Chocolate Spotlight: Alter Eco Dark Quinoa Organic Chocolate Bar

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Chocolate Spotlight: Alter Eco Dark Quinoa Organic Chocolate Bar


Snap and crackle get a nutritious pop with a hearty sprinkling of our puffed royal pearl quinoa. This ancient Bolivian superfood lends its satisfying crunch, gentle nutty flavor, and all nine amino acids to our deep, malty Ecuadorian dark chocolate. Raw cane sugar and Madagascar bourbon vanilla bean finish a classic recipe with pure flavor.

The smooth intensity of Dark Quinoa reflects the rainforest from which it hails. Fortaleza sits at the edge of the Ecuadorian coast, where the world’s richest soil and the shade of the forest canopy create an ideal environment for native cacao.

A Nutritious, Nostalgic Crunch
Light and crispy, an artisan update on a nostalgic childhood treat

Single Origin

6 Ingredients
Cacao beans, raw cane sugar, cocoa butter, quinoa-rice crisps (quinoa, rice and sugar), vanilla beans

Cocoa: 60 % minimum

Organic ingredients
: 100%

Fair trade certified ingredients: 100%









About the Company
Alter Eco is based on the premise that food is fundamental to life – and whole, healthy, delicious food can make life better for people all over the world. By working directly with the small-scale farmers who grow our quinoa, rice, sugar and chocolate, helping them institute Fair Trade and Organic practices and assisting them in improving both quality of food and quality of life, we’re creating a system that benefits everyone involved. Our values extend to the flora, fauna and fields – we work with our co-op partners to preserve heirloom grains, replenish and reforest the land. And as a GHG Protocol 3 Carbon Zero business, we offset more carbon than we emit. Read More




Company: Alter Eco Foods
Brand: Alter Eco
Slogan: Nourishing Foodies, Farmer and Field
Origin: USA
Category: Chocolate
Packaging: 2.82oz
Claims: Fair Trade Certified, Organic, No Soy, Non GMO, No Emulsifiers, No Artificial Ingredients
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Price: $3.99 USD
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