Packaging Spotlight: Bazis Brewery

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Packaging Spotlight: Bazis Brewery




Designed by
Med Mate
Budapest, Hungary

This package design was born as my degree work for MA at Krea Contemporary Arts School.
I chose this topic, because I feel that between Hungary and the western cultures (USA, UK, etc...) there is a big gap designwise, that needs to be filled. Breweries, such as Flying Dog and BrewDog, have unique brandings, that are making the otherwise good product even better. They conduct a message, that are not even similar with the big companies, and their marketing structure. This project wanted to welcome this perception in our little country, also.

Bázis (Base) is a yet fictional brand, that was thought-out of two, upper coming brewers in Budapest. They want to join the market with their own work, and they wanted to give the name Bázis to their little company. I created this design using their knowledge about beers and their fabrication. We have six flavours, two of them are available at all times, the other four are for different seasons of the year. Each has a flavour favorable for that particular part of the year.

The name Base gave me the idea, to build the marketing structure around it. Just like Marlboro country, this is a regional theme, and it has the goal, to make the potential client feel, like he belongs somewhere. This is a static approach, but I wanted to make it more dynamic, with a figure for example. Cats can be found at almost every breweries, they keep the pests away from the ingredients. I made them the ruler of the region, they appear on every bottle, at different places, in different positions. Every beer has a color, and these colors can be found on the cats, also, used in little highlights.

The whole brand contains six beers, each with three labels, one six pack, poster, commercial triangle, sales folder and three coasters. My consultant professor was Herbszt László, well known illustrator and designer, he helped me during this project with his thoughts and research (witch was basically going from one good pub to the next one, it was awesome).