Jocoque: Lebanese Cheese Spread in Mexico

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Jocoque: Lebanese Cheese Spread in Mexico


Products from Interdeli are all very healthy and of high caliber in order to promote well being and self-esteem. The Jocoque cheese spreads also offer what the company calls bio défense through the live bacteria – lactobacillus case – that makes the cheese easy to digest.

Interdeli began as a company that sold high quality Lebanese dishes and foods in Mexico. Growth in demand for their products led the company to the decision to expand to packaged goods and to create a brand where products could be commercialized on the larger market.

Analysis and Impact:

The probiotic cheese spreads are available in three varieties: natural, chipotle and garlic. The cheeses are made with partially fermented pure cows' milk and have a smooth consistency. The creamy spreads are ideal for entrées, desserts and snacks.

Company: Interdeli.

Brand: Libanius.

Presentation: 250 g. 473 g, 650 g and 750 g.

Price: $51.00 - $74.00 MXN.

Available in: Department stores.

Claims: Easy to digest, contains live bacteria, promotes well being and self-esteem.