Fashion Spotlight: Sockskies: Finally, a trendier solution for losing socks!

May 6, 2013
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Fashion Spotlight: Sockskies: Finally, a trendier solution for losing socks!

This Campaign goes live on Wednesday May, 8th at 8am ET.

Fashionable and trendy buttons on socks for easy pairing and washing. Also offering a fun random monthly sock suscription!

Finally, a fashionable, easy and convenient solution to losing your socks aside from other sock clips and plastic snaps out there. Never lose your socks again!


Ever lose your socks? Losing socks can be very frustrating, we have all been there. When doing some research, I came to find many sock companies that have a plastic snap built on the socks, but those were unappealing as they were plastic, very noticeable and didn't look fashionable. I also wanted to find an easier solution aside from the sock clips and other methods that 'add on' an extra step in an already tedious task. Thus, Sockskies was born,  a trendy, fashionable yet easy way to manage your sock collection.



OUTSIDE OF EACH SOCK:  One button is sewn in the middle upper part of each sock,  beautiful and symmetrical.

INSIDE OF EACH SOCK: One button hole is sewn on each inner part of the sock.


After you are done wearing them, simply button up the socks together, throw in the laundry or straight to the washer and dryer.  After you wash them,  the socks come out paired and together!


  • Save time and energy:  A simple solution versus other sock clips out there,  quick button and you are done!
  • Fashionable:  Fun buttons on each outer part of the sock makes them fashionable and convenient,  the button hole is hardly noticeable so you will get compliments instead of questions on your socks!  Buttons are also small and thin, making them less intrusive.
  • Excellent Quality. Tested for multiple wear and wash cycles.  First line of socks will be crew style.  Socks will be made of cotton (about 70%) polyester, and spandex.


Monthly Fun Suscription: Offering a fun monthly suscription where you can get a fun pair of random socks delivered to your door every month! One less thing to worry about.

Stay Classy Line:  Also will be having a classic line available in white and black,  12 in a pack (speciality socks to come after launch!) sold individually.




  • What does Sockskies mean? (pronounced sock-skeez) a suffix used to create a better sense of excitement or emotion in certain words.
  • Will the Size Fit Me?  Men's socks will fit US men's shoe size 8-12. Women's socks will fit US women's shoe size 5-10. Kid's socks will fit ages 4 to 8 years with a US kid shoe size 1- 5.
  • Will there be other designs? Yes! The first line will be classic cotton/spandex, I plan to roll out more specialized socks in the near future such as wool, sporty, business, stockings, knee high. Please check out my website to submit your requests.
  • What kind of socks can I expect to receive with the monthly suscription? Fun smart socks! We pick socks with fun designs that are made of high quality materials. Some are bright, funky and loud, some are more subtle. You will receive different designs every month.
  • Can I choose which random socks I receive each month? No! That's part of the fun. You get a surprise every month. We pick the best designs and make sure that you don't receive duplicates.


Over the past few months, I've been working with many different supplier/manufacturer to develop functional prototypes and now looking to produce the first product line.  Final production will support local business in San Francisco, CA.

I am seeking to raise $3,500.00, which will allow me to meet my minimum order requirement with my manufacturers and to be able to get Sockskies to the US market. Once I reach my Kickstarter goal, I plan to create additional lines of styles and designs such as knee high, athletic, and wool which will be sold a la carte/individually.

Video Production done by Matt Beck


Here at Sockskies we are making life awesome one matching sock at a time.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

I've spent many months working with partners to avoid any potential risks in delivering Sockskies to our supporters. However, if any challenges arise, I will be honest and 100% transparent with our community.

Potential Risks and Challenges:
Shipping Date: I've received production and shipping estimates from my partners and am confident I will meet the projected shipping dates. However, not all variables can be predicted. So, there is always a chance for delays as some of the materials will be imported overseas.

Production - I’ve been in constant contact with the factory for the past few months perfecting samples. They are anticipating the full production order post-Kickstarter and should have no problem with the volume.

Timing - I’ve set a reasonable production and fulfillment schedule, but there are inherent risks of delay in the process. I will over-communicate with the factory partner and our backers to ensure transparency and timeliness.

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