Crowdfunding Spotlight: The WokMon

June 23, 2014
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Crowdfunding Spotlight: The WokMon




The WokMon is a patented first-of-its-kind revolutionary breakthrough kitchen gadget that can turn your home's kitchen into a haven for cooking delicious and healthy stir-fried dishes. It directly addresses and solves a long persistent heating problem that has plagued millions of people who have attempted to cook at home using woks with varying degrees of success. Every major author of Asian cookbooks has also tried with mixed results to address this heat issue and Asian cooking bloggers have been writing about this issue for a long time.



The WokMon is the solution that everyone has been hoping for when it comes to woking. I cannot emphasize the importance of achieving this “Holy Grail” of high heat that Asian chefs call “Wok Hei” or “Breath of the Wok.” When Wok Hei is achieved the result is a great tasting dish.

As you can see, from the illustration below, there is a “dead spot” in consumer gas stoves because the flames fan outward. Therefore a wok placed on this flame can never achieve its ultimate cooking potential.





Making sure that the center of your wok attains a high temperature is an integral part of woking. Enter the patented WokMon.

The WokMon's unique focus ring redirects all of your gas burner's flames towards the center turning your wok's “dead spot” into a “hot spot.” The WokMon easily turns relatively low powered gas burners into very efficient wok burners. The results are amazingly hot stir-fried dishes and a wok that is also capable of efficient steaming just like in a Chinese restaurant's kitchen.

By using every bit of the gas flame's energy (measured in BTUs) that would normally be wasted, your stove becomes up to 50% more efficient, thus making the WokMon a green (energy efficient) device. [Note: Home gas burners vary from 7000 BTUs to 18,000 BTUs for hi-end stoves vs.150,000+ BTUs for restaurant burners].



The American version of the wok started out as a traditional rounded bottomed wok from Asia. However, various manufacturers have contributed to the mutation of today’s wok designs that include flat-bottomed, aluminum, multi-layer clad, stainless steel and most recently green ceramic. However with the exception of expensive cooktops designed for woking, gas stove burners have not evolved to take advantage of the potential benefits of these new wok designs. The WokMon will breathe new life into these woks! [Important note: Teflon woks cannot be used with the high heat from WokMon without toxic fumes being emitted, a real no-no. The intensity of the heat will also damage the non stick surface.]



Is your Wok "woking out" for you?

Western stoves were designed for flat cookware that require relatively low power to cook basic cuisine. But they are grossly underpowered for woking. Despite the desire to make a fabulous Asian meal, many cooks end up putting up with mediocre results. After a few disappointments, they may order take-out, often abandoning their woks all together. Its Stew-Frying vs. Stir-Frying.



One of my goals in inventing the WokMon was to help us eat healthier “balanced” diets. Many health experts and dietitians emphasize the need to add "fresh vegetables and fiber" to our overall diet. We are combating very complicated, confusing messages in the media on what to eat and our waistlines are not shrinking. We are battling obesity and related rising medical costs. Asian cuisine and wok cooking with the help of the WokMon can help us take a healthier approach to our diet. Also the combination of meat and vegetables makes for a more interesting eating experience than the regular day-to-day fare.


Up until this point, I have explained how WokMon works and why it is needed in the kitchen. Now I need your help to get it into America’s and the world's kitchens. In return, you will be the first cooks to experience the power of the WokMon.

My crowdfunding goal is $200,000 to start-up. This will cover the (high) cost of tooling the four molds needed for manufacture and other basic start-up costs like product liability insurance and warehousing, not to mention, rewards fulfillment.

The millions of “under-powered wok“ owners out there will appreciate the WokMon's amazing power and will recognize the need to bring gadget to market immediately.




Help me bring Woksanity to your kitchen!

Scroll down or click on the Rewards link on the right to see the many funding/rewards levels. Of course, any amount you can contribute to make the WokMon a reality would be very greatly appreciated. You can also help by getting the word out to your family, friends and woking enthusiasts everywhere.






One of the leading food scientists in the country, Kenji Lopez-Alt of The Food Lab and Serious Eats has been testing the WokMon. Kenji  published his unbiased review on the May 19th.


We do know that he is very happy with his testing and this is another reason we know this product is a winner. Kitchen revolutions of this sort do not come along too often. and Chinese media outlets have pickup the story.


The latest buzz on the Food Wrap Show, talking about why made in USA.


Visit their Crowdfunding Page to support the WokMon




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