wants emphasize are peace, honesty, legality, work and respect, and are written on the shampoo bottles.

At $49.90 a bottle, this is a high end product. Many people are turning to natural shampoos due to fears of chemicals causing damage to hair, but its no secret that there are far cheaper options on the market. Por el Amor de México can probably justify their high prices due to the organic ingredients used and benefits to Mexico these products are supposed to bring, both through the fundraising and by using Mexican grown ingredients.

Company: Genomma Lab.

Brand: Por el Amor de México.

Presentation: 400 ml.

Price: $49.90.

Available at: Walmart, Soriana, Bodega Aurrera, Comercial Mexicana.

Claims: Health benefits for hair; promotes values to make Mexico a safer country.