Do You Drink Seasonally?

March 13, 2012 No Comments » Add Consumer Insight
Do You Drink Seasonally?

When beer columnist Jonathan Moxey came in to pick up a few bottles at Serious Eats Headquarters recently, he sighed, lifting the imperial stouts and barleywines into his bag. "After this," he said, "something lighter." And he wasn't just talking about the weight of the big bottles—it feels like it's not quite the right season for Abyss anymore, and as the weather warms, I won't be quite as eager to uncork heavier red wine, either.

As we move into spring, are you changing your drinking habits? Do you tend toward heftier Imperial-style beers in winter, and move toward saisons and pale ales in spring? Do you switch from moody brown spirits like bourbon and rye to lighter cocktails made with tequila or white rum?

Is there a season for every drink, or do you stick with your favorites through every season?