More Than Just Potato Chips

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More Than Just Potato Chips


Grupo Farm was set up in 1995 with the ideal to offer the Mexican public a range of natural, healthy snacks. The types of snack the company decided to produce were previously not available neither on the national nor international market. The Farm Deshidratados line includes dried spinach chips, chipotle chips, natural potato chips, banana chips, dried apple and pop corn.

Analysis and Impact:

The processes and ingredients used for the snacks mean the products are low in fat and calories and free from saturated fat. The company declare their mision to be to hold a prestigious place in the market for this high caliber. Their vision is to produce the products unequal in flavor and quality to their competitors and to be one of the most demanded products on the market.

Company: Grupo Farm.

Brand: Farm Deshidratados.

Spotted in: Chedraui Selecto, Polanco.

Presentation: 80g to 100g.

Price: $30.00 - $33.00 MXN.

Available in: Department stores, supermarkets, wine stores, bakeries.

Claims: Healthy, natural, low in calories, low in fact, free from saturated fat.